Clan MacSporran Association

Ancestor Index

This list is the result of a project to index the births, marriages and deaths of all known MacSporrans born prior to the 20th century. All variants of the name are included so all living clanfolk will be descended from one of these ancestors. The index covers (at least in part) the following countries:
Aus Australia BrG British Guiana Can Canada Eng England
Fra France Gib Gibraltar Irl Ireland NZl New Zealand
Pan Panama Phl Philippines Sct Scotland Sgp Singapore
Zaf South Africa Tur Turkey USA United States Wls Wales
This latest version includes births up to 1910, marriages up to 1945 and deaths up to 2004. It also now includes the surnames McAspurren and McAspurn. Currently there are 4100 individuals listed here. Hopefully this will increase with further research and subsequent versions of the index.

A Dunbar McSparron b1913 d2001 USA m1940 USA Mildred Wiger
A McSporran b1904? d1969 Sct
A McSporran d1912 Can
Aaron E McSparren b1869 USA d1931 USA
Aaron E McSparron b1877 USA
Aaron McSparren b1846 d1867 USA
Abigail MacSparron b1707 USA
Ada Berta McSparran b1858 d1912 USA née McClure
Ada M McSparran b1865 USA d1898 USA
Ada McSparin b1891 d1971 USA
Ada McSparran b1887 d1986 USA née Burris
Adelaide B E McSparven m1942 Wls Cyril C E Head
Adelaide F M McSparron b1892? d1961 Wls
Adelbert McSparen b1898 USA d1974
Adrian A MacSporran b1920 d1967 Can
Agnes Dodds MacSporran b1907? d1996 Sct
Agnes Elizabeth McSparren b1836 USA d1920 m1853 USA John Stanturf
Agnes Fairlie McSporran b1912? d1983 Sct née Pattison
Agnes L M McSporran b1892 Sct d1892 Sct
Agnes Lewis McSporran b1955? d1996 Sct née MacDonald
Agnes Mae McSparren b1875 USA d1875
Agnes McLean McSporran b1919? d1972 Sct
Agnes McMillan McSporran b1883 Sct m1906 Sct Alexander McLachlan
Agnes McNeil McSporran b1889 Sct d1981 Sct m1911 Sct Joseph McAleese
Agnes McSparin b1893 d1981 USA née Hoots
Agnes McSparran b1813 Sct
Agnes McSparran b1814 Sct
Agnes McSparren b1842 Eng
Agnes McSparrin b1822 d1857 USA née Decker
Agnes McSparrin b1878 USA
Agnes McSparron m1836 Sct Adam Smith
Agnes McSporran b1807 Sct d1887 Sct
Agnes McSporran b1826? d1908 Sct
Agnes McSporran b1827 Sct m1866 Sct Angus McMillan
Agnes McSporran b1834 Sct d1876 Sct
Agnes McSporran b1836? d1899 Sct
Agnes McSporran b1854 Sct d1921 Sct m1874 Sct John Stalker
Agnes McSporran b1863 Sct d1948 NZl m1882 NZl James Russell
Agnes McSporran b1875? d1937 Sct
Agnes McSporran b1881 Sct
Agnes McSporran b1881 Sct m1911 Can John McArthur
Agnes McSporran b1883? d1953 Sct née Colville
Agnes McSporran b1888 NZl d1960
Agnes McSporran b1890 Sct
Agnes McSporran b1890? d1924 Sct
Agnes McSporran b1916? d1977 Sct née Hamilton
Agnes McSporran m1842 Sct John Findlay
Agnes McSporran m1907 Sct John McVey
Agnes McSporran m1915 Sct Joseph McFarlane
Agnes McSporran m1921 NZl
Agnes McSporran m1932 Sct James Hamilton
Agnes McSpurran b1826? d1871 Sct
Agnes McSpurran b1877 Sct
Agnes McSpurren d1865 Sct née McNiel
Agnes McSpurren m1853 Sct James Smith
Agnes Neale MacSporran b1935? d1975 Sct née Wilson
Agnes Pursal b1848 Sct
Agnes Smith MacSporran b1899? d1999 Sct née Forsyth
Alastair McSporran b1905 Sct
Albert J McSparren b1837 USA d1904 USA
Albert Luther McSparren b1878 USA d1947 USA m1902? USA Janie ?
Albert McSparin b1915 d1985 USA
Alberta McSparren b1912 d1946 USA née Flockerzi
Alex McSparran b1862 Irl d1877
Alex McSparren b1870 USA
Alex'd McSparren m1895? USA Mary ?
Alexander B McSporran b1914? d1978 Sct
Alexander J McSporran b1899 Sct d1955 Sct m1933 Sct Agnes D Law
Alexander M McSparran b1897 Irl d1985 m1941 Irl Elizabeth McDonnell
Alexander M McSporran b1884? d1959 Sct
Alexander MacSporran b1808 Sct
Alexander MacSporran b1816 Sct
Alexander MacSporran b1838 Sct d1900 Sct m1861 Sct Margaret Tennant
Alexander MacSporran b1842 Sct d1907 Can m1876 Can Catherine McTaggart
Alexander MacSporran b1901? d1967 Sct
Alexander MacSporran b1901? d1982 Sct
Alexander McAspurren b1933? d1989 Sct
Alexander McSparne b1851 Irl
Alexander McSparran b1867 Irl
Alexander McSparren b1853? d1885 Irl
Alexander McSparrion b1856 Sct d1900 Eng m1879 Eng Catherine Ann Ritson
Alexander McSparron b1885 Eng d1885 Eng
Alexander McSparron b1893 Eng d1893 Eng
Alexander McSparron b1900 Eng d1900 Eng
Alexander McSparron b1905 Eng d1978 Eng m1936 Eng Violet Haldane
Alexander McSpern d1888 Eng
Alexander McSporran b1811? d1879 Sct
Alexander McSporran b1847 Sct m1875 Sct Margaret McMillan
Alexander McSporran b1859? d1911 Sct
Alexander McSporran b1877 Sct
Alexander McSporran b1877? d1926 Sct
Alexander McSporran b1877? d1934 Sct
Alexander McSporran b1882 Sct
Alexander McSporran b1885 Sct d1965 Sct
Alexander McSporran b1886 Sct
Alexander McSporran b1887 Sct d1917 Fra
Alexander McSporran b1890 Sct
Alexander McSporran b1900 Sct
Alexander McSporran b1900 Sct
Alexander McSporran b1900 Sct d1982?
Alexander McSporran b1923? d1923 Sct
Alexander McSporran d1857 Sct
Alexander McSporran m1904 Sct Isabella McKinven
Alexander McSporran m1919 Sct Christina Y Gillespie
Alexander Muir MacSporran b1876 Sct m1914 Sct Mary Johnstone
Alexander V McSporran b1902 Sct
Alexanderena R McSporran b1927? d1982 Sct m1949 Sct Thomas Steel M Barbour
Alexr McSparrion b1836 Irl
Alfred B McSparren b1885 USA m1907 USA Annie I Heinlon
Alfred John E McSparron b1909 Eng d1986 Aus m1933 Aus Dolina MacKenzie
Alice Elizabeth McSparren b1863 d1945 USA née Pybus
Alice J McSparrin b1905 d1978 USA
Alice May McSporran b1896? d1965 Sct née Oxford
Alice McSparran b1916 d1999 USA
Alice McSparron b1897 d1968 USA née Banner
Alice McSporran b1866 Aus m1884 Aus Robert Westwater Laing
Alice R McSporran m1945 Sct John Muir Wilson
Alice Veronica McSporran d1989 Aus
Alison Dick MacSporran b1853 Sct d1880 Sct
Alistair McSporran b1943? d1976 Sct
Allan R Purcell b1888 d1969 Can
Allen McSparin b1883 USA d1931 USA
Allen Vincent McSparron d1981 Aus m1940 Aus Elizabeth Steinfort
Alma E McSparran b1883 USA
Alma McSparin b1889 d1970 USA née Parks
Alma McSparin m1930 USA Wilson Little
Alma McSparran m1910 USA Roy E Coffin
Amanda Jane McSparin b1861 USA d1948 m1883 USA Pierce Bracewell
Amanda McSparin b1903 USA
Amanda McSparing m1843 USA John Trammell
Ambrose McSparron d1960 USA
Ambrose W McSparren b1879 USA
Amelia F McSparran b1813 d1900 USA
Amelia McSparran b1892 USA d1966
Amelia McSparren d1853 USA née Graham
Amelia McSporran b1801 Sct
Amelia McSporran b1814 Sct d1892 Sct m1849 Sct John MacIntosh
Amelia McSporran b1870 NZl m1899 NZl Harry Stephen Tall
Amelia Olivia McSporran m1883 Eng
Amellia McSporran b1816 Sct
Amy Harris McSporran b1899 Sct d1972 Sct m1926 Sct Adam James R Young
Amy Margaret E McSporran b1893 d1975 NZl
Amy McSparron b1887? d1977 Aus née Frampton
Andrew Black McSporran b1907 Sct d1954 Sct
Andrew Ferguson MacSporran b1938 d1967 Sct
Andrew Ferguson McSporran b1878 Sct d1955 Can m1902 Sct Flora MacKay
Andrew Ferguson McSporran b1908 Sct d1928 Sct
Andrew Jackson McSparin b1883 USA d1954 USA
Andrew McSparin b1882 USA
Andrew McSparran b1866 Irl d1955 Irl
Andrew McSparron b1836? d1903 Irl
Andrew McSparron b1838 Irl d1903 m1876 Irl
Andrew McSparron b1876 USA d1954 USA
Andrew McSparron b1884 Irl d1966 m1930 Irl Matilda L Faith
Andrew McSparron d1955 Irl
Andrew McSporran b1902? d1904 Sct
Andrew McSporran b1903 Sct
Angus A Dunlop MacSporran b1876 Sct d1941 Sct m1899 Sct Maggie Kerr
Angus A Dunlop MacSporran b1903 Sct d1979 Sct m1955 Sct Christina Philp Murdoch
Angus MacSporran b1850? d1920 Sct
Angus MacSporran b1890? d1959 Sct
Angus MacSporran b1912? d2000 Sct
Angus MacSporran m1923 Sct Barbara Summers Murray
Angus McSporran b1811? d1878 Sct
Angus McSporran b1861 Aus d1864 Aus
Angus McSporran b1870 Sct d1931 Sct m1894 Sct Sophia Fairlie
Angus McSporran b1886 Sct d1950 Eng m1920 Eng Frances R Main
Angus McSporran b1887 Sct
Angus McSporran b1887 Sct
Angus McSporran b1889 Sct
Angus McSporran b1889 Sct d1898 Sct
Angus McSporran m1848 Sct Elizabeth Dunlop
Angus McSporran m1874 Sct Margaret Muir
Angus Smith McSporran b1909 Sct d1980 Sct
Angus Smith McSporran m1945 Sct Sarah Jane Keery
Angusina E D McSporran b1875 Sct
Ann Elsie MacSporran d1997 Eng
Ann Jane McSparron b1873 Ire m1897 Irl James Stanage
Ann Jane McSparron b1878 USA
Ann Kennedy McSporran b1887 Sct
Ann Kennedy McSporran b1887 Sct d1937 Sct
Ann MacSporran b1850? d1931 Sct
Ann MacSporran b1873? d1949 Sct
Ann McAspurren b1940 d1940 Sct
Ann McMurchy McSporran b1900 Sct d1971 Sct
Ann McSparen b1862 Irl
Ann McSparin b1783 USA
Ann McSparrin b1841 Irl
Ann McSparrin b1854 Irl
Ann McSparron b1836? d1896 Irl
Ann McSparron b1868? d1942 Sct
Ann McSparron b1873? d1873 USA
Ann McSparron b1895 Eng d1970 Eng
Ann McSporran b1776 Sct
Ann McSporran b1817? d1882 Sct née McBride
Ann McSporran b1830? d1874 Sct
Ann McSporran b1836 Sct
Ann McSporran b1848 Sct m1876 Aus Gabriel Taylor
Ann McSporran b1872 Sct d1873 Sct
Ann McSporran b1874 Sct d1877 Sct
Ann McSporran b1885 Sct
Ann McSporran b1886? d1943 Sct
Ann McSporran b1888? d1973 Sct
Ann McSporran d1888 Aus née McNeil
Ann McSporran m1853 Sct Donald McKinnon
Ann McSpurren b1858 Sct d1859 Sct
Ann Oliver McSparron b1876 Irl
Ann Purcell b1851? d1905 Can née McMillan
Anna B McSparrin b1936 d1997 USA
Anna Eleanor McSparren b1870 d1951 USA née Waltz
Anna Jane McSparron b1902 USA
Anna Julien McSparran b1894 d1980 USA née Rohde
Anna M McSparron m1942 USA John W Braun
Anna Maria J McSparran b1891 Irl m1916 Irl William McCormack
Anna Marie McSparren m1942 USA Ivan Bert Stewart
Anna Mary McSparren b1895 d1992 USA
Anna McSparran b1893 d1978 USA
Anna McSparran b1904 USA d1973 USA
Anna McSparrin b1866 USA d1904 m1888? USA Joseph Perry King
Anna Pusey McSparran b1867 USA d1871
Anna V McSparren b1890 USA m1919 USA Frank C McManns
Annabella C McSporran m1940 Sct John Cherrie
Annabella McSporran b1873 Sct
Annabella McSporran b1873 Sct d1876
Annabella McSporran b1887? d1967 Sct née Spence
Annabella McSporran b1903 Sct d1903 Sct m1921 Sct Alexander Sinclair
Anne MacSporran m1803 Sct John Love
Anne McSparran b1801 Irl
Anne McSparran b1836 Irl
Anne McSparran m1856 Irl Daniel McLaughlin
Anne McSparron b1852 Ire d1925
Anne McSporran b1828 Sct
Anne McSporran b1842 Sct m1871 Sct Montgomery Black
Anne McSporran b1896 Sct d1960 Sct m1922 Sct John McGarrity
Anne Oliver MacSparron m1900 Eng Thomas Blanchard Sellors
Anne Purcel b1835 Sct
Annie Agnew McSporran b1897? d1959 Sct née Wilson
Annie Bella McSporran b1873? d1876 Sct
Annie Cunningham McSporran b1845? d1875 Sct
Annie Dalrimple McSparron b1879 Eng d1942 Sgp
Annie Elizabeth MacSporran b1919 d1985 Eng
Annie Harper McSporran b1929? d1985 Sct née Murray
Annie M McSparran m1904 USA Edwin C Schuston
Annie MacSporran b1880 Sct
Annie MacSporran m1928 Sct Gilbert M Crawford
Annie Margaret T McAspurn d1977 Eng née Nixon
Annie McAspan b1901 Sct d1901 Sct
Annie McDonald McSporran b1898? d1939 Sct
Annie McN MacSporran m1932 Aus Kenneth R Muxlow
Annie McNiven McSporran b1900 Sct d1972 Sct
Annie McSparran b1854? d1939 Irl née McSonnell
Annie McSparran b1864 Irl d1908 Irl
Annie McSparran b1882 USA
Annie McSparren b1897 USA
Annie McSparron b1850? d1924 Irl
Annie McSparron b1857? d1890 Sct née O'Pray
Annie McSparron b1873? d1915 Eng
Annie McSparron b1881? d1944 Irl
Annie McSparron b1899 Sct
Annie McSparron d1924 Irl
Annie McSparron d1944 Irl
Annie McSporran b1848? d1898 Sct
Annie McSporran b1849 Aus
Annie McSporran b1850? d1942 Sct
Annie McSporran b1876 Sct
Annie McSporran b1876? d1946 Sct
Annie McSporran b1877? d1955 Sct
Annie McSporran b1887 Sct
Annie McSporran b1890 Sct
Annie McSporran b1891? d1963 Sct
Annie McSporran b1897 Sct d1897 Sct
Annie McSporran b1899? d1992 Sct née Russell
Annie McSporran b1901? d1976 Sct née Murray
Annie McSporran b1903 Sct d1903
Annie McSporran b1909? d1953 Sct née McKinven
Annie McSporran b1919 d1985 Sct née McGarrity
Annie McSporran b1924? d1995 Sct
Annie McSporran m1896 Sct Robert Wilkieson
Annie McSporran m1907 Can Hugh McEachern
Annie McSporran m1908 Sct Archibald McMillan
Annie McSporran m1908 Sct Neil MacNair
Annie McSporran m1914 USA Harry Black
Annie McSporran m1916 Sct Gilbert Reid
Annie McSporran m1919 Sct Peter Hart Lawson
Annie McSporrin m1876 Irl
Annie Milloy McSporran b1922? d1989 Sct m1943 Sct Keith Charles Walker
Annie N McSporran m1942 Sct William Joseph Steer
Annie Niven McSporran b1908 Sct
Annie Pearl McSparron b1890 USA d1891
Annie Purcell b1890 d1969 Can
Annie Purcell b1909 Sct
Annie Smilie C McSporran b1896 USA d1973
Annie Waldren McSporran b1882 NZl
Annie Wilson G McSporran b1913? d1995 Sct née MacDonald
Archabald McSparren b1845 USA d1907 USA
Archibald C McSporran b1837 Sct
Archibald Cross McSporran b1874 Sct
Archibald D McSparran b1844 Irl d1890 Irl m1869 Irl Mary McGarry
Archibald E MacSparron b1886 USA
Archibald E McSparron b1882 USA
Archibald Francis McSporran b1875 Sct d1929 Sct m1914 Sct Jane Park Govan
Archibald John McSporran b1934 d1987 Sct m1957 Sct Margaret C Harvey
Archibald Joseph McSparron b1890 Irl d1916 Irl
Archibald MacSporan b1790 Sct d1873 Sct
Archibald MacSporran b1804 Sct
Archibald MacSporran b1808 Sct
Archibald MacSporran b1810 Sct d1861
Archibald MacSporran b1812 Sct
Archibald MacSporran b1891? d1956 Sct
Archibald MacSporran b1905? d1971 Sct
Archibald MacSporran b1920? d1985 Sct
Archibald MacSporran d1900 Aus
Archibald MacSporran m1915 Aus Lilian May Miller
Archibald MacSporran m1918 Sct Margaret Agnes Graham
Archibald MacSporran m1928 Sct Margaretta M McKinlay
Archibald MacSporran m1930 Sct Elizabeth Jane Thompson
Archibald McAsparron b1885 Irl d1938
Archibald McSparin m1845 Sct Isabella Ronald
Archibald McSparran b1773 Sct d1848 Irl
Archibald McSparran b1803 Irl
Archibald McSparran b1803 Irl d1849 USA
Archibald McSparran b1805 Irl
Archibald McSparran b1811? d1883 Irl
Archibald McSparran b1816 Sct
Archibald McSparran b1847 Irl d1929 m1903 Irl Alice McKay
Archibald McSparran b1854 Irl d1894 Irl m1884 Sct Sarah McKeegan
Archibald McSparran b1854? d1929 Irl
Archibald McSparran b1882 Sct d1950 Sct
Archibald McSparran b1884 Sct
Archibald McSparran b1885 Irl
Archibald McSparran b1886? d1968 Eng
Archibald McSparran b1896 Sct d1983 m1933 Irl Anne McArdle
Archibald McSparran b1986 d1941 Irl
Archibald McSparran d1751 USA
Archibald McSparran d1868 Aus
Archibald McSparran d1929 Irl
Archibald McSparran d1938 Irl
Archibald McSparran m1839 Eng Susan Carter
Archibald McSparran m1920 Irl Elizabeth M MacDonnell
Archibald McSparren b1773 USA d1857 USA m1849 USA Henrietta Moody
Archibald McSparren b1837 Irl
Archibald McSparren b1869 Sct
Archibald McSparren m1881? USA Margaret ?
Archibald McSparrin b1806? d1885 USA
Archibald McSparron b1727? d1812 Irl
Archibald McSparron b1820? d1900 Irl
Archibald McSparron b1836? d1887 Irl
Archibald McSparron b1837 Ire d1920 Aus m1875 Aus Emma Jane Perry
Archibald McSparron b1852 Aus d1860
Archibald McSparron b1855 Ire d1949 Irl
Archibald McSparron b1880 Irl d1956 Irl m1904 Irl Annie Eliza Miller
Archibald McSparron b1882 Aus d1969 Aus m1912 Aus Mary Leslie
Archibald McSparron b1883 Irl d1967 Eng m1919 Eng Mabel G Smith
Archibald McSparron b1885? d1938 Irl
Archibald McSparron b1886 Irl d1941 Irl
Archibald McSparron d1883 Ire
Archibald McSparron m1721 Irl Rachel Paterson
Archibald McSparron m1840 Irl
Archibald McSparron m1911 Eng Jeanie M McIntosh
Archibald McSperrin b1810? d1868 Eng
Archibald McSpirren d1861 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1767 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1780? d1870 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1785 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1787 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1790 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1790 Sct d1872 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1790 Sct d1873 m1812 Sct Marrion MacMillan
Archibald McSporran b1792 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1793 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1801 Sct m1832 Sct Peggy Montgomery
Archibald McSporran b1810 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1813 Sct d1883 Sct m1837 Sct Catharine McMillan
Archibald McSporran b1821 Sct d1882 NZl
Archibald McSporran b1822 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1823 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1823? d1905 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1832 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1834 Sct d1880 Aus m1857 Sct Margaret McKay
Archibald McSporran b1838? d1887 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1839 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1844 Sct d1885 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1844 Sct d1922 USA
Archibald McSporran b1848 Sct d1860 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1850 Sct m1882 Sct Euphemia Graham
Archibald McSporran b1851? d1932 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1854? d1857 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1855 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1855 Sct d1870 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1855? d1879 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1855? d1940 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1859 Aus d1911 Aus
Archibald McSporran b1861 Sct m1885 Sct Annie Cook
Archibald McSporran b1861? d1931 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1865 Sct d1945 Aus
Archibald McSporran b1866 Sct d1893 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1867 Sct m1895 Sct Janet McLachlan
Archibald McSporran b1867? d1939 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1869 NZl d1948 NZl m1889 NZl John Hanning
Archibald McSporran b1870 Sct m1897 Sct Margaret Sellar McCallum
Archibald McSporran b1870? d1950 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1874 NZl d1877 NZl
Archibald McSporran b1874 Sct d1889 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1875 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1875 Sct d1951 Sct m1898 Sct Mary Graham
Archibald McSporran b1875 Sct m1901 Sct Janet Ann Steel Griffith
Archibald McSporran b1875? d1925 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1876 Sct d1911
Archibald McSporran b1876? d1893 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1877 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1878 Sct m1901 Sct Elizabeth S W Gillon
Archibald McSporran b1879 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1880 NZl d1960 NZl
Archibald McSporran b1880? d1959 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1881 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1881 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1882? d1907 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1884 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1885 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1885? d1905 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1891 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1891? d1956 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1895 Sct d1973 Sct m1923 Sct Barbara Wilson Leitch
Archibald McSporran b1896 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1896 Sct d1947 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1897 Sct d1980
Archibald McSporran b1898? Sct d1980 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1899 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1899? d1902 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1899? d1971 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1902 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1904 d1969 Eng
Archibald McSporran b1904 Sct d1969
Archibald McSporran b1905 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1906 Sct d1993?
Archibald McSporran b1906? d1993 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1907 Sct d1907?
Archibald McSporran b1907? d1907 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1912 d1949 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1913 d1968 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1919? d1919 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1938? d1941 Sct
Archibald McSporran b1941 d1984 Sct
Archibald McSporran d1870 Sct m1811 Sct Barbra McCallum
Archibald McSporran d1923 Aus
Archibald McSporran d1961 Aus
Archibald McSporran m1761 Sct Katherin Ramsey
Archibald McSporran m1805 Sct Susanna McKendrick
Archibald McSporran m1807 Sct Mary McMillan
Archibald McSporran m1836 Sct Barbra Ramsey
Archibald McSporran m1837 Sct Frances Veitch
Archibald McSporran m1845 Sct Rachel McQuilkan
Archibald McSporran m1846 Sct Anne McBride
Archibald McSporran m1856 Sct Jean Cross
Archibald McSporran m1862 Sct Mary McNab
Archibald McSporran m1867 Sct Margaret Curdie
Archibald McSporran m1880 Sct Catherine McLean
Archibald McSporran m1901 Sct Maggie Miller Robertson
Archibald McSporran m1911 Sct Betsy MacEwing
Archibald McSporran m1921 Sct Mary MacIntyre Maloney
Archibald McSporran m1924 Sct Isabella Hunter Campbell
Archibald McSporran m1927 Sct Margaret Jane Currie
Archibald McSporran m1937 Sct Margaret Smith Souter
Archibald McSporran m1937 Sct Mary Kerr
Archibald McSporran m1939 Sct Catherine McIve McCallum
Archibald McSporran m1943 Sct Katherine L Gladen
Archibald McSporren b1848 Irl
Archibald McSporron b1753 Sct
Archibald McSpurren b1811? d1861 Aus
Archibald Purcel b1829 Sct
Archibald Purcel b1840 Sct
Archibald Purcel b1840 Sct d1893 Sct m1864 Sct Jean McEachran
Archibald Purcel m1823 Sct Catherine Brodie
Archibald Purcell b1697? d1765 Sct
Archibald Purcell b1800 Sct
Archibald Purcell b1804 Sct
Archibald Purcell b1814 d1898 Can
Archibald Purcell b1879? d1947 Can
Archibald Pursal m1831 Sct Mary McVicar
Archibald Pursall m1832 Sct Margaret Montgomery
Archibald Pursel m1783 Sct Elizabeth Ferguson
Archibald Pursell b1697? d1765 Sct
Archibald Pursell b1887? d1953 Sct
Archibald Thomas McSparron b1812? d1884 Ire m1857 Irl Eliza Rosborough
Archibald Thomas McSparron b1879 USA d1950 USA
Archibald W McSparren b1857 USA d1928
Archibald W McSparren d1897 USA
Archie James McSparran b1903 USA d1975 USA
Archie M McSparrin b1907 USA d1977 USA m1930 USA Martha Jane Oatman
Archie McSparran b1813 Irl
Archie McSparran d1992 Irl
Archie McSparrin b1861 USA d1928 USA m1889 USA Mary E Jones
Archie McSparrin d1939 USA
Archie McSporran b1898 Sct
Archie McSporran b1913? d1949 Sct
Archie T Purcell b1889 d1984 Can
Archie V McSparin b1911 d1911 USA
Archy McSparran m1903 Irl
Archy McSparron b1864 Irl
Arcy McSparren m1884 USA Thomas H Nichols
Arline R McSparrin m1927 USA H E Strain
Arnold Eugene McSparren b1925 d2000 USA m1949 USA Louise Hulett
Arthur McSparren b1877 USA d1919 USA m1898 USA Della Cena Case
Arthur P McSparen b1923 d2003 USA
Arthur P McSparen m1910 USA Josie E Holmes
Arthur William Purcell b1894 d1972 Can
Augusina McIntyre McSporran b1901 Sct d1927 Sct

Baby McSporran b1768 Sct
Barbara Ellen McSparren b1890 USA d1967
Barbara McSparran b1860? d1932 NZl
Barbara McSparran m1742 USA Robert Bailey
Barbara McSporran b1794? d1867 Sct
Barbara McSporran b1803? d1868 Sct née McMillan
Barbara McSporran b1826 Sct
Barbara McSporran b1831 Sct
Barbara McSporran b1835 Sct d1850 Sct
Barbara McSporran b1835? d1904 Sct
Barbara McSporran b1857 Sct
Barbara McSporran b1857? d1921 Sct née McIntyre
Barbara McSporran b1861 Sct d1944 Sct
Barbara McSporran b1865 NZl d1948 m1884 NZl Hugh Manson
Barbara McSporran b1884 Sct d1972 Can m1918 Sct Hawthorn Dunlop
Barbara McSporran b1888 Sct d1957 Sct m1908 Sct Edward Brodie
Barbara McSporran b1899 Sct m1940 Eng John A Maynard
Barbara McSporran b1900? d1976 Sct née Maynard
Barbara McSporran m1921 Sct Charles Durnan
Barbara Pursell b1788? d1855 Sct née McMillan
Barbara Pursell b1836 Sct d1844 Sct
Barbara Pursell b1872 Sct d1873 Sct
Barbara S MacSporran b1897? d1990 Sct née Murray
Barbara Wilson McSporran b1898? d1980 Sct née Leitch
Barbra McSporran b1799 Sct
Barbra McSporran b1804 Sct
Barbra McSporran b1812 Sct
Barbra McSporran b1833 Sct
Barbra McSporran b1840 Sct
Barbra McSporran b1848 Sct
Barbra McSporran m1832 Sct Duncan Morrison
Barbra Purcel b1846 Sct
Beatrice McSparron b1887 USA d1887 USA
Beatrice McSparron b1903 d1994 USA
Benjamin McSporran b1879 Sct d1955 Can
Benjamin W McSparren m1902 USA Bertha M Carter
Benson W McSparren b1876 USA d1951
Benson Wilber McSparren b1876 USA
Bernard McSpurran b1873 Sct d1875 Sct
Berneice E McSparran b1918 d2000 USA m1955 USA Edward E Stirewalt
Bernice McSparron b1922 d1974 USA née Rubel
Bert McSparren b1898 d1974 USA
Bertha M McSparren b1901 d1944 USA née Pegelow
Bertha McSparren b1889 d1975 USA née Rottman
Bertha McSparren b1904 d1982 USA née Wilson
Bess McSparen Thomson b1867 Irl
Bess McSparren m1858 Irl Hugh Cunnigham
Bessie MacSparron b1880 USA d1974 USA
Bessie McSporran m1924 Sct Alexander McLachlan
Bessie Purcell b1897 d1987 Can née Dill
Betsy McSporran b1864? d1918 Sct
Bettie Harrison McSparron b1879? d1920 USA née Goodwyn
Betty C McSparran m1804 Eng Robert Themson
Betty Joan McSparin b1930 d1933 USA
Betty McSparrin b1921 d1994 USA
Betty McSporran b1810 Sct
Betty McSporran b1824 Sct
Betty McSporran m1794 Sct Alexander McAlaster
Betty McSporran m1847 Sct John McConachy
Bettye Lee McSparren b1927 d1997 USA née Burris
Billy Ray McSparrin b1932 d1958 USA m1951 USA Augustine Roach
Blake Edith McSparran b1882 USA m1902 USA David H Garner
Bobby J McSparen d1936 USA
Bonnie Almeda McSparren b1917 d2000 USA m1936 USA Albert John McCollum
Bonnie M McSparron b1917 d2000 USA
Bridget Hoy McAspurn b1901 Sct
Bridget Jane McSparron b1869 Irl
Bridget McAspurn b1928? d1990 Sct
Bridget McAspurn m1924 Sct George Compton
Bridget McSparren b1898 d1992 USA
Bridget McSparron b1871? d1951 Irl
Bridget McSparron b1891? d1970 Irl née Hogan
Bridget McSpurren b1846? d1918 Sct née Howay
Bridget McSpurren b1869 Sct d1943 Sct m1891 Sct Patrick McCann
Brigid Sarah Ho McAspurren b1906 Sct d1965 Sct m1936 Sct William Lennon
Bruce D McSparrin b1924 d2000 USA
Bruce Darlington McSparrin b1897 USA d1960 USA

C McSparren b1931 d1988 USA
Campbell Young McSporran d1997 Eng
Carl Hubert McSparin m1933 USA Harriet Louise Leeds
Carlos McSparin b1918 d1988 USA m1983 USA Nina Headrick Durfee
Carol McSporran b1956? d2000 Sct née Murray
Carole Ann McSporran b1946? d1995 Sct née Watkin
Caroline G McSparren b1844 USA
Caroline McSparin b1840 USA d1924
Carrie E McSparren b1884 USA m1912 USA Lawrence Chitester
Carrie Ethel McSparin b1877 d1940 USA née Nichols
Carrie McSparren b1875 USA d1915 USA
Catharine MacSporran b1814 Sct
Catharine MacSporran m1814 Sct Hendry Stewart
Catharine MacSporran m1817 Sct Donald MacCallum
Catharine McSporan b1787 Sct
Catharine McSporran b1813 Sct
Catharine McSporran b1818 Sct d1909 NZl m1844 Sct Archibald Sillars
Catharine McSporran b1830 Sct
Catharine McSporran b1834 Sct
Catharine McSporran b1835 Sct
Catharine McSporran b1841 Sct m1862 Sct John McPhail
Catharine McSporran b1850 Sct d1930 m1871 Sct Donald McCallum
Catharine McSporran m1833 Sct James McKenzie
Catharine Purcell b1822 d1905 Can née McLean
Catheran McSporran b1909 Can
Cathereine McSparren m1901 USA Hardy Congraove
Catherine Ann McSparran b1864 USA d1925
Catherine Ann McSparron m1909 Eng Joseph Hall
Catherine Anne McSporran b1951 d1964 Sct
Catherine B McSparin b1922 d2000 USA
Catherine C MacSporran b1902 Sct d1995 Sct m1930 Sct Robert Stewart Jeffrey
Catherine C McSporran b1886? d1962 Sct née McArthur
Catherine C McSporran b1919? d1999 Sct née MacAlister
Catherine C McSporran m1914 Sct Andrew Hamilton
Catherine D McSporran b1889? d1979 Sct
Catherine D McSporran b1903? d1985 Sct née McMillan
Catherine Downie McSporran b1899 Sct
Catherine F McSporran b1918? d1941 Sct
Catherine G McSporran b1915? d1995 Sct née Cramb
Catherine J McSporran b1907 Sct d1994 Sct
Catherine K McAspurn b1873? d1963 Eng
Catherine M MacSporran m1925 Eng Christopher R Nicholls
Catherine M McSporran b1894? d1980 Sct
Catherine M McSporran b1903 Sct
Catherine M McSporran b1904? d1992 Sct née Nicholls
Catherine M McSporran b1907? d1991 Sct née Cowie
Catherine M McSporran b1910 Aus m1936 Aus William John McC Dixon
Catherine M McSporran b1911? d1999 Sct née Wallace
Catherine M McSporran b1916? d1981 Sct née MacLean
Catherine M McSporran b1926 d1996 Sct m1946 Sct Robert Cuthbert Johnston née McLean
Catherine MacSporran b1836? d1908 Sct
Catherine MacSporran b1862 Aus m1881 Aus William Thomas
Catherine MacSporran b1889? d1969 Sct
Catherine MacSporran b1896? d1985 Sct née Smith
Catherine MacSporran d1882 Sct
Catherine MacSporran d1928 Can
Catherine Maggie M McSporran b1893 Sct
Catherine Mason McSporran b1866? d1950 Sct née Stuart
Catherine McAsparron b1808? d1902 Irl née McAlister?
Catherine McAspurren b1909? d1978 Sct née McConachy
Catherine McCal McSporran m1945 Sct David Hamilton McLean
Catherine McSparland b1869? d1963 Eng
Catherine McSparon b1880 Sct m1916 Can Joseph Harding
Catherine McSparran b1856 Sct
Catherine McSparran b1898 USA
Catherine McSparren b1838 d1903 USA née Roberts
Catherine McSparren b1863? d1931 USA née Hamilton
Catherine McSparren b1874? d1940 USA
Catherine McSparrin b1844 Irl
Catherine McSparrin b1869? d1885 Irl
Catherine McSparrin b1873 Irl
Catherine McSparrin b1874? d1962 Sct née Boyle
Catherine McSparron b1859? d1938 Irl
Catherine McSparron b1866 Irl
Catherine McSparron b1877? d1963 Sct née Ward
Catherine McSparron b1881? d1953 Irl
Catherine McSparron b1903 Sct
Catherine McSparron b1905? d1905 USA
Catherine McSparron m1869 Irl James O'Brien
Catherine McSparron m1896 Irl Patrick Darragh
Catherine McSparron m1932 Sct James Walker Mackay
Catherine McSporran b1800? d1882 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1802? d1876 Sct née Kelly
Catherine McSporran b1819? d1883 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1823? d1899 Sct née Downie
Catherine McSporran b1826? d1905 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1838 Sct d1882 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1839? d1912 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1842? d1878 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1842? d1912 Sct née Johnstone
Catherine McSporran b1842? d1922 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1850? d1930 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1860? d1931 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1861? d1909 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1861? d1909 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1867 Sct d1868 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1868 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1869? d1936 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1870? d1944 Sct née Fullerton
Catherine McSporran b1870? d1948 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1873 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1873 Sct d1938 Sct m1912 Sct Archibald Martin
Catherine McSporran b1874 Sct d1877 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1874? d1933 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1875 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1878 Sct d1967 Sct m1916 Sct James McKerral
Catherine McSporran b1879 NZl d1970 m1911 NZl Percy James Cunningham
Catherine McSporran b1879 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1883 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1884? d1962 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1885 Sct d1888 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1885 Sct m1907 Sct John Bowie
Catherine McSporran b1886 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1887 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1887 Sct d1887 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1887? d1981 Sct née MacAlister
Catherine McSporran b1888 Sct d1869?
Catherine McSporran b1889? d1950 Sct née O'May
Catherine McSporran b1890 Aus d1902 Aus
Catherine McSporran b1890 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1890 Sct d1943 m1919 Sct Neil Campbell
Catherine McSporran b1891? d1954 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1892? d1980 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1901 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1901? d1991 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1902? d1991 Sct m1926 Sct Neil Galbraith
Catherine McSporran b1903? d1972 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1904 Sct d1904 Sct
Catherine McSporran b1905 Sct d1986 Sct m1930 Sct George Harvey
Catherine McSporran b1911? d1976 Sct née Dowie
Catherine McSporran b1949 d1949 Sct
Catherine McSporran d1888 Sct
Catherine McSporran m1848 Sct Daniel McCallum
Catherine McSporran m1853 Sct Donald McMillan
Catherine McSporran m1898 Sct Patrick Boyle
Catherine McSporran m1909 Sct Duncan Conner
Catherine McSporran m1909 Sct Thomas Ross
Catherine McSporran m1911 Sct Alexander McDonald
Catherine McSporran m1916 Sct John McAlister
Catherine McSporran m1935 Sct William Snaddon
Catherine McSporran m1940 Sct Joseph Barr
Catherine McSporran m1945 Sct David Dowie
Catherine McSpurn b1848? d1883 Sct
Catherine McSpurran d1857 Sct
Catherine Morag Pursell b1905? d1995 Sct née Campbell
Catherine Purcell b1869 Sct
Catherine Pursel b1826 Sct
Catherine S McSporran b1855? d1951 Sct née Graham
Catherine S McSporran b1885 Sct d1950 Sct m1907 Sct Alexander Muir Houston
Catherine S McSporran b1926? d1955 Sct née Johnstone
Catherine Scott McSporran b1904? d1965 Sct née Currie
Catherine W McSporran b1908 Sct
Cathrine McSporran m1840 Sct John Currie
Cathrine McSporran m1844 Sct Niell McNiell
Cecil McSparrin b1898 USA d1965 USA m1920 USA Janet Ashe
Charles A McSparren b1854 USA d1914 USA m1880 USA Blanche E Burlington
Charles A McSparren m1901 USA Isabella M McSparran
Charles Bruce McSporran b1963 d1985 Aus
Charles Curdie McSporran b1869 Sct d1946 Sct m1901 Sct Mary MacKenzie
Charles E McSparren b1872 USA d1891
Charles E McSparrin b1868 USA d1935 USA m1894 USA Susan M Bush
Charles Edgar McSparron b1888 USA
Charles Eldon McSparin m1942 USA Lucille Salter
Charles G McSparran b1911 d1998 USA
Charles H McSparran b1869 USA d1945 USA m1892 USA Orma Melissa Goucher
Charles Harold McSparran b1900 USA d1967 USA
Charles Harvey McSparren b1875 USA
Charles MacSparron m1846 Irl Jane Walker
Charles MacSporran b1904 Sct d1990 USA
Charles McSparen b1932 d1990 USA
Charles McSparen m1890 USA Carrie Posten
Charles McSparin b1889 USA d1967 USA
Charles McSparin b1894 USA d1957 USA
Charles McSparin b1916 d1981 USA
Charles McSparin b1922 d1980 USA
Charles McSparn b1872 Irl
Charles McSparran b1830 Irl
Charles McSparran b1845 Eng
Charles McSparran b1846? d1851 Eng
Charles McSparren b1817 Irl
Charles McSparren b1817? d1887 USA
Charles McSparren b1861? d1865 Irl
Charles McSparren b1914 d1982 USA
Charles McSparrin b1872? d1875 Irl
Charles McSparrin m1859 Irl
Charles McSparron b1816? d1891 Irl
Charles McSparron b1819 Irl
Charles McSparron b1824? d1894 Irl
Charles McSparron b1860 Irl
Charles McSparron b1909 Eng d1960 Eng m1938 Eng Olive Metcalfe
Charles McSporran b1790 Sct
Charles McSporran b1888 Sct d1974 Sct m1914 Sct Elizabeth Graham
Charles McSporran b1894 Sct d1895 Sct
Charles McSporran b1903 Sct d1977 Sct
Charles McSporran b1930? d1971 Sct
Charles McSporran m1846 Irl Mary Love
Charles McSporran m1941 Sct Catherine Downi McMillan
Charles R McSparren b1861 USA d1901 USA m1892 USA Mary M Mongerson
Charles R McSparren b1881 USA d1957 USA m1910 USA Marguerite EWW Wadsworth
Charles R McSparren b1894 USA
Charles T McSparren b1888? d1918 USA
Charles Thomas McSparrin b1875 USA d1953 USA m1912 USA Helen J Ridlon
Charles W McSparren b1875 USA d1944 USA
Charles William McSparin b1884 USA d1970 USA
Charline Frances McSparin b1924 d1997 USA née Tupper
Charlotte G McSporran b1903? d1985 Sct née Shannon
Charlotte Howat McSporran b1864 Eng d1943 Sct
Charlotte Howat McSporran m1901 Sct Laurence Nicol Russell
Charlotte McSparron b1827 Eng
Charlotte McSparron m1945 Eng Arthur V Searle
Charlotte McSperen b1799 USA
Charlotte McSporran b1901 Sct
Chella Grace McSparran b1871 USA d1943
Christian MacSporran b1816 Sct d1869 m1858 Sct D J McDougall
Christian McSporran b1796 Sct
Christian McSporran b1808 Sct
Christian McSporran m1834 Sct Neill McMillan
Christian Purcel b1825 Sct
Christian Purcel b1827 Sct
Christin McSporran b1779 Sct
Christin McSporran b1799 Sct
Christina Alma McSporran b1894 Sct
Christina C McSporran b1943? d1979 Sct née Singleton
Christina H McSporran b1956? d1918 USA née Hill
Christina M M MacSporran b1900 Sct d1998 Sct m1925 Sct Sulvan A Ross
Christina M McSporran b1924? d1991 Sct née McIntosh
Christina MacSporran b1882? d1928 Sct
Christina MacSporran m1911 Sct Edward Dornan
Christina May McSporran b1890 USA d1967
Christina McSparron d1979 Irl
Christina McSporram b1875 Aus
Christina McSporran b1847? d1927 Sct
Christina McSporran b1847? d1934 Sct née Smith
Christina McSporran b1854 Sct
Christina McSporran b1854? d1901 Sct
Christina McSporran b1856 Sct d1932 Sct m1881 Sct James Muir
Christina McSporran b1883 Sct
Christina McSporran b1893? d1943 Sct
Christina McSporran b1894 Sct d1965 Sct m1916 Sct Per Edwin Grafstrom
Christina McSporran b1911? d1995 Sct née Murdoch
Christina McSporran b1916? d1988 Sct née Brown
Christina McSporran m1878 Sct Archibald Campbell
Christina McSporran m1896 Sct Ebenezer Lyon
Christina McSporran m1937 Sct Malcolm Brown
Christina McSpurn b1854 Sct
Christina Smith McSporran b1901 Sct d1978 Sct m1921 Sct George Pollock
Christina W McSporran b1899? d1955 Sct née McEwing
Christina W McSporran m1944 Sct John McCormick Mitchell
Christine MacSporran b1948 d1950 Sct
Christine T McSporran b1935? d1990 Sct née Kelly
Clair McSparrin b1901 USA
Clara Belle McSporran b1891 d1913 Can née Patterson
Clara Helen McSpurren b1904 Sct d1980 Sct
Clara McSparren b1900 d1982 USA
Clare Bridget McSparron b1973 d1978 Eng
Clarence A McSparren b1872 USA
Clarence Arnold McSparen b1871 d1948 USA
Clarence C McSparrin b1893 USA d1918 USA
Clarence Eugene McSparen b1892 USA d1968 USA m1915 USA Lenora Sopha Weirich
Clarence Joseph McSparrin b1895 USA d1970 USA m1917 USA Hazel B Bininger
Clarence McSparin b1871 USA m1892? USA Mary ?
Clark M McSparren b1905? d2000 USA
Clark McSparren b1810 USA d1875 USA m1835 USA Mary Ann Jones
Claud Jackson McSparren b1905 USA d1990 m1951 USA Loreania O Cash
Claud McSparin b1890 USA d1967 USA m1919 USA Frances Pifer Nichols
Claude J McSparren d1989 USA
Claude L McSparren b1908 d1961 USA
Claude Lorenzo McSparren b1908 USA d1961
Claude McSparin b1914? d1915 USA
Clayto McSparran b1897 USA
Clifford E McSparen b1932 d2000 USA m1959 USA Judith Anne Graham
Clyde McSparin m1942 USA Audrey Adelsberger
Clyde McSparran b1889 USA d1984 USA
Colin Campbell McSporran b1910 Sct d1992 NZl m1934 NZl
Colin Campbell McSporran b1916 d1976 Sct m1938 Sct Annie McGarrity
Colin McSporran b1880 Sct m1900 Sct Robina Allison
Colin McSporran b1881? d1956 Sct
Colin McSporran b1945 d1945 Sct
Cora Alice McSparren m1911 USA Harry W Hamilton
Cora Emma McSparrin b1913 d1997 USA née Hageman
Cora Mary McSparen b1866 d1937 USA née Foreman
Cordelia Maude McSparren m1903 USA Raymond Arthur French
Curtis E McSparrin b1864 USA m1887 USA Ruth Cecilia Freet
Cuthbert McSparron b1883 Eng d1953 USA
Cuthbert McSparron m1938 Eng Hannah Burns
Cynthia Beryl McSparron b1916 d2002 Wls

D James Purcell b1930 d1981 Can
D McSparran b1945 d1989 USA
D McSporran b1893? d1916 Fra
D McSporran b1897? d1916 Fra
Dale Ebbert McSparrin b1929 d1989 USA m1951 USA Emma Louise Hall
Dan Pursell b1865 Sct d1935 Sct
Daniel A McSparran b1893 USA d1992 USA
Daniel Joseph McSparran b1904 Irl d1952 USA m1928 USA Mary Frances Butler
Daniel McSparran b1805 Irl d1841 Irl
Daniel McSparran b1854? d1884 Sct
Daniel McSparran b1856 Irl d1884 Sct
Daniel McSparran b1860 Irl d1882 Sct
Daniel McSparran b1888 Irl d1964 Irl m1918 Irl Marguerite McCormick
Daniel McSparren b1863 USA
Daniel McSparron b1885? d1887 Sct
Daniel McSparron b1886 Irl
Daniel McSparron b1897 USA d1897
Daniel McSparron b1897? d1897 USA
Daniel McSparron d1955 Irl
Daniel McSparron m1700 Irl Mary White
Daniel McSporran b1793? d1873 Sct
Daniel McSporran b1831 Sct d1898 Sct m1854 Sct Barbara McNair
Daniel McSporran b1839 Sct d1859 Sct
Daniel McSporran b1851 Sct
Daniel McSporran b1876 Sct d1880 Sct
Daniel McSporran b1881 Sct d1885 Sct
Daniel McSporran b1899 Sct d1977 Sct
Daniel McSporran m1819 Sct Janet Blue
Daniel McSporran m1832 Sct Jean Lamond
Daniel McSporran m1833 Sct Elizabeth McIntyre
Daniel McSporran m1925 Sct Annie Bell Russell
Daniel McSpurran b1834? d1875 Sct
Daniel McSpurran b1865 Sct d1866
Daniel Thomas McSparran b1887 Irl d1955 Irl m1914 Irl Ellen McAlindon
Danielina McSporran b1869? d1941 Sct
Daphne C MacSporran b1907 Aus m1931 Aus Frederick W Baird
Daphne J McSparron b1926? d1954 Wls
Darwood McSparin b1919 d1973 USA
David C McSparran b1854 USA d1854
David C McSparron b1870 USA d1897 USA
David Duncan McSparron b1842 Irl d1929 USA m1867 Irl Elizabeth A Cochrane
David Duncan McSparron b1904 USA d1990 USA
David F McAspurn b1872? d1960 Eng
David Francis McAspurn b1905 Sct d1906 Sct
David Francis McAspurn b1940 d1996 Eng
David M McSparren d1995 USA
David M McSporran m1943 Eng Elsie M Griffiths
David McAsparon b1895 Sct
David McAsporren m1865 Sct Bridget Hoy
David McAspurn b1895 Sct
David McAspurn b1963 d1983 Aus
David McAspurn m1895 Sct Catherine Kinsella
David McAspurn m1944 Sct Mary Scullion
David McAspurren b1900 Sct d1976 Sct m1928 Can Catherine McConaghy
David McLellan McSporran b1893 Sct d1964 m1916 Sct Jane Munro
David McSparran b1808 Sct
David McSparran b1860 Irl
David McSparron b1885 Irl d1968 Aus m1915 Irl Margaret Thompson
David McSporran b1883 Sct
David McSporran b1909 Sct d1937 Sct
David McSporran b1968 d1976 Sct
David McSporran m1932 Sct Janet Cuthil W Gordon
David McSpurran b1865? d1866 Sct
David McSpurren b1871 Sct
David Pierce McSparin b1887 USA d1959 USA
David Purcell b1839? d1917 Sct
David Purcell m1866 Sct Mary Keith
David Robertson McSporran b1895 Sct d1896 Sct
David William McSparren b1884 USA d1972 USA m1906 USA Nettie B Umstead
Dean David McSparron d2002 USA
Delilah McSparron b1889 d1919 USA née Lloyd
Della Cena McSparren b1880 d1950 USA née Case
Dolina McSparron b1912? d2000 Aus née MacKenzie
Donald A McSporran b1929 d1998 Sct
Donald C McSparrin b1915 d1996 USA m1939 USA Viola G Mason
Donald Docherty McSporran b1945 d1987 Eng m1967 Sct Catherine C Beeston
Donald Fleming McSparran b1903 USA d1974 USA m1927 USA Mildred R Johnson
Donald G MacSporran b1902 Sct d1983 Sct m1934 Sct Helen Newbiggin Williams
Donald Henry McSporran b1884 Aus m1909 Aus Jessie F Gilligan
Donald John Purcell b1885? d1920 Can
Donald M McSporran b1909 Sct d1971 Sct
Donald M McSporran m1930 Sct Sarah M McDickens
Donald MacSporran b1810 Sct d1880 Sct m1842 Sct Catharine Downie
Donald MacSporran b1908 d1999 Aus
Donald MacSporran m1763 Sct Isobell MacMillan
Donald MacSporran m1936 Eng Ethne B M Cooper
Donald MacSporran m1937 Sct Janet Hogg Camlin
Donald MacSporran m1938 Sct Annie MacDonald Leitch
Donald McSporran b1691? d1760 Sct
Donald McSporran b1764 Sct
Donald McSporran b1765 Sct
Donald McSporran b1777 Sct
Donald McSporran b1792 Sct
Donald McSporran b1798 Sct d1865 Sct m1830 Sct Mary McGeachy
Donald McSporran b1801 Sct
Donald McSporran b1805 Sct d1885 Sct
Donald McSporran b1822 Sct d1879 Sct
Donald McSporran b1823 Sct
Donald McSporran b1824 Sct
Donald McSporran b1829 Sct
Donald McSporran b1830 Sct d1871 Sct
Donald McSporran b1832 Sct
Donald McSporran b1834 Sct
Donald McSporran b1834? d1896 Sct
Donald McSporran b1846 Sct
Donald McSporran b1847 Sct d1897 Sct
Donald McSporran b1849 Sct
Donald McSporran b1849 Sct d1874 Sct
Donald McSporran b1850 Sct m1884 Sct Jeanie Smith
Donald McSporran b1850? d1904 Sct
Donald McSporran b1859 Sct d1879 Sct
Donald McSporran b1860 Sct d1935 Sct
Donald McSporran b1863 Sct
Donald McSporran b1863? d1916 Sct
Donald McSporran b1866 Sct
Donald McSporran b1868 Sct
Donald McSporran b1868 Sct m1898 Sct Catherine McNeill
Donald McSporran b1868? d1922 Sct
Donald McSporran b1873 Sct
Donald McSporran b1873? d1945 Sct
Donald McSporran b1874? d1916 Eng
Donald McSporran b1878 Sct d1919
Donald McSporran b1878? d1908 Sct
Donald McSporran b1887 Sct d1956 Sct
Donald McSporran b1889 Sct
Donald McSporran b1890? d1966 Sct
Donald McSporran b1892 Sct m1930 Sct Mary Whiteford
Donald McSporran b1892? d1971 Sct
Donald McSporran b1898 Sct d1979 Sct
Donald McSporran b1904? d1941 Sct
Donald McSporran b1904? d1984 Sct
Donald McSporran b1908 Sct
Donald McSporran b1912? d1980 Sct
Donald McSporran d1760 Sct
Donald McSporran d1945 Sct
Donald McSporran m1789 Sct Florrence McCallum
Donald McSporran m1798 Sct Isabell McKay
Donald McSporran m1800 Sct Janet McBride
Donald McSporran m1844 Sct Elizabeth McMurchy
Donald McSporran m1882 Sct Maggie Campbell
Donald McSporran m1900 Sct Christina McDonald
Donald McSporran m1903 Sct Flora McNeill
Donald McSporran m1912 Sct Sarah Kelly
Donald McSporran m1916 Sct Elizabeth McLean
Donald McSporran m1939 Sct Elizabeth McA Brown
Donald McSporran m1940 Sct Annie Leitch Murray
Donald Montgomery McSporran b1869 Sct m1896 Sct Anne McKinven
Donald Morris McSporran b1880 Sct d1881 Aus
Donald Purcel b1791 Sct
Donald Purcel b1827 Sct
Donald Purcell m1798 Sct Janet Lamont
Donald Pursel b1820 Sct
Donald Ross MacSporran b1892 Sct d1955 Sct
Doris Fern McSparen m1939 USA Oren Cline
Doris Joan McSparron d1953 Aus
Dorothea Maria McSparron b1850 Irl d1877 m1873 Irl
Dorothy E McSparren b1900 USA
Dorothy L McSparin b1927 d1992 USA
Dorothy McSparran b1881? d1909 Can
Dorothy McSparran b1896 USA d1971 m1924 USA John W Arnold
Dorothy McSparran b1903 USA
Dorothy McSparran d1909 Can
Dorothy McSparrin m1923 USA Ted Immel
Dorothy McSparron m1941 Irl William Collins
Dugald A Purcell b1852 d1932 Can
Dugald McSporran b1816 Sct d1882 Sct
Dugald McSporran b1857 Sct d1930 Sct m1888 Sct Jessie Hogarth
Dugald McSporran b1876 Sct d1958 Sct
Dugald McSporran b1891 Sct
Dugald McSporran d1730 Sct
Dugald Pursel b1824 Sct
Dugald Pursell b1816 Sct
Duncan Alexander Purcell b1872 d1897 Can
Duncan Connor McSporran b1906 Sct
Duncan Curdie MacSporran b1875 Sct d1959 Sct m1897 Sct Penelope Mitchell
Duncan Curdie MacSporran b1931 d1998 Sct m1957 Sct Janet King G Stewart
Duncan Curdie McSporran m1945 Sct Christina Munro McIntosh
Duncan Graham MacSporran b1907 Sct d1978 Sct m1946 Sct Margaret McCallum
Duncan Graham McSporran b1907 Sct d1985
Duncan L Purcell b1859 d1925 Can
Duncan MacSporran b1803 Sct
Duncan MacSporran b1806 Sct
Duncan MacSporran b1924 d1973 USA
Duncan MacSporran d1942 Sct m1941 Sct Denis Peter Brodie
Duncan MacSporran m1816 Sct Barbara MacMillan
Duncan McLachlan McSporran b1906 Sct d1981 Sct m1933 Sct Robina McEwing Stalker
Duncan McSparren b1806 USA d1852 USA
Duncan McSporan b1854 Sct m1878 Sct Mary Campbell
Duncan McSporran b1790? d1873 Sct m1854 Sct Mary Paterson
Duncan McSporran b1792 Sct d1868 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1808 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1810 Sct d1862 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1836 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1839 Sct d1904 Sct m1862 Sct Elizabeth McGregor
Duncan McSporran b1839 Sct d1912 Aus
Duncan McSporran b1840 Sct d1909 Sct m1874 Sct Margaret Stewart
Duncan McSporran b1844 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1844 Sct d1911 Sct m1869 Sct Christina Smith
Duncan McSporran b1845 Sct d1883 Sct m1867 Sct Helen Merrilees
Duncan McSporran b1851? d1929 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1855? d1938 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1865 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1865? d1922 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1870 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1870 Sct d1923 Sct m1907 Sct Mary Thomson
Duncan McSporran b1878 Sct d1884 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1878 Sct m1899 Sct Margaret Robertson
Duncan McSporran b1878? d1950 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1879 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1881 USA
Duncan McSporran b1883 Sct m1905 Sct Elizabeth McNeill
Duncan McSporran b1884? d1910 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1886 Sct d1888 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1887 Aus m1909 Aus Hilda G A Bothwell
Duncan McSporran b1887 Sct d1981 Can
Duncan McSporran b1889 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1889 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1890? d1948 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1891 Sct d1972 NZl
Duncan McSporran b1893 Sct d1916 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1893? d1916 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1895 Sct d1918 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1896 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1897 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1897 Sct d1816?
Duncan McSporran b1897 Sct d1985
Duncan McSporran b1897? d1985 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1898 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1898 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1901 Sct m1923 Can Doris Lillian Leggett
Duncan McSporran b1903 Sct d1960 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1904 Sct d1965?
Duncan McSporran b1904 Sct d1972 Sct m1929 Sct Elizabeth P Sneddon
Duncan McSporran b1905 Sct d1905
Duncan McSporran b1905? d1905 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1905? d1965 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1910 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1910 Sct d1987 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1911? d1979 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1911? d1985 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1911? d1988 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1917? d1994 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1938 d1938 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1940 d1993 Sct
Duncan McSporran b1950 d1972 Sct
Duncan McSporran d1860 Sct
Duncan McSporran d1998 Eng
Duncan McSporran d2003 Eng
Duncan McSporran m1875 Sct Merren McNeil
Duncan McSporran m1908 Can Beatrice D Morris
Duncan McSporran m1911 Sct Mary MacMillan
Duncan McSporran m1918 Sct Sybil McLean
Duncan McSporran m1919 NZl Anne Margaret E Cattanac
Duncan McSporran m1920 Sct Christina McConachie
Duncan McSporran m1928 Sct Janet Wilkieson McCaig
Duncan McSporran m1933 Sct Flora Cameron
Duncan McSporran m1933 Sct Isabella Martin
Duncan McSporran m1934 Sct Mary Wallace
Duncan McSporran m1937 Sct Elizabeth J Donaldson
Duncan McSporran m1938 Sct Annie Wilson G MacDonald
Duncan Purcel b1835 Sct
Duncan Purcell b1844? d1910 Can
Duncan Pursel b1812 Sct
Duncan Smith McSporran b1888 Sct d1982 Sct m1943 Sct Elizabeth Davie
Duncan Taylor McSporran b1918 d1991 Eng m1939 Sct Irene May Robinson
Duncan W McSporran b1917 d1987 Can

E Pearl McSparrin b1942 d1989 USA
E Wigton Presnick McSparren b1822? d1843 USA
Earl McSparren b1899 USA d1980 USA
Edgar Lyons McSparran b1861 USA d1938 m1891 USA Hattie A Hess
Edgar McSparin b1908 USA d1974 USA
Edith E McSporran b1871? d1926 Eng
Edith Frances McSparron b1905 Irl d1985
Edith Gladstone McSparron b1897 USA d1968
Edith Maria McSporran b1842? d1892 Eng
Edith May McSparron b1910 Irl m1934 Irl Joseph McClements
Edith McSporran b1820? d1871 Eng
Edmund J Purcell b1866 d1961 Can
Edmund Purcell b1899 d1987 Can
Edna M McSparrin b1900 d1986 USA née Wells
Edna McSporran b1899? d1950 Sct née Thirkell
Edna Wells McSparran b1904 USA d1971 USA
Edward Barney McSparren b1880 USA d1938 USA m1911 USA May Stockham
Edward Henry McSparron b1910 Irl d1962 Irl
Edward Leblang McSporran b1945 d1945 Sct
Edward Lorne McSporran b1879 Can m1922 USA Eva Weaver
Edward M McSparren b1906 USA d1992 USA
Edward M McSporran b1842? d1921 Sct m1874 Sct Annie C Smellie
Edward M McSporran b1911? d1983 Sct m1949 Sct Margaret J Martin
Edward McAspurn b1867 Sct
Edward McAspurn b1904 Sct d1904 Sct
Edward McAspurn b1926? d1986 Sct
Edward McAspurn m1894 Sct Elizabeth Strawbridge
Edward McSparron b1882 USA
Edward McSparron b1883 USA
Edward McSporran b1825 Sct
Edward McSporran b1862 Eng
Edward McSporran b1899 USA d1904
Edward McSporran b1962 d1905 Sct
Edward McSporran d1864 Sct
Edward McSporran m1828 Sct Margaret Murray
Edward McSporran m1832 Sct Sarah McAusland
Edward McSporran m1900 Sct Catherine M Stuart
Edward McSpurron b1858 Sct
Edward P MacSpurren b1936? d1976 Can
Edward Purcell b1852 Sct d1918 Sct m1883 Sct Mary Russell
Edward Pursell b1875 Sct d1879 Sct
Edward Pursell b1891? d1964 Sct
Edwin McSparin b1914 d1985 USA
Edwin Norman McSparren b1910 USA d1980 USA
Edwin Pusey McSparran b1851 USA d1867
Edwin Watt MacSporran b1917 d1986 Can
Edwin Wilson McSparin b1890 USA d1916 USA m1912 USA Mamie Steiger
Effie McSporran d1694 Sct née N'Intagairt
Effrick N'Sporran d1694 Sct
Eileen Mary McSporran b1910 d1993 Eng
Eileen McSparran d1991 Irl
Eileen McSparron b1889? d1930 Irl née McAlindon
Eileen McSparron b1917? d1919 Irl
Eleanor Frances McSparren b1901 d1957 USA née Ball
Eleanor I McSparran b1855 USA d1855
Eleanor Jane McSparran b1841 USA d1843
Eleanor Jean McSparran b1810 USA d1874
Eleanor McSparran b1853 USA d1915 USA
Eleanor McSparren b1917 d1938 USA
Eleanor McSparren d1938 USA
Eleanora McSparin m1900 USA John Griffith
Elida E McSparren b1870 USA d1935
Eliga McSparren b1849 USA
Elisabeth McSparrin b1859 Irl
Eliza A McSparrin b1852 d1926 USA
Eliza Collins McSparran b1812 d1877 USA
Eliza J McSparren d1953 USA
Eliza Jane McSparran b1866 Irl
Eliza Jane McSparron b1888 Eng d1925 Eng
Eliza MacSporran m1893 Sct James Ferguson
Eliza Martha McSparran b1806 USA d1853
Eliza McSparin b1878 USA m1898 USA Charles W Chancy
Eliza McSparren d1850 USA
Eliza McSparren m1828 USA Robert G Stovall
Eliza McSparron b1841? d1913 USA née Cochrane
Elizabeth A McSparren m1887 USA G B Yocum
Elizabeth Agnes McSparran b1902 Irl d1940 m1919 USA Thomas Havron
Elizabeth Ann B McSparin b1831 d1869 USA
Elizabeth Ann McSparren b1867 USA d1902 m1885 USA Silas C Rowland
Elizabeth Arnot McSporran b1879 Sct d1880 Sct
Elizabeth Arnot McSporran b1884 Sct d1950 Sct
Elizabeth Arnot McSporran b1885 Sct d1967 NZl
Elizabeth Arnot McSporran b1891 Sct d1975 Sct m1932 Sct Archibald Blue
Elizabeth Arnot McSporran b1907 Sct d1933 Sct
Elizabeth B McSporran b1908 Sct
Elizabeth C McSporran b1887? d1945 Sct
Elizabeth D MacSporran b1875? d1937 Sct
Elizabeth D McSporran b1903 Sct d1903 Sct
Elizabeth F E McSparron b1914 d1989 Eng
Elizabeth H MacSporran b1878 Sct d1952 Sct m1903 Sct Walter Gibb
Elizabeth H McSparron b1872 Irl m1900 USA John Joseph Kearney
Elizabeth Hope McSparron b1895 USA d1973
Elizabeth J McSporran b1903? d1969 Eng
Elizabeth Jane McSparran b1865 Irl d1876 Irl
Elizabeth Jane McSparron b1899 Irl m1923 Irl Edward Gray
Elizabeth Jane McSporran b1910? d1997 Sct née Shiel
Elizabeth King McSporran b1842 Sct d1871 Sct
Elizabeth M McSparran b1879 d1928 USA née Michael
Elizabeth M McSparran b1891 d1972 Eng née MacDonnel
Elizabeth M McSparran b1898 USA d1898 USA
Elizabeth M McSporran b1895? d1972 Sct née Brown
Elizabeth M McSporran b1906? d1974 Sct née Cleave
Elizabeth MacSparran b1866 d1935 USA née Waters
Elizabeth MacSporran b1809 Sct
Elizabeth MacSporran b1822? d1876 Sct
Elizabeth MacSporran b1840? d1917 Eng née Whiting
Elizabeth MacSporran b1883 NZl d1961
Elizabeth MacSporran b1888 d1970 USA
Elizabeth MacSporran m1902 Sct James Lauder
Elizabeth Manso McSporran m1943 Sct William Harper Brade
Elizabeth Maria McSporran m1870 Eng
Elizabeth Mary McSporran b1949? d1992 Sct
Elizabeth McAspurn b1875? d1900 Sct
Elizabeth McAspurn d1979 Eng
Elizabeth McKay McSporran b1905 Sct
Elizabeth McSparan b1824 Irl
Elizabeth McSparin b1868 USA d1938 USA m1892 USA George L Griffith
Elizabeth McSparran b1812 Sct
Elizabeth McSparran b1835 Ire d1864 Aus m1857 Aus Pierre Depauw
Elizabeth McSparran b1843 Irl d1927 m1864 Irl James Irwin
Elizabeth McSparran b1861 d1919 USA née Dawdy
Elizabeth McSparran b1882 Irl m1909 Irl James Donnelly
Elizabeth McSparran b1887 Irl d1970 Eng
Elizabeth McSparran b1898 USA
Elizabeth McSparran d1892 USA née Laughlin
Elizabeth McSparran m1882 USA Nathaniel F Taylor
Elizabeth McSparren b1851 USA
Elizabeth McSparren b1876 d1970 USA
Elizabeth McSparrin b1891 d1978 USA née Rates
Elizabeth McSparron b1813? d1896 Irl
Elizabeth McSparron b1850? d1912 Sct
Elizabeth McSparron b1852 Ire
Elizabeth McSparron b1854? d1929 Irl
Elizabeth McSparron b1860 Ire d1882
Elizabeth McSparron b1879 USA
Elizabeth McSparron b1880 Aus d1915 Aus
Elizabeth McSparron b1890 Eng d1967 Eng
Elizabeth McSparron b1898 Irl d1932 Irl
Elizabeth McSparron b1907 Irl
Elizabeth McSparron d1905 Irl née Rosborough
Elizabeth McSparron d1915 Aus
Elizabeth McSparