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Visitor: 230
Name: James McSparron-Edwards
EMail: jamieed14@hotmail·com
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: london
Date: Fri 17/nov/2006 8:08pm
Comments: hey john! long long time no chat really! moved to london for uni now! dads been doing hardcore research with all 4 different family names down here for mackelwain and macsporran alike and hes gone back to mid 17 hundreds! not bad! but hes become addicted to the bloody computer! hahahah think mum is going to divorce him!

Visitor: 229
Name: Melanie McSparron
Email: melonmc9@hotmail·com·nospam·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Hull (originally Blyth, Northumberland)
Date: Wed 4/oct/2006 2:59pm
Comments: I was interested in my family background and family tree and found the site interesting.

Visitor: 228
Name: jan dippelsmann
Email: jdippels@bigpond·net·au
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: australia
Date: Wed 30/aug/2006 12:05am
Comments: my mother-in-law's line has McSporran in it

Visitor: 227
Name: Colleen McSparron
Email: ColleenM516@aol.nospam·com
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: New York, USA
Date: Wed 30/aug/2006 2:12am
Comments: McSparrons made it to America, too.

Visitor: 226
Name: Penny Mindham
Email: tmjmouse@verizon·net
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Date: Sun 30/jul/2006 10:03pm
Comments: My grandfather was Duncan McSporran. I heard that they changed it to MacSporran when they came to the US from Canada. I don't know why. He was born in Campbelltown, Scotland. Penny

Visitor: 225
Name: James W. McSparin
Email: jamesmcsparin@msn·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: South Charleston, WV 25309
Date: Tue 18/jul/2006 8:06pm

Visitor: 224
Name: Debra Ferguson
Email: ab_mom@yahoo·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Yuma, AZ USA
Date: Wed 5/jul/2006 3:56am
Comments: I spoke with you, John, several years ago when your children were little. My how they've grown! I lost the web page until today. Your original site inspired me to begin a "Cousins Family Reunion" which we now hold each 2-3 years.

Visitor: 223
Name: Victoria Hughes
Email: vickihughes@btconnect·nospam·com
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Shropshire, England
Date: Mon 3/jul/2006 3:27pm
Comments: My Great-grandmother was Martha Craig McSporran b. 1882 of Campbeltown, Scotland. My grandfather was Malcolm Mcsporran McPhee b. 1914 - 1996

Visitor: 222
Name: cheryle mac spurren
Email: ejam1723@hotmail·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Date: Sat 24/jun/2006 1:09am

Visitor: 221
Name: Penny Mindham
Email: tmjmouse@verizon·net.nospam·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Date: Tue 13/jun/2006 0:39am
Comments: my first time on this web site and I'm trying to do family research.

Visitor: 220
Name: John William Edgar Mcsparron
Email: john@mcsparron·co·uk·nospam·com
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: milford haven,pembrokeshire.
Date: Sun 11/jun/2006 9:15pm
Comments: just checking out the Mcsparron name. A John Mcsparron from Coventry had contacted us 20yrs ago. He was tracing his family tree. We gave him all relevent information he had asked for and he gave us a long list of computer print out of the Names of Mcsparron.

Visitor: 219
Name: Varek MacSpurren
Email: Tristin_Brianna@hotmail·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Victoria,BC,Canada
Date: Sun 4/jun/2006 10:26am
Comments: (shakes hand)shaking the tree once in a while huh,lol

Visitor: 218
Name: Emilie Grace
Email: emilie_grace@bol·com·br
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: USA
Date: Sat 3/jun/2006 10:58pm
Comments: Hey, nice site. Just dropped by to say hi. Hope things are going well for you. Long time no talk, buddy :) Take care.

Visitor: 217
Name: Colin Percell
Email: colin_percell@hotmail·com
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Oregon
Date: Wed 31/may/2006 2:53am
Comments: I'm a MacSporran!!!

Visitor: 216
Name: Jon McSparron
Email: jmcs@nbinternet·com
Referred by: Friend
Location: Grandin, ND USA
Date: Mon 15/may/2006 1:26am
Comments: I was contacted by a person in on the east coast of the USA and got reinterested in the McSparron sur name. Just looking to see where my ancestors came from.

Visitor: 215
Name: Karl F Schulze MD
Email: karlschulze@earthlink·net
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Greenwich CT 06831
Date: Tue 9/may/2006 4:43pm
Comments: I am looking for further infor about my grandfather, James McSparron Witherow who was
Referred to in the 84 page summary of the McSparrons written in 1968. Is there a designated head guru for the clan and, if so, does he receive email. I am interested in how the McSparrons from Aughlish townland, Banagher Parish, County Derry, relate to the Scottish/English branch. There are quite a few grave markers in the Church of Ireland Graveyard near Feeny, NI that bear the name McSparron, inlcuding my great grandmother who died early in 1878. Please advise

Visitor: 214
Name: Brian James Mcsporran
Email: brianmcsporran@yahoo·co·uk
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: England
Date: Sun 23/apr/2006 8:39pm
Comments: anyone who think they know my parents Agnus Mcsporran, Maiden name Cowan, and my father James Halgrove Mckay Mcsporran please email me.

Visitor: 213
Referred by: Search Engine
Date: Sat 15/apr/2006 10:26pm

Visitor: 212
Name: James Anthony Macsparran
Email: jmactony@aol·com
Referred by: Friend
Location: Heywood Lancashire
Date: Fri 7/apr/2006 12:26am
Comments: My late father was contacted many years ago by John from Coventry I spoke to John on many occasions in the 80s but lost contact. I have just started reseaching my family tree.

Visitor: 211
Name: Andrew James McSparron
Email: mcsparron@sbcglobal·net·nospam·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: San Diego, California, USA
Date: Wed 8/mar/2006 3:54pm
Comments: This is a great website. I'm sorry the Association has disolved.

Visitor: 210
Name: Bill Bridge
Email: bill.bridge@btinternet·com·nospam·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Alexandria
Date: Wed 8/mar/2006 10:15am
Comments: Researching my maternal ancestory via Thomas McSporran from Campbeltown/Renton

Visitor: 209
Name: Jamie McSparron
Email: jamieed14@hotmail·com
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: cheltenham
Date: Fri 24/feb/2006 11:31pm
Comments: We have to try and have another family ceilidh! i miss it! it was such a nice part of growing up! there must be a way we can sort something out, like everyone meeting up in edinburgh for a drink in the summer or something?

Visitor: 208
Name: lesley shepherd
Email: lesley1957@hotmail·co·uk
Referred by: Search Engine
Date: Sun 12/feb/2006 6:46pm

Visitor: 207
Name: Alice Rogers
Email: alicerogers@comcast·net·nospam·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Date: Tue 17/jan/2006 4:39am
Comments: Searching for relatives of Jane McSparron Cochran. Believe she had a relative in Iowa in 1880 named David McSparron who married Eliza Jane Cochran. They both emigrated from Ireland in 1867.

Visitor: 206
Name: Georgaina Craig
Email: georginacraig@btopenworld·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Torquay
Date: Sat 31/dec/2005 10:19pm
Comments: We didn't really believe our friend Ben Purser that that was a real Macsporran Clan. The Purser spelling however is not quite as you have it!! Does that mean he is not genuine??? He's been proved right. He's offerred to havethe next Macsporran clan gathering in Torquay by the sea!! It is new Year' Eve!!. Happy Hogmany

Visitor: 205
Name: Beau McSparin
Email: beau@mcsparin·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Detroit, MI, USA
Date: Mon 26/dec/2005 7:19pm

Visitor: 204
Name: Christopher McSparron
Email: chrismcsparron@yahoo·com
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: California, U.S.A.
Date: Sat 24/dec/2005 4:36pm
Comments: I'm interested in finding out who I am related to in Europe.

Visitor: 203
Name: Peter MacSporran
Email: petermacsporran@iconnect·zm
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Zambia
Date: Thu 8/dec/2005 8:37am
Comments: Ex Zimbabwe farmer now in Zambia running a agricultural consultancy business. Father born in Campbeltown.

Visitor: 202
Name: Joe McSporran
Email: traceyandjoe@tiscali·co·uk
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: England, Birmingham
Date: Tue 22/nov/2005 11:13pm
Comments: Hi I'm the son of Duncan Mcsporran-Cathy McCabe.

Visitor: 201
Name: Patrick McSparrin
Email: patrick.mcsparrin@gdc4s·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Augusta, GA
Date: Sat 8/oct/2005 2:49am
Comments: Just looking for any history on the family name.

Visitor: 200
Name: Tamara Mac Sporran Olson
Email: ctwmn63@yahoo·com
Referred by: Friend
Location: Costa Mesa California
Date: Sun 28/aug/2005 0:27am
Comments: I have been searching for years to learn more about my ancestors and meet extended family members. Please send me any and all info. you have. Tamara MacSporran Olson

Visitor: 199
Name: David Hugh Williams
Email: kcw0429@msn·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Date: Thu 11/aug/2005 6:04pm
Comments: John, My mother (Laramie Jarvi) told me of your works. I have enjoyed learning about my family through your web site. I don't know if you realize you bear a striking resemblance to my brother. Thanks again, David H. Williams Grandson of Leon Hugh McSparron

Visitor: 198
Name: Shehzad Afzal Deura
Email: deura@brain·net·pk
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Pakistan
Date: Mon 8/aug/2005 1:57am
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Visitor: 197
Name: John McSporran
Email: amurray@reidkerr·ac·uk
Referred by: Search Engine
Date: Sun 17/jul/2005 4:45pm
Comments: Hello John, first time seen your web site, totally impressed, I have seen a few family names. Will be in touch soon. John Linwood

Visitor: 196
Name: robert purcell
Email: rmpurcel@msn·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Date: Fri 8/jul/2005 2:41am

Visitor: 195
Name: Gareth McSparron
Email: fireblades1988@hotmial·com
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Northern Ireland, Claudy
Date: Wed 29/jun/2005 10:12am
Comments: I was just surfing and I found this website and it is very interesting on telling the family names history and were it originated from.

Visitor: 194
Name: Joe McMillan
Email: joemac@yp-connect·net·nospam·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Australia
Date: Tue 7/jun/2005 9:49am
Comments: i have several McSporran connections especially from the Campbeltown & Killean areas of Argyll, Scotland, i would appreciate any information on them. they are the children of Peter McSporran & Barbra McMillan Agnes McSporran born 1827 Campbeltown Daniel McSporran born 1831 " Isabella McSporran born 1829 " Margaret McSporran born 1846 " Morris McSporran born 1836 " I do hope you can assist with any information on these people and i look forward to hearing from you. Kindest regards, Joe McMillan, South Australia.

Visitor: 193
Name: Lary McSparren
Email: l_mcsparren@yahoo·com
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Tarpon Springs, FL
Date: Tue 3/may/2005 12:40am
Comments: Noticed my brother, Dr. Clark McSparren,Jr., and thought I would drop in a see what is happening. I am a recent member of the Florida Mc Donald Clan.

Visitor: 192
Name: Ian McLachlan
Email: ianm385bg@btopenworld·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: England
Date: Thu 31/mar/2005 7:03am
Comments: I'm an aviation author and historian and am seeking information on James MacSporran from New Jersey who flew with the Royal Canadian Air Force and then transferred to the USAAF. He was killed piloting a B-17 on 24 December 1944.

Visitor: 191
Name: John McSparron
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Coventry, UK
Date: Tue 1/feb/2005 8:06pm
Comments: In response to the message below Despite the countless companies that will provide you with such, there is no such thing as a "Family Coat of Arms". Armorial Bearings, which is the correct name for a Coat of Arms, are the personal property of one person only. The display of Arms which are not registered to you, or that you do not have a right to, can lead to prosecution in countries where heraldry is regulated. In Scotland, the use of Armorial Bearings is governed by the Laws of Arms Acts of 1587, 1592, 1662, 1663, 1672 and 1867 which establishes the Court of the Lord Lyon and sets out Lord Lyon's authority. He both grants arms and decides on questions of succession. For details by country, see Scotland Ireland England United States

Visitor: 190
Name: James Clifton McSparran
Email: cactuscapital@yahoo·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Austin, Texas, U.S.
Date: Mon 31/jan/2005 3:05pm
Comments: I have, for several years, sought a correct depiction of the MacSporran coat of arms. There are many offers on the Internet, in stores and at fairs to draw or paint a coat of arms, but often they seem to be fakes. On your website I found the following: "A coat of arms, though now faded, exists in Dungiven Priory in northern Ireland. It depicts a sheaf of wheat and reaping hook surmounted by a dove with an olive spray. At the left is a lion rampant, at the right an eagle with opening wings. The motto on a partially unrolled scroll is "Pro Patria" with four Scottish thistles." I have little knowledge of heraldry (if that's the correct word) and cannot interpret this into an image. Has anyone in the Clan Association, to your knowledge, drawn or ordered a coat of arms? If so, wouldn't it be great to put it on the website so we can all see what it looks like? I wouldn't mind paying for a printed copy of it, if necessary. I just want the correct one and I believe the description above is the correct one. What do you think? J. Cliff McSparran Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

Visitor: 189
Name: Maureen (MacSporran) Robertson
Email: moerbrtsn@sympatico·ca
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Niagara Falls, ON Canada
Date: Tue 11/jan/2005 11:49pm
Comments: Nice site. Trying to find out something about my family name and hope to do a family tree soon.

Visitor: 188
Name: Michael McSparron
Email: michael.mcsparron@virgin·net·nospam·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Shotley Bridge, County Durham, UK.
Date: Sun 19/dec/2004 8:21pm

Visitor: 187
Name: Cuthbert McSparron age 93
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Blyth , Northumberland
Date: Tue 14/dec/2004 9:57pm
Comments: I am an ex wartime and peacetime fireman of 30 years. I still drive my car and recently got a speeding ticket. I need to slow up. I still cook my own meals and do my housework. Cuth.

Visitor: 186
Email: petermacsporran@zamnet·zm
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Zambia
Date: Sun 12/dec/2004 1:37pm

Visitor: 185
Name: allen
Email: mcsparren
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: portsmouth new hampshire
Date: Wed 8/dec/2004 2:32am
Comments: i liked you site and found it to be quite entertaining, my grandfathers name was bob mcsparren and i'm originally from missouri. i wish to become a member of your clan in search of some kinship among your members

Visitor: 184
Name: Bruce Livingston Stewart
Email: bruce843@msn·com
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Edington Wiltshire
Date: Tue 7/dec/2004 11:07am
Comments: My Grandmother was a martha McSporran born in Campbeltown in 1882

Visitor: 183
Name: Robert William McSporran
Email: rmcsporran@gleesonmcl·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: London UK
Date: Tue 9/nov/2004 12:31am
Comments: I was born and grew up in South Africa. Currently working in London. I am interested in my family history.

Visitor: 182
Name: Sheila Wilson nee McSparron
Email: mrs_sheila_wilson@yahoo·co·uk·nospam·com
Referred by: Email
Location: Blyth, Northumberland, England
Date: Sat 6/nov/2004 11:55am
Comments: I make traditioal hooky and proggy mats (rugs) in the North-East of England and was very interested to learn of Cozy's involvement in the weaving and dying of rugs in Chinle. Sheila

Visitor: 181
Name: Maureen Thorne
Email: cstewa@hotmail·com·nospam·com
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Garland Texas
Date: Sun 31/oct/2004 4:19pm
Comments: My mothers maiden name was McSparren First name Annamarie. She married Ivan Stewart in 1942 in Kansas City Wyndott Co. Kansas. She was the daughter of William Welch and Marie Bailey McSparren. I see lots of relatives on your list.

Visitor: 180
Name: James F. Estep, Jr.
Email: jim@esteprealty·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Ebensburg, Pennsylvania USA
Date: Wed 20/oct/2004 6:10am
Comments: Wonderful site. I'm the son of Jean McSparran Estep. She was the daughter of John Walter and Carrie Boyd McSparran of Hensel, Drumore Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. My Uncle Robert Boyd McSparran still lives in Drumore as does his son, John Walter McSparran II. His daughter Jane Ausel lives in nearby Quarryville, PA. We remain close with our cousins and uncle.

Visitor: 179
Name: Peter McSporran
Email: peter.moira-2_@tiscali·co·uk·nospam·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Crieff, Scotland
Date: Mon 18/oct/2004 9:19pm
Comments: Really interesting, thanks to all who have taken time to contribute to Website, anyone please get in touch.

Visitor: 178
Name: Ann MacSporran
Referred by: Search Engine
Date: Wed 6/oct/2004 10:12pm
Location: Glasgow

Visitor: 177
Name: Duncan McSporran
Email: d.mcsporran@yini·org·uk
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Glasgow
Date: Mon 20/sep/2004 2:48pm
Comments: Hi John, off for a weeks much needed holiday today, when I come back I'll send you by Email a photo of the stone of Paul McS in St Oran's chapel on IONA for those who haven't saw it yet. Keep up the very good work. Aye yours Duncan

Visitor: 176
Name: Sean McSparron
Email: smcsparron@hotmail·com
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Killarney, Co.Kerry, Ireland
Date: Mon 20/sep/2004 11:57am

Visitor: 175
Name: Rebecca Ver Straten-McSparran
Email: revreb@sbcglobal·net
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: google
Date: Sun 19/sep/2004 6:27am
Comments: Current Occupation: Director of film school: Los Angeles Film Studies Center, also Pastor of Tribe of Los Angeles; email revreb@sbcglobal·net. Dave McSparran (google) aka David Raven: L.A. session drummer, over 1,000 albums/cd's, movies/film/tv, last month played for Gram Parson's tribute with Keith Richards and Norah Jones; email- davidraven@sbcglobal·net

Visitor: 174
Name: Lacey Lynn McSparen
Email: laceymcsparen@asu·edu
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Glendale, Arizona
Date: Wed 15/sep/2004 8:59pm
Comments: I was curious about my heritage. The web site was great. I'm 20yrs. old and am currently going to ASU.

Visitor: 173
Name: William John Renfrew
Email: Gina1@slingshot·co·nz·nospam·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: New Zealand
Date: Sun 12/Sep/2004 7:17am
Comments: Left Scotland in 1953 aged 9 year.

Visitor: 172
Name: Joe McSparron
Email: marez18uk@yahoo·co·uk
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Blyth, Northumberland
Date: Sat 31/Jul/2004 8:40pm
Comments: Any McSparrons out there can locate me from this address.

Visitor: 171
Name: Lary McSparren
Email: l_mcsparren@yahoo·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Tarpon Springs, Florida
Date: Mon 28/Jun/2004 0:52am
Comments: Originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Son of Clark McSparren, Brother of Clark Jr. and Sally Anderson

Visitor: 170
Name: Jamie McSparron
Email: jamieed14@hotmail·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Cheltenham
Date: Sun 20/Jun/2004 12:16am
Comments: the site is still just as good as ever!

Visitor: 169
Name: Charles Edwards
Email: chasdelhi@aol·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Pennsylvania USA
Date: Wed 19/may/2004 8:22pm
Comments: I am searching for the parents of Archibald McSparren. Archibald was born abt 1810, probably in Pennsylvania and died 1816-1899 probably in Pennsylvania USA. He married Jane Cathcart abt 1831. Do you have any information on the parents of this Archibald McSparren? Thanks Charles Edwards

Visitor: 168
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: CARDIFF
Date: Thu 22/apr/2004 12:20am

Visitor: 167
Name: Alexander (Sandy) McSporran
Email: s.mcsporran@shaw·ca
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Date: Tue 6/apr/2004 4:19am
Comments: I have heard a little about the association but this is the first time that I have looked at the web site.

Visitor: 166
Name: Ellen Anderson
Email: eianderson@sbcglobal·net
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Highland, CA
Date: Tue 30/mar/2004 3:36pm
Comments: I am searching for ARNOTT. My mom is still alive she is 83 years old. Ruby Ellen Arnott married Verner/Vernon Mckinnon. Ruby Ellen ARNOTT mother name was Mary Ellen Jefferson married to Duncan ARNOTT. Any information would be appeciated. Thank you

Visitor: 165
Name: Margaret "Peggy" Garrison
Email: Ohnine39@aol·com
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Miami, Fl, USA
Date: Tue 23/mar/2004 6:26am
Comments Susan McSparron, who married George Myers and lived in Gallup, NM was my GGrandmother.

Visitor: 164
Name: Jane T.L. Giffen
Email: janeygee@sympatico·ca ·nospam·com
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Innisfil. Ontario. Canada
Date: Thu 5/feb/2004 2:27am
Comments I was a member of the Association,I thought it had been disbanded, just got a new P.C. and was surfing the net/////

Visitor: 163
Name: Laurence McSparron
Email: lmcsparron1@aol·com
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Antrim town
Date: Thu 5/feb/2004 0:25am
Comments formaly of Carrickfergus in co Antrim son of Laurence McSparron from Park/Dungiven area of Co Londonderry

Visitor: 162
Name: Ian Robertson
Email: IanRobertson@hotmail·com
Referred by: Friend
Location: UK
Date: Mon 2/feb/2004 5:05pm
Comments Good work Seamus, Put your feet up now mate and have a dram for me

Visitor: 161
Name: Colonel Mcduff Caber McSporran
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Gigha
Date: Mon 2/feb/2004 5:04pm
Comments I've held down 19 jobs for the last 60 years. I enjoy eating and watersports.

Visitor: 160
Name: Gordon McSporran
Email: NYRHTAK_UK@yahoo·com·nospam·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: jersey
Date: Sun 11/jan/2004 8:52pm
Comments: i feel priviliged to have now seen my family tartan, i will definitly be purchasing the reproduction variety. I've always been fascinated (and VERY proud) by my surname even though i have suffered several years of torment by mindless bullies due to my domain. Would love to write more but 'auf wiedersehen pet!' beckons! p.s keep me informed of any clan gatherings, i'm sure they can be better than any of those 'monarch of the glen' ones!

Visitor: 159
Name: Paul McSparron
Email: paulmcsparron@blueyonder·co·uk
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Whitley Bay
Date: Sun 11/jan/2004 8:25pm
Comments: Family from Blyth, Northumberland. Father is Alexander McSparron. His father, Joseph McSparron.

Visitor: 158
Referred by: Email
Date: Mon 29/dec/2003 8:05pm

Visitor: 157
Name: Isabel Joyce Russell, nee McSporran
Email: Martin@burleywharfe·freeserve·co·uk·nospam·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Burley in Wharfedale, Ilkley, West Yorks
Date: Sun 14/dec/2003 12:19am
Comments: I was born in Campbeltown, only daughter of Charles McSporran, Cattle Dealer and Farmer. My grandfather was Peter McSporran, Watchmaker and Farmer of Little Dalrioch, Stewarton, by Campbeltown.

Visitor: 156
Name: james mcsporran
Email: jamesm@caledonian-group·co·uk
Referred by: Search Engine
Date: Tue 9/dec/2003 1:59pm
Comments: Trying to get information on clan activities within the UK, purchasing KILT PINS, BADGES ETC. Also any information on family within the houston and detroit areas of US.

Visitor: 155
Name: Loretta McSporran
Email: Loretta.Ostadal@blueyonder·co·uk
Referred by: Friend
Location: Motherwell Lanarkshire
Date: Mon 12/08/dec/2003 2:01pm

Visitor: 154
Name: Chris McSparrin
Email: Jb010701@aol·com·nospam·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Mississippi
Date: Sat 15/nov/2003 8:49pm

Visitor: 153
Name: Jamie Mcsparron
Email: jamieed14@hotmail·com
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Cheltenham (school)
Date: Fri 14/nov/2003 11:51am
Comments: Hi how are you all i hope that you are all well, does anyone know if anything is going to be aranged to meet up at all. If so give me a shout.

Visitor: 152
Name: Matthew James McSparron
Email: matthew.mcsparron@btinternet·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: londonderry northern ireland
Date: Thu 13/nov/2003 9:13pm

Visitor: 151
Name: samantha evans
Email: samantha80evans@hotmail·com·nospam·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Date: Fri 7/nov/2003 12:41am

Visitor: 150
Name: Joan McSporran
Email: joanmcsporran@bigpond·com·au·nospam·com
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Location: South Australia
Date: Sun 19/oct/2003 1:54pm
Comments: Just browsing!

Visitor: 149
Name: Laramie McSparron Jarvi
Email: 11jarvi@cableone·net
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Location: Prescott, Az.
Date: Sun 14/sep/2003 1:11am
Comments: Hi John and family How are you? Just wanted to look at the guest book. It has been a while since I did so. Maybe see if I knew some one. We took a trip in July to the Thunderbird. Took the half day tour of the Canyon and enjoyed it very much! My husband Chuck, daughter Amy, grandson Wayne went with me. Keep up the good work John! Love Chuck and Laramie,

Visitor: 148
Name: Jen Long
Email: jenny.long@ozemail·com·au
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Wollongong, NSW, Australia
Date: Sat 13/sep/2003 11:24am
Comments: My McSparron family is known back to my gr x 4 grandfather, John "Jack" McSparron, a farmer, of Feeny, Northern Ireland. My gr x 3 grandfather was known in Australia as George McSparran. The spelling was probably changed by a clerk at some time. George was one of nine children and was born 5 June 1828. Many of his siblings went to the USA and Canada. Others stayed in Northern Ireland or came to Australia. Any connections would be welcome!!

Visitor: 147
Name: Dr John McSparran
Email: john@agola.freeserve·co·uk
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Cushendun, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland
Date: Thu 11/sep/2003 1:10am
Comments: Can with my fathers help trace our relatives back to Gigha. Always interested to hear from clan members

Visitor: 146
Name: Maggie MacSporran
Email: maggie2169@yahoo·com
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Location: Australia
Date: Tue 12/aug/2003 4:00am
Comments: I am interested in finding out more of my family history

Visitor: 145
Name: Jean Stewart Simpson
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Date: Sun 3/aug/2003 6:40am
Comments: Daughter of Donald MacSporran

Visitor: 144
Name: duncan mcsporran
Email: duncanmcs@yahoo·co·uk
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Location: Partick in Glasgow
Date: Fri 1/aug/2003 2:09pm
Comments: Visit Iona, in St Orans Chapel, the little one set back from the main church, (beside the so called ridge of the kings) You will find, on the left hand side, 2nd or 3rd gravestone along, the gravestone of Paul McSporran, treasurer to the king, father of Eva o'Duine, who married the first campbell in Argyle. Its a fine stone, just as it appears in the 19th c Government antiquarian book on stones in Iona. 5ft tall, a line of discs down the centre with a snake coiled top to bottem, it has a chip out of the top right corner. Last time I was on Iona I left a note with details of the stones behind it. Duncan McSporran

Visitor: 143
Name: Andrew MacSparran
Email: andy.macsparran@btpenworld·com
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Location: Bristol
Date: Wed 23/jul/2003 7:37pm

Visitor: 142
Name: Jacqueline Chisamore (nee MacSpurren)
Email: jchisamore@hotmail·com
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Date: Fri 4/jul/2003 10:52pm

Visitor: 141
Name: Diane Cummings
Email: dicummings@email·com
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Location: Ireland
Date: Wed 11/jun/2003 2:38pm
Comments: I have letters dated 1860-1900 from Limavady, Londonderry, Ireland addressed to my grandfather's grandfather John Holmes in Australia. His brother James Holmes (1823) married Maria Martin in Ireland. Their eldest daughter Jane (born late 1850) married John McSparran in Ireland We have very little information about Jane and her family, but we have the following (no dates unfortunately) Their children (dates please) Susan James m. Katherine Cresswell (and had 6 children including an Archibald) Maria (died young) Archibald m. Madge McDonnell Ruth m. C. Dallas Note that some of the above may be incorrect as our paper is very faded. Please Please can someone help my find where/when etc we sit on your tree. Cheers from di Cummings of Melbourne, Australia.

Visitor: 140
Name: Laramie McSparron Jarvi
Email: laramiejarvi@yahoo·com
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Prescott,Az.
Date: Sat 31/may/2003 0:04am
Comments: What a great site. I am the daughter of Cozy McSparron, who was the Indian trader at the Thunderbird Ranch at Chinle. Many thanks to John McSparron.

Visitor: 139
Name: Alyce N. McSparran
Email: josdod@msn·com·nospam·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Hemet, California
Date: Thu 29/may/2003 4:33am
Comments: Daughter of Orville (Orval) Scott McSparran, 1908-1967, Samuel A. McSparran b. 1882, Samuel McSparran, b.1854, d. 1882. buried at Good Hope Cemetery, Correctionvile, IA

Visitor: 138
Name: Herb McSparen
Email: herbicide@shell-source·com
Referred by: Friend
Date: Mon 19/may/2003 2:56am
Comments: Glen McSparran sent me and said to say hi. Plz get in touch with Glen to get the story of our chance meeting.

Visitor: 137
Name: jamie mcsparron
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: cheltenham (at school)
Date: Mon 12/may/2003 11:53am
Comments: hi John it's me, how are the family. The web sute is stilll great, keep up the good work!

Visitor: 136
Name: Blythe bolenbach
Email: bebolenb@srpnet·com
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Location: Scottsdale, Arizona USA
Date: Thu 1/may/2003 9:38pm
Comments: My Mother was Ruth Mary Mcsporran, and my Grandfather was Samual Mcsporran, 5th generation Australians, their ancestors came from Scottland

Visitor: 135
Name: Stuart Mcsporran
Email: stuartmcsporran@hotmail·com.
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Clydebank, Scotland
Date: Thu 10/apr/2003 10:19pm

Visitor: 134
Name: Frank W. McSparren
Email: frank@mcsparren·com·nospam·com
Referred by: Friend
Location: San Jose del Cabo, B.C.S., Mexco
Date: Wed 9/apr/2003 5:07pm
Comments: Was born and raised in Rhode Island, USA. Spent 20 years in the Air Force and lived much of my life in Colorado.

Visitor: 133
Name: Hilary Hughes
Email: hils@tqy22·fsnet·co·uk
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Devon, England
Date: Thu 20/feb/2003 9:47pm
Comments: Researching my Grandmothers family. She was Frances Margaret Faulkner McSporran her sibblings (I think) were Edith, Amelia Olivia, and Robert all born in Hampshire (Isle of Wight) England. Her parents were Robert and Edith McSporran but I do not know where they originated from. Any information glady accepted as I have hit a brick wall in my research. Many thanks to all who can help.

Visitor: 132
Name: jonathan mcsparron
Email: themcsparrons@freeuk·com
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Location: londonderry
Date: Mon 17/feb/2003 8:35pm

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Name: Illona Murray McSparin
Email: illonamcsparin@hotmail·com
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Location: Lambertville, New Jersey
Date: Wed 29/jan/2003 3:13pm

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Name: John McSparron
Email: john1@mcsparron·net·nospam·com
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Location: Coventry, UK
Date: Sun 29/dec/2002 10:55pm
Comments Apologies for recent visitor's book entries being corrupted, this has now been fixed. Happy new year to all our visitors.

Visitor: 129
Name: David L. McSparron
Email: dmcsparron@prairie%61gcomm·com·nospam·com
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Date: Fri 13/dec/2002 11:05pm
Comments: 0

Visitor: 128
Name: Lori Hackett ( Mcsparin)
Email: jlt0708@cs·com
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Date: Mon 9/dec/2002 6:52pm
Comments: 4

Visitor: 127
Name: Leanne
Email: haidan1@shaw·ca·nospam·com
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Location: Port Alberni, BC Canada
Date: Sun 3/nov/2002 11:16pm
Comments: Born McSporran, adopted to a wonderful family and now just looking for birth family history....Thanks

Visitor: 126
Name: Patrick Johnston (P.J.) McSparran
Email: Pmcsparran@sundayriver·com
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Bethel, Maine, USA
Date: Tue 3/sep/2002 9:08pm
Comments I am the son of Joseph E. McSparran, Jr. of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. My sister is Kelly Barnette McSparran, and brother Jeffrey Stoner McSparran. Newborn nephew is Ethan Joseph McSparran. I will be travelling to the UK September 27 - October 14. Will be in Edinburgh October 5-7, 2003. Please email if any clan meetings coming up. Thanks and love this site!

Visitor: 125
Name: Elle
Email: elle@scottish-terrier-dogs·com
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Location: www.scottish-terrier-dogs·com
Date: Sun 21/jul/2002 12:58am
Comments 0

Visitor: 124
Name: Rab
Email: rab@rabsworld·co·uk
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Location: Belfast - Northern Ireland - UK
Date: Fri 12/jul/2002 11:33pm
Comments Sorry to bother you all, but just to let you all know for your own personal safety the next time that you have one of your clan meetings, is that the McSparron family from Eglington Londonderry in Northern Ireland, are the not as nice as the rest of you folk, to cut a long story short they lie, cheat, steal, and have a rep for viloence, when they do not get their own way, so please be safe. Thanks for your time. A member of the McMaster clan!

Visitor: 123
Name: Jen Long
Email: jenlong29@ozemail·com·au
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Location: Sydney, Australia
Date: Wed 29/may/2002 3:25am
Comments My gr x3 grandfather was George McSparran who came, we think, from Antrim. He seemed to have come to Australia alone in the 1840's or 1850's. He married Sarah Smiley from Antrim, Northern Ireland in 1851. Searching for family connections.

Visitor: 122
Name: Karen H. McSparren
Email: khde@earthlink·net
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Location: Sacramento, CA
Date: Thu 9/may/2002 6:25pm
Comments My father is a McSparren from NW Pennsylvania. He has been to Scotland, & so have I.

Visitor: 121
Name: Tony McSparron
Email: tmc@bel·co·uk
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Cramlington , Northumberland , England
Date: Thu 25/apr/2002 12:23am
Comments The 2003 McSparron Ceilidh will be held on the 29th March 2003 at Newbiggin Sports Centre,Northumberland. Contact myself on the above address or my brother Michael on mmcsparron@hotmail·com for tickets or any other information. All welcome!

Visitor: 120
Name: duncan president
Referred by: Search Engine
Date: Sat 20/apr/2002 10:41pm
Comments John still doing a great job. Does everyone know that the most important meeting of the clan association will be taking place at Dumfries in September?

Visitor: 119
Name: Stephanie MacSporran
Email: stephanie.mac@sympatico·ca
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Location: St. Catharines, Ontario Canada
Date: Thu 21/mar/2002 11:51pm
Comments There are a bunch of us MacSporran's in the Niagara Region of Ontario Canada. Don't forget about us.

Visitor: 118
Name: jamie mcsparron
Email: jamieed14@hotmail·com
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: swindon
Date: Wed 13/mar/2002 1:50pm
Comments great sight very usefull see you next gathering

Visitor: 117
Name: michael mcsparron
Email: mmcsparron@hotmail·com
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Location: Blyth Northumberland UK
Date: Sat 9/mar/2002 4:02pm

Visitor: 116
Email: TONYMC@BEL·co·uk
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Date: Wed 6/mar/2002 12:12am

Visitor: 115
Name: Lloyd W. McSparran
Email: mcsparranl@hotmail·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Date: Sat 2/mar/2002 5:39am
Comments John, it's been a while since we corresponded. Great website. I like the sampling of pictures of people world wide. On Jan. 4, 2002, our son Scott Charles McSparran and his wife Kimberly Phillips brought us our first grandson, Conor William McSparran. They are also living here in Pittsburgh.

Visitor: 114
Email: TMC@BEL·co·uk
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Date: Tue 12/feb/2002 12:13am

Visitor: 113
Name: karl donohoe
Email: www.square2k2001@yahoomail·com
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Location: dublin ireland
Date: Sat 5/jan/2002 5:13pm
Comments hello my grandfather is john mc sparron from ireland

Visitor: 112
Name: Glen McSparran
Email: GMcSparran3@aol·com
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Location: Dayton, OH
Date: Wed 26/dec/2001 1:30am
Comments John, Glen McSparran III & Becky just had a baby Glen Levis McSparran IV born August 28, 2001 born in Dayton, OH, USA.

Visitor: 111
Name: Debbie Ferguson
Email: ab_mom@yahoo·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Yuma, Arizona USA
Date: Thu 15/nov/2001 3:58am
Comments We are interested in finding more family members. We are the decendents of Clarence Eugene McSparen of Ottumwa, IA and Agency, IA (USA) area. We have had our first reunion in 2000 and plan another in July of 2002 (in Ottumwa, IA)

Visitor: 110
Name: jamie mcsparron
Email: icedj@%62arclays·net
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Location: swindon
Date: Tue 18/sep/2001 1:54pm
Comments hi jhon how are you , i found the website at last i hope i'll see you next year

Visitor: 109
Name: Scott McSparen
Email: scottie_way_2_hot_4_u@hotmail·com
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Location: oskaloosa iowa
Date: Tue 11/sep/2001 11:25am

Visitor: 108
Name: Stuart Duncan McSporran
Email: jingemarra@bigpond·com·au
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Yalgoo, Western Australia
Date: Thu 12/jul/2001 3:24pm
Comments Occassionally my wife tries tracing my family tree back to Maurice McSporrans emigration in the late 1800s, to his running a hotel in Pt. Augusta, South Australia. We've taken on the lease of the Yalgoo Hotel and found this clan site while trying to look for the right Tartan for the family Kilt. Will drop a Scotch on the 26th Jan.02. A big day in Scotland (I think), Australia Day and a year at the hotel for us.

Visitor: 107
Email: l_mcsparren@yahoo·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: TARPON SPRINGS, FL 34689
Date: Wed 11/jul/2001 11:30pm
Comments Son of Clark and Rhoda Myers McSparren of Lancaster, PA. Clark was born in Erie, PA

Visitor: 106
Name: George Robert McSparren
Email: gmcsparren@aol·com
Location: 8420 Hwy 196 Collierville, TN 38107
Date: Tue 3/jul/2001 7:33pm
Comments Glad to find this site. Keep up the good work

Visitor: 105
Name: Michael Robert&Ziggy McSparron
Email: mczig@internetcds·com
Referred by: Friend
Date: Thu 21/jun/2001 10:51pm
Comments Looking for any info on: William Arnold McSparron b. 3/20/1882 Pennsylvania, d. 5/15/65 Calif. US Any info on marriages/ and children dates of birth etc.

Visitor: 104
Name: Peter E Dawkins
Email: howiegenealogy@supanet·com
Homepage: Howie Family
Referred by: Friend
Location: Scotland
Date: Sat 16/jun/2001 4:10pm
Comments A worthy site doing an excellent job. Many thanks for your recent assistance. Best regards, Peter

Visitor: 103
Name: Jennifer McSparren-Grimes
Email: JenKeithGrimes@centurytel·net
Referred by: Friend
Location: Near Melbourne AR
Date: Sat 16/jun/2001 2:31pm
Comments My grandfather was Floyd Estel McSparren. Floyd was born in 1901 at Hamden MO. His parents were William D. McSparren and Virginia Leoda Ulrich.

Visitor: 102
Name: Ryan McSparran
Email: rmcsparky@spu·edu
Referred by: Friend
Location: Littleton, Colorado USA
Date: Wed 16/may/2001 6:50am

Visitor: 101
Name: robert macsparran
Email: robmacsparran@hotmail·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: manchester
Date: Tue 15/may/2001 9:41pm

Visitor: 100
Email: Allie@McSporran.fsnet·co·uk
Referred by: Email
Location: Broxburn, West Lothian - Bonnie Scotland
Date: Sat 5/may/2001 1:50pm
Comments Auch-Aye the Noo, My father was PATRICK RANKINE MCSPORRAN He was one of five children, some whom later moved to Canada. My father was born in Glasgow and later moved to West Lothian. He worked as a chief Engine Winding Man down the shale pits, he finished his working life in the BMC in Scotland. anyone wishing to get in touch please e.mail at the top address. cheerio for now

Visitor: 99
Name: Jenny Lauck
Email: mizzjenny@aol·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: California
Date: Thu 19/apr/2001 3:49am
Comments I'm researching my dear friend's McSparron roots in Philadelphia and Ireland, and would welcome any help! Her father was John Francis McSparron, born PA, grandfather William McSparron born Ireland. What an excellent site!

Visitor: 98
Name: Ricky Lee McSparen
Email: ric_tam@iowatelecom·net
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Albia-Monroe County-Iowa
Date: Fri 13/apr/2001 2:14am
Comments Looking for other members of our family. Father Phillip Arthur McSparen Jr. Mother Helen Marie Colwell-McSparen and Grandfather Phillip Arthur McSparen Sr. Grandmother Alma Fern Loman, any info would be apperciated.

Visitor: 97
Name: Sarah Dalrymple Mcsporran
Email: sheena4lala@aol·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: nottingham
Date: Sun 8/apr/2001 6:32pm
Comments Originally from Glasgow My father was James Rankin Mcsporran who lived with my mother Jeanie Richie Dalrymple who was known as (sheena).My dad was known as (lala) They had 5 children; sarah, david, william, jean and angela, we were all born in Glasgow (The Anderston) area I dont know much about my family history but i know my father had a brother named john who did very well for himself and moved to England some years ago. I would very much like to know more if any one can help please E- mail at the above address

Visitor: 96
Name: Andrew Thomas McSparran
Email: AnotherLostShoe@Yahoo·com
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: (Yahoo·com) Droitwich, Worcestershire.
Date: Thu 5/apr/2001 2:15pm
Comments My grandfathers father emigrated to america during the first quarter of the 20th century, and found work in america. My grandfather's father payed for each of his children (eldest first and so on consecutively) to travel to the u.s one by one, as he earned enough money to do so. My grandfather, Thomas, and his late sister June, were left behind in glasgow sometime in the 1920's, whilst all their other siblings had gone. In 1950, Thomas McSparran, his wife margret, and son Thomas (my father), moved to Rednal, Birmingham, where they had a daughter (Evelyn). I'd like to help try to find some of the descendant "McSparran"s in the u.s.a if they can be found! I'm very intersted in the history too, i think your website is fantastic.

Visitor: 95
Name: David McSparron
Email: davemcs@btinternet·com
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Date: Tue 27/mar/2001 8:55am

Visitor: 94
Name: Andrew McSporran
Email: andy.mjmcsporran@netscapeonline·co·uk
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Penicuik Midlothian
Date: Fri 23/mar/2001 9:37pm
Comments Hope to see you at the next clan gathering. I haven't been to one since the very first one back in the late 70's

Visitor: 93
Name: Toni Peters
Email: tpeters@cornhusker·net
Referred by: Search Engine
Location: Loup City, NE USA
Date: Tue 20/mar/2001 1:33am
Comments My g-grandfather was Joseph McSparren Cathcart b.5 July 1842 in Jefferson Co, PA and died 1926 in Talmage, NE. His mother was a Margaret McSparren b. 15 Feb 1814 in Pennsylvania. She married Clark Cathcart of Redbank Twp, Armstrong Co, PA. I'm hoping to find her parents and sure there must be a connection to some of you. I really like your site.

Visitor: 92
Name: Donald J. MacSparran
Email: don_macsparran@hotmail·com
Referred by: Just Surfed In
Location: Lakewood, Washington, US
Date: Wed 14/mar/2001 3:21am
Comments Previously signed-in--my Email address included now.

Visitor: 91
Name: Karen Allen
Email: ohshoot@hotmail·com
Referred by: Net Search
Location: Chariton,Iowa U.S.A.
Date: 2000-12-28 22:37
Comments: I have emailed u before and I have moved to a different town now. I was wondering if you have found anymore information about my grandfather Phillip Arthur McSparen Sr., as my dad is named after him. I do not have his social security number or birth certificate or death certificate as proof. I am still interested in searching for my family. Thank you.

Visitor: 90
Name: John McSparron
Email: john@mcsparron·net
Referred by: From www.GuestWorld·com
Location: Coventry, UK.
Date: 2000-11-30 13:54
Comments: Leicia, The email address you left is not valid. If you contact me, I can let you know of the eight children of Elizabeth Arnot and Malcolm McSparron.

Visitor: 89
Name: Leicia Romubio
Email: lromubi@san·rr·com
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: USA
Date: 2000-11-28 17:29
Comments: I am the 4th great-grandniece of Elizabeth Arnott McSporran, wife of Malcolm McSporran, b. 22 February 1812 in Campbelton, d. 23 May 1876 in Campbelton. I have wondered for years what ever became of Elizabeth's children, grandchildren, etc. I have been researching my genealogy for 8 years, and I've just scratched the surface. I do know that Elizabeth and Malcolm had six children: Ann, Duncan, James, Donald, Robert and Malcolm Jr. I have a copy of a picture of the memorial stone which stands somewhere in Kintyre Scotland. Any information you have on this particular family would be most appreciated for my Arnott Family Genealogy. If there is a fee associated with this information, please let me know and I will send it immediately. I wish I had some research to offer you in return.

Visitor: 88
Name: Paula McDowell Pinelli
Email: pawluh@aol·com
Referred by: Word of Mouth
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Date: 2000-11-23 06:22
Comments: My maternal grandfather was James Flemming McSparran of Portland, Oregon, USA.

Visitor: 87
Name: Jennifer
Email: littlegirltree@aol·com
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Philadelphia,PA USA
Date: 2000-11-19 14:55
Comments: A few things I forgot. William Joseph McSparrin was born March 6, 1896 and raised in Ireland coming to America as a young man with his brother James. They resided in the Philadelphia/Camden area. Both married. William married a woman named Helen (do not know last name). They had at least one child, my grandmother Theresa. I have not spoken to her in about twenty years since I was a child so I have no help from her or any other information. I know he is buried in New Jersey dying there in 1967. His parents were William McSparrin Sr. and Elizabeth Catharine Carragher. I really want to know where in Ireland they came from and how I can put together a family tree. Thanks to anyone with information!

Visitor: 86
Name: Jennifer
Email: littlegirltree@aol·com
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Date: 2000-11-15 19:05
Comments: This website is interesting and I was able to find my great-grandfather William McSparrin, but I'm at a loss of what to do now. I know the birth date is correct as well as the date of death;however, all other methods of search come up short. He was my father's grandfather and unfortunately died six years before I was born. The entry says he was born in Scotland, my dad says all he knows is that his grandfather was IRISH and had a brother James. Is this familiar to anyone? We do not know where in Ireland they came from, but they came together as young men to Philadelphia/Camden area.

Visitor: 85
Name: James F. Estep, Jr.
Email: jimhome@uplink·net
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Ebensburg, PA 15931 USA
Date: 2000-11-09 18:46
Comments: I am the son of Jean Elizabeth McSparran, originally of Hensel, Drumore Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, daughter of John Walter McSparran and Carrie Boyd. J.W. was the son of James M. McSparran of Drumore. Archibald settled in what is now Drumore Township, just a few miles from the store of J. W. McSparran, and the farm still stands. We are related to Archibald, but I'm not certain of the exact relationship.

Visitor: 84
Name: janette macsporran
Email: bgfil@accesswave·ca
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Canada born Campbeltown Argylle
Date: 2000-11-01 18:23
Comments: I have signed befor this is my new Email number

Visitor: 83
Name: deborah stewart-lewis
Email: dlew3031@aol·com
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: branson, missouri
Date: 2000-10-19 15:38
Comments: i came, i saw and i love this ancestor is james mcsparren.. mecklenburg county, charlotte, north carolina born early 1700,s known daughter nancy agness, who married william othinel stewart in charlotte and moved to marshall /maury county tennessee early 1800,s would love to hear of anyone researching same..other related names alexander, rea,pearce?.... deborah stewart lewis

Visitor: 82
Name: philip mcsparron
Referred by: Word of Mouth
Date: 2000-09-11 21:08
Comments: hello, just been told about you and i had to look you up. hope to hear from you to. drop me an e mail, awaiting your reply. big mac.

Visitor: 81
Name: Ann Marie Thomas nee MCASPURN
Email: marthomas@bigpond·com
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Scotland- Now Living Sydney Australia
Date: 2000-09-03 10:26
Comments: My family name is McAspurn and I have been told it is from McSporran. I would appreciate more info. Also I note in the family index an Ann McAsparn born Ireland before 1864, this may Be the link I have been looking for so would love any more info. Thank you Annmarie

Visitor: 80
Name: Tamara MacSporran-Olson
Email: scubor@earthlink·net;
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Huntington Beach, CA
Date: 2000-05-30 08:20
Comments My father is Howard MacSporran from Trail, B.C. recently of Temple City, CA. We would be much obliged to hear of the MacSporran clan history and its' relationship to the clan MacDonald. I have heard several versions and would like to know facts.

Visitor: 79
Name: Charles Donald (Don) McSporran
Email: donmcsporran@bigpond·com
Referred by: Clan newsletter
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Date: 2000-05-29 11:57
Comments Dear John, Congratulations on a wonderful site. You have certainly put the Clan on the world map. My great grandmother was Rachel McQuilkan aka. Grace Wilkinson who was born on Gigha in 1825. She married Archibald McSporran(born Cambletown 1829) on 25 November 1845 at Cambletown. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who may have any further information on the above. Will be in contact soon. Kindest Regards

Visitor: 78
Name: Sandra Anne (McSpurren) Colavecchia
Email: scolavecchia@ianjones·com;
Referred by: Net Search
Location: Hamilton Ontario, Canada
Date: 2000-05-14 22:31
Comments I am the grand daughter of James Vincent McSpurren. Who then married Kathleen Mary. They had 7 kids, John, Jim, Hazel, Bill, Michael, Sheila and David. I am David's oldest daughter.

Visitor: 77
Name: Sheri-Lynne McSpurren
Email: smcspurren@hotmail·com;
Referred by: Net Search
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date: 2000-05-09 03:52
Comments It was wonderful to see the family information and network you have developed here. I also just returned from a lovely trip to Edinburgh with my sister, niece and mother. While we were there, we looked everywhere for our name and tartan - I'm sure others have found the similar experience very frustrating. ;-) On a more personal note, I just lost my father to cancer a few months ago, so it was comforting to see this family connection. Thanks!

Visitor: 76
Name: Ciaran McDiarmidt
Email: ciaranmcdt@hotmail·com;
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Edinburgh
Date: 2000-04-10 14:32
Comments Just had a look around trying to trace my own family history and came across this. Very interesting

Visitor: 75
Name: Virginia Jackson
Email: VJack16944@aol·com;
Referred by: Net Search
Location: Texas
Date: 2000-04-03 02:50
Comments My ancestor was Mary "Polly" McSparren (b.1802 NC d. 1878 Coosa Co., Ala) who married Richard Shackleford (b. 1790 Va. d. ca 1866 Coosa Co., Ala.) They married on 20 Jan 1817 in Clarke Co., Ga. and had a large family. If anyone has any information on this family, I would certainly love to hear from you. I will be happy to share what data I have. Thanks.

Visitor: 74
Name: Janine Tarn MacSporran
Email: diandra@icon·co·zw;
Referred by: Net Search
Location: Zimbabwe, Africa
Date: 2000-03-26 06:36
Comments Would like to know more about the family history.

Visitor: 73
Name: Andrew MacSporran
Email: macsporran@mac·com
Homepage: my cv page due to go up soon
Referred by: Net Search
Location: at present Windsor England
Date: 2000-03-10 02:38
Comments: Actually a full life member of the association! Originally from Ormiston East Lothian now located in England How is this for a good mail address >>>> macsporran@mac·com

Visitor: 72
Name: Lindsay McSporran
Email: hillmist@psilink·co·uk
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Jersey, UK
Date: 2000-03-07 21:12
Comments I never knew there where so many of us! My dad is Duncan McSporran of Campbeltown.

Visitor: 71
Name: Bethamy Threw
Email: bthrew@mtco·com
Referred by: Word of Mouth
Location: Illinois
Date: 2000-03-01 16:52
Comments My Great Aunt, Sharon, told me about this site. Her brother is my Grandpa, Walter McSparen. I am very interested in our family history and enjoy reading about it. My grandpa sent off to the National Archives and received some papers about Phillip McSparen (with that spelling) who was in the Mexican American war. He was born in the 1830's and died in 1905. I'm not sure how we are related to him, but I do have quite a bit of info about him.

Visitor: 70
Name: Sharon K. Scholl
Email: nammasch@nwidt·com
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Anita, Iowa
Date: 2000-02-23 01:39
Comments My father was Phillip A. McSparen, born in Eldon, Iowa in 1889.

Visitor: 69
Name: Corey McSparen
Email: corey-mcsparen@uiowa·edu
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Iowa City, IA
Date: 2000-02-17 22:52
Comments I just stumbled across this page and became quite interested. I would like to learn more about my McSparen roots.

Visitor: 68
Name: Don Etges
Email: deesg-1@webtv·net
Referred by: Word of Mouth
Location: Westmont, Illinois U.S.A.
Date: 2000-02-11 06:03
Comments Looking for information on my great grandmother, Sarah McSparron who emigrated from Cushendall to the United States in 1886. Any info would be appreciated.Thanks

Visitor: 67
Name: Karen
Email: ohshoot@hotmail·com
Referred by: Net Search
Location: Russell, Iowa
Date: 2000-02-08 09:46
Comments: My grandfather's name was Phillip Arthur McSparen Sr., and my dad's name is Phillip Arthue McSparen Jr.. I don't know much about our name and my dad doesn't remember much these days. Any help would be apreciated.

Visitor: 66
Name: Alan McSporran
Email: alan.katie@talk21·com
Referred by: Net Search
Location: Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland
Date: 2000-02-05 19:21
Comments: Very interesting. It's great to know more about our name. All the best.

Visitor: 65
Name: Rev John MacSporran
Email: john@macsporran.freeserve·co·uk
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland
Date: 2000-01-21 00:09
Comments: Just surfed in to the site. Congratulations on a great site. My step father was originally from Campbeltown, his first name was John and he served in the Greys and was stationed in Germany just after the second world war. He moved to Blantyre Lanarkshire when he married my mother Ruby Marshall. I was originally named Whelan but my mother divorced my father and married John MacSporran when I was five years old. I am proud to take his name as he was the greatest Dad and friend anyone could wish for. He died suddenly in 1974 of a heart attack and was greatly missed. I have three brothers and two sisters mostly living in the Blantyre area of Lanarkshire and all proud MacSporrans. I myself am a Baptist Pastor here in Fife. I am married and have three children . . . Rebecca, John and Fiona.

Visitor: 64
Name: John McSparron
Email: mcsparron@lineone·net
Referred by: From www.GuestWorld·com
Location: Coventry, UK
Date: 2000-01-06 21:50
Comments: Happy new year/century/millenium to all readers. Mildred, you didn't leave an Email address; I can't help with any news on Kate, but if she really did emigrate in 1850-55, she wouldn't have been old enough to travel alone, perhaps finding who she went with may help to trace her. By coincidence, I have a daughter called Kate McSparron.

Visitor: 63
Name: Milded Eakin (Nee) McSparron
Referred by: Clan newsletter
Location: N.Ireland (Straid)
Date: 2000-01-05 17:24
Comments: This is a great site. Does anyone know of a Kate McSparron? (a great aunt to myself) Kate McSparron was born in feeny (N.Ireland), she emigrated to America in 1850-1855. Does anyone know anything about her, any living relatives? After she left nothing was heard about her again.

Visitor: 62
Name: Beth McSparran Fraser
Email: Frabeth@aol·com
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Lake Stevens, Wash.
Date: 1999-12-05 03:02
Comments: I am gathering information on the Clan McSparran. My ancestors originally came from Scotland to Ireland (Derry Couty). From there they came to New York, U.S.A. and then moved to Pennsylvania. My grandfather Charles Harrison McSparran moved to Iowa and then to Nebraska.

Visitor: 61
Name: Michael Mc sporran
Email: finnr@lineone·net
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Birmingham England
Date: 1999-11-27 05:30
Comments: happy christmas to the clan mcsporran love the site

Visitor: 60
Name: Pamela and David Harris
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Sheffield
Date: 1999-11-22 19:50
Comments: Daughter and son-in-law of the late JOHN ROBERTSON McSPORRAN, native of Glasgow. Moved to Sheffield in 1945. Sadly passed away 7th of September, 1999. Dearly missed.

Visitor: 59
Name: Ralph David Purcell
Email: davidpurcell18@hotmail·com
Referred by: Word of Mouth
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Date: 1999-11-11 15:57
Comments: Thank you John for responding to my message in geanealogy·com. I have heard my grandfather mention the name Mcsparron from time to time, but not sure in what context.I have enjoyed your page. My ancesters settled in Elgin County, Aldborough Township, near London, St Thomas, Ontario, Canada.

Visitor: 58
Name: Paul Benson
Email: prb@hal-pc·org
Referred by: Word of Mouth
Location: Spring (Houston), Texas, USA
Date: 1999-11-08 22:57
Comments: My wife is Joanne Nadeen McSparron, descended from David McSparron (born 1842 in Ireland, died 1929 in USA). We are looking for more information on John's siblings and ancestors.

Visitor: 57
Name: Helen Pigott
Email: pigott@standrews·edu
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Vancouver, BC
Date: 1999-11-03 19:01
Comments: I was excited recently to discover one of my family roots on the island of Gigha. My ggg grandmother was Mary Purcell (McSporran) who married George Taylor of Kintyre. The family settled at some point in Gourock, where I was born and raised. I would love to hear from any relatives.

Visitor: 56
Name: Susan (McSporran) MacGregor
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Originally Tarbert now Glasgow
Date: 1999-10-29 23:48
Comments: This comment is written by Susan`s husband, John. Susan is not a surfer. But I would like to say that the McSporran`s are a great clan. If they are anything like my wife then they should hold their heads up high. She is loving and gracious and all the McSporran`s that I know are just like that. Her father is a true McSporran and is a real asset to the clan name.

Visitor: 55
Name: Angus MacSporran
Email: amacspor@warrandyte·starway·net·au
Referred by: Net Search
Location: Australia
Date: 1999-10-27 11:49
Comments: I see my father Peter has previously signed the visitor's book. I have been interested in the family history for some time but I have only recently gone looking for information. Unfortunately Donald, whom my father mentioned, died on the 18th August, 1999 at age 91. He had a bad fall and broke his hip, he was admitted to hospital and operated on, seemed to be recovering well over the weekend but slipped into a coma on the Monday from which he never woke. We were at his bedside when he passed away peacefully at about 12:30pm on the Wednesday. He would often relate stories of his earlier years but I think I learnt more about what an extraordinary man he was from the eulogy at his funeral. I hope to learn more from his diaries, although I understand that they are more like schedule/note-books than diaries proper and his hand writing has always been notorious for it's illegibility.

Visitor: 54
Name: Sandy Patterson (nee Carl)
Email: Peshi93@aol·com
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Ottumwa, Iowa
Date: 1999-09-16 03:38
Comments: I am daughter of Vera also, Carolyn's sister...I have moved to Yuma to be near my family....I have one son Michael David

Visitor: 53
Name: Carolyn Shy (nee Carl)
Email: HShy608165
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Ottumwa, Iowa
Date: 1999-09-16 03:22
Comments: My grandfather was Clarence Eugene McSparen My mother- his daughter- was Vera Caroline McSparen I now live in Yuma, Arizona with my family, which consists of my husband-Henry David Shy, and 3 sons--Michael Bradley, Jeffrey Alan, and Ryan David..

Visitor: 52
Name: Rebecca Valette
Email: valette@bc·edu
Referred by: Net Search
Location: Boston, MA
Date: 1999-09-02 16:26
Comments: We are doing research on Cozy McSparron and his family, esp. Cozy's role in promoting Navajo weaving and sculpture

Visitor: 51
Name: Sherry McSparren-Anderson
Email: iceyellowrose@tznet·com
Referred by: Net Search
Location: Born res. now WI
Date: 1999-08-22 23:29
Comments: George McSparren is my great grand uncle. This was a very interesting article I read about Prather and McSparren.

Visitor: 50
Name: mason boyne
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: timmyland
Date: 1999-08-12 20:16
Comments: Be sure its coming along just fine the bottom of the evening to yous all

Visitor: 49
Name: Peter MacSporran
Email: pmacspac@pac·com·au
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Australia
Date: 1999-08-07 14:56
Comments: My father, Donald was born in Campbeltown in April 1908 as the youngest child of Annie MacSporran (nee McKinven) and Donald Montgomery McSporran (Whose birth certificate bears a notation that he may take the name Purcell). I am a life member of the Clan, but this is the first time I have picked up this page on the web. My curiosity in Gigha arises as my father (now 91) reminisces about his father who he believes may have been the son of a Montgomery(?) of Gigha. I have read of Seamus in various articles sent to us as our second son is James (No 1 is Angus who flies 737 Aircraft for Ansett Airlines of Australia).

Visitor: 48
Name: Donald J. MacSparran
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Lakewood, Washington, USA
Date: 1999-06-29 04:19
Comments: I was born in Abington Pennsylvania in 1947 to James Francis MacSparran, son of George and Margaret MacSparran. After 25 years in the US Air Force, settled in Washington State. I have two sons, Kenneth James and Douglas Jean. I enjoyed browsing your site.

Visitor: 47
Name: Robert Cottingham (McSparren)
Email: rjcott@specent·com
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Pea Ridge, Arkansas
Date: 1999-06-27 22:15
Comments: Trying to trace my Mother's history. Her Father was Ambrose McSparren, and his parents were George W. McSparren and Mother was Rachel Sutton of Venango, Pa. I don't have much else on her background, and would like to get more including photos. Just found this webpage, and glad I did. Thanks.

Visitor: 46
Name: Vicki Ann McSparin Jackson
Email: vjackson67@aol·com
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Littleton, Colorado, USA
Date: 1999-06-14 00:57
Comments: I was born in Moline, Illinois, USA in 1949. I'm interested in my family history, but I am not sure if my name is Irish or Scottish. My father, Leonard McSparin was born in Illinois, USA in 1930 and died 1985. I have 2 sons, Nick & Tony, who are students at Columbine High School. The tragedy this past April 20th touched us close at home, although my sons were not hurt, 7 students in our neighborhood were injured, 2 fatally. We are doing fine. I enjoyed the web site.

Visitor: 45
Name: Kimberly A. McSparran
Email: RoseVida@AOL·com or Aster927@AOL·com
Referred by: Word of Mouth
Location: Norwich, Connecticut
Date: 1999-06-12 17:50
Comments: I came, I saw, I signed, I left, and I may be back. When Irish eyes are smiling their up to something. :o)~ I'm weird, but I'm family, so deal with it. Bye Bye, Kimberly

Visitor: 44
Name: Sherri Morris
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Sligo, PA
Date: 1999-06-01 22:44
Comments: My great-grandfather was Joseph Edwin McSparrin from New Bethlehem, PA I was just trying to find some info on my ancestors. If anyone has any info u can send it to me at email address is smo56@penn·com or RD # 1 box 289 Sligo PA 16255

Visitor: 43
Name: Cliff McSparran
Email: OldTios@aol·com
Referred by: Word of Mouth
Location: Sanderson, Texas
Date: 1999-04-05 03:20
Comments: Great site with lots of information.

Visitor: 42
Name: Ian G McSporran
Email: ianmcs@Yahoo·com
Referred by: Clan newsletter
Location: Paisley, SCOTLAND
Date: 1999-04-01 22:50
Comments: As a Clan MacSporran Association councillor it is most heartening to see this form of publicity for the Association

Visitor: 41
Name: Kathryn Jenkins
Email: katejenkins@yahoo·com
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Lancaster co., PA USA
Date: 1999-03-24 01:52
Comments: I'm researching my Jenkins family which has a McSparran connection.

Visitor: 40
Name: Lloyd W. McSparran
Email: mcsparran_lloyd@adtranzna·com
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Date: 1999-03-10 05:06
Comments: I am originally from Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania. My father was Charles G., and his father was John A.. His father was James G. A detailed history of our branch of the family was created by James McSparran of Oxford, PA. Do you have a copy of this? Lloyd McSparran
Email: jmcsparr@aol·com 2406 Traci Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15237 USA

Visitor: 39
Name: David Thomas Barbour
Email: barbourd@lineone·net
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Originally Linwood, Renfrewshire, but now live in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland.
Date: 1999-03-06 22:37
Comments: My mother was called Alexandra Reaper MacSporran prior to her marriage to my father Thomas Steel Mills Palmer Barbour. They both attended the first clan gathering in 1975. My grandfather was called Archibald MacSporran and originally came from Ardlamont in Argyll, near Tighnabruach.

Visitor: 38
Name: Shaun Edwards
Email: shaun@d-edwards33·freeserve·co·uk
Referred by: NewsGroups
Location: King's Lynn, Norfolk, England
Date: 1999-02-28 14:44
Comments: Found your pages looking for history on the Purse family, of which i am a member through my maternal grandmother. I was always told that the family name came from an ancestor being the keeper of the King's Privy Purse. Seems like one hell of a coincidence to me, as i was also told that the family used to have land in Scotland. If anyone could shed any light on my ancestory could you contact me at my Email address. Any help would be appreciated.

Visitor: 37
Name: Malachy McSparran
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Cloney Cushendun CoAntrim
Date: 1999-02-23 20:51
Comments: Would Juanita Daigle send me any further information on her great grandmother Mary McSparron ? What part of Irelland did she come from? malachy mcsparran @easynet·co·uk

Visitor: 36
Name: Neil MacSporran
Email: nmacsporran@yahoo·co·uk
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Ayr
Date: 1999-02-23 14:34
Comments: Stuck in the library at Barony College I decided to enter my family name on the internet and found this site. Thought I would leave a message due to the shock of a web site for MacSporrans.

Visitor: 35
Name: Michael A. Dwyer
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA
Date: 1999-02-13 00:56
Comments: I am a life member of the Association. My great-grandfather was William McSparron born in Gortgole, Portglenone, Co. Antrim. I think that this Web Site is excellant

Visitor: 34
Name: janette mcsporran-phillips
Email: bgfil@net com·ca
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: campbeltown argyle
Date: 1999-02-13 00:45
Comments: I now live in Nova Scotia Canada. This is a great web site would like Email from other mcsporrans in the world

Visitor: 33
Name: Malachy McSparran
Email: Malachy@mcsparran·freeserve·co·uk
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Cloney, Cushendun Co Antrim
Date: 1999-02-12 20:45
Comments: Would welcome contact with any members of the Clan especially those with Glens of Antrim connection

Visitor: 32
Name: Duncan McSporran
Email: dmcsporran@yahoo·co·uk
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Cumbria, UK, but I'm in the Army
Date: 1999-02-07 14:38
Comments: My father is Angus Smith McSporran, born 26 06 1923 in Whitehouse. Seamus McSporran (Gigha) is first cousin.

Visitor: 31
Email: malachy@mcsparran·freeserve·co·uk
Referred by: Word of Mouth
Date: 1999-01-04 19:04

Visitor: 30
Name: Gordon Dracup
Email: g.dracup@hermes·co·uk
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Edinburgh, UK
Date: 1998-12-30 14:15
Comments: My mother is Isobel MacSporran from Tarbert Loch Fyne

Visitor: 29
Name: Robert Malcolm McSporran
Email: actionbob@hotmail·com
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Date: 1998-12-16 15:13
Comments: I am the third son of Charles Donald McSporran and brother to Hamish, Bruce, Alexander & Angus McSporran. This being a male dominated family we will do our best to sustain the clans population ! Best wishes for 1999. Robert.

Visitor: 28
Name: Bill Funderburk
Email: bfunderburk@earthlink·net
Referred by: Net Search
Location: Houston, Texas, USA
Date: 1998-12-14 19:27
Comments: I was born Nick Purcell, adopted and given the name Billy Spraberry,...then raised by George Preston Funderburk (direct male descendant of the sixteenth duke of Berg in Germany) and whose surname I took. I found this link while searching the Purcell Family of America (PFA) site.

Visitor: 27
Name: Katherine McSparin
Referred by: Net Search
Location: Paducah, Kentucky
Date: 1998-11-16 19:21
Comments: I am married to Clyde Wesley McSparin Jr. His parents are Clyde Wesley McSparin Sr. and Dorothy (Kroeger) McSparin (deceased). His grandparents were James Wesley McSparin and Rosa McSparin. I believe one of his ancestors was James Harvey McSparin.

Visitor: 26
Name: Donna Tice-Carnall
Email: carnall@horizon·hit·net
Referred by: Word of Mouth
Location: Cherryvale, KS 67335
Date: 1998-10-30 19:52
Comments: I was thrilled to "find" such a wonderful website!! Thanks John for answering my posted querie.

Visitor: 25
Name: Simon Taylor
Email: simon@cpipapers·co·nz
Referred by: Clan newsletter
Location: Auckland, New Zealand.
Date: 1998-10-29 22:27
Comments: Excellent site!! My mother is a member of the Clan. Her name is Mary Taylor of Wellington, NZ. She passes on copies of the newsletters to me. I am interested in becoming a member myself, would it be possible to send me a registration form etc. All the best

Visitor: 24
Name: John Taylor
Email: Silverside@.on·aibn·com
Referred by: Clan newsletter
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: 1998-10-20 22:26
Comments: My family and I enjoyed reading all the Mc Sporran history I have copies of everything! Will be sending our membership fee to Ann Purcell so we can keep in touch with you all in dear old hame o'mine.SCOTLAND THE BRAVE! Jane T L Giffen.

Visitor: 23
Name: chas manson
Email: chasm@extra·co·nz
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: tokanui southland new zealand
Date: 1998-10-07 11:51
Comments: tracing my family history manson side and came across this site my grand father hugh manson came from kilmarnock ayrshire to new zealand in 1879 he married barbara mcsporran who was the daughter of archibald & mary nee mcnab they had children barbara agnes margaret mary amelia catherine archibald great to see this site

Visitor: 22
Name: John McSparron
Email: john1@macsporran·org·uk
Referred by: Clan newsletter
Location: Coventry, UK
Date: 1998-10-06 21:26
Comments: The Association are seeking ideas to celebrate the year 2000. Please send suggestions to the secretary or to the following Email address.

Visitor: 20
Name: Linda K. McSparran
Email: lindamc@webtv·net
Referred by: Word of Mouth
Location: Madison, AL
Date: 1998-04-19 17:58
Comments: Your site was forwarded to me by a different Linda McSparran (McSparin). I found it very interesting.

Visitor: 19
Name: James McSparron
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Antrim
Date: 1998-04-13 20:59
Comments: Looking at the information on the internet with Eddie in Swindon. Excellent presentation! Well Done.

Visitor: 18
Name: Tom Woodard
Email: woodardt@aol·com
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Santa Fe, NM
Date: 1998-04-04 19:03
Comments: It was good to see an article on some of the early traders. Cozy and his wife Inja were very good friends of my family.

Visitor: 17
Name: Thomas A. McSparren
Email: tmac@discoverynet·com
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Odessa, Missouri, USA
Date: 1998-04-03 02:22
Comments: I am at the moment trying to find out what my grandfather McSparren' first name was. When I find that out maybe I can go further in researching on you web page. He would have been born in the mid-1800's. His son, my grandfather was Harry T. McSparren.

Visitor: 16
Name: Juanita Daigle
Email: harley1975@sprintmail·com
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: New Smyrna Beach Fl
Date: 1998-03-30 19:45
Comments: Researching my great grandmother Mary McSparron from Ireland

Visitor: 15
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Date: 1998-03-24 00:47

Visitor: 14
Name: Alastair Campbell
Email: abac@pacific·net·sg
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Singapore (originally from Canada)
Date: 1998-03-11 14:30
Comments: My grandmother, Catherine, was a McSporran from Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland. She emigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1919 with her husband Neil Campbell.

Visitor: 13
Name: Allister J McSparron
Email: mcsparaj@compuserve·com
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Eglinton Co Londonderry UK
Date: 1998-03-05 21:33
Comments: I have surfed the Clan pages many times but this is the first time I have signed the Vistors Book. I think it would be a good idea if the Clan News Sheet could be put on the Clan Website and maybe try and put a list of Email address of all Clan Members.

Visitor: 12
Name: John McSporran
Email: john.mcsporran@lineone·net
Referred by: Net Search
Location: Erskine, Scotland
Date: 1998-03-01 02:00
Comments: Visited site during geneological research. Found the list very useful in identifying some links. A town of birth against a name would be even more helpful. My family were orginally from Campbeltown, I've identified 156 so far, going back to 1777. Contact me if anyone needs help with links.

Visitor: 11
Name: John McSparron
Email: john1@mcasporran·org·uk
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Coventry, UK
Date: 1998-02-17 20:35
Comments: James, I tried to Email you but it came back undeliverable. Can you please contact me.

Visitor: 10
Name: Kenneth James MacSparran
Email: cornett1@mindspring·com
Referred by: Word of Mouth
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Date: 1998-02-17 17:31
Comments: I am an illustrator/multimedia designer by trade. I am looking for any information about my ancestors.

Visitor: 9
Name: James Cormac Mc Sparron
Email: james_cormac_mc.sparron@virgin·net
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Portglenone Co. Antrim Ireland
Date: 1998-01-28 02:12
Comments: What a surprise - I congratulate you on an excellent web page. My father has a pretty comprahensive family tree of the MC Sparrons in the portglenone area going back 200 yrs. With a bit of persuasion he would probably upload it to youse. I notice that there is a tradition in my family of the two Mc Sparron/an/Sporran brothers coming to Ireland but it is placed at the end of the 18th century not the begining of the 17th.

Visitor: 8 Robert C. McSparren, Sr.
Email: mailto:rmcsparren@mail·usachoice·net
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Oil City, Pennsylvania (USA)
Date: 1997-12-27 13:35
Comments: Happy New Year to all McSparren's everywhere!

Visitor: 7
Name: Wendy McSparren
Email: liltryant@aol·com
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Date: 1997-12-27 13:40
Comments: I am very interested in tracing my genealogy, but have run into some road blocks. If there is anyone who has a connection to the Oil City/Franklin (Venango County) area of Pennsylvania (USA), I would love to hear from you and try to figure out our connection. My Email address is liltryant@aol·com or oldmanatee@aol·com (husband's address). Look forward to hearing from people. Happy New Year!

Visitor: 6
Name: Dennis L. McSparin
Email: mcsparin@cdsinet·net
Referred by: Word of Mouth
Location: Marshall Missouri
Date: 1997-12-25 00:15
Comments: Merry Christmas to all clan members from the Kansas City McSparins

Visitor: 5
Name: Keith McSporran
Email: pursebear@xtra·co·nz
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Date: 1997-12-17 10:10
Comments: Seasons Greetings from the Antipodes to all Clan members I wonder how many members of the Association who are on the 'Net would rather have their Newsletters Emailed to them rather than posted? I for one would be delighted to have it delivered weeks earlier than snailmail if it could be arranged. Anyway, I have made the suggestion to Secretary Ann Purcell in a recent letter, so will see if there is enough support to make it happen. It could save significantly on postage too because John tells me there are a good number of overseas members on the Internet now. Let's know what you think. Regards Keith

Visitor: 4
Name: Malcolm McSporran
Email: quinkat@portal·ca
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Date: 1997-12-07 13:14
Comments: Hi, I just wanted to see who else had signed in, but can't quite see how to find that. Malcolm McSporran, Vancouver

Visitor: 3
Name: Glen L McSparran, III
Email: GMcSparran@Juno·com
Referred by: Advertisment/Brochure
Location: Dayton, OH, USA
Date: 1997-11-30 22:58
Comments: Awesome changes!!!

Visitor: 2
Name: John Barbour
Email: jbarbour.marakon·com
Referred by: Word of Mouth
Location: Henley-on Thames
Date: 1997-11-30 20:00
Comments: Private!!! -Click to View-

Visitor: 1
Name: John W McSparron
Email: john1@macsporran·org·uk
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Location: Coventry, U.K.
Date: 1997-11-27 22:34
Comments: Hello to all clanfolk. This is an experimental facility for you to air you views on clan matters (or anything at all really). If it is a success the facility will be retained and enhanced.

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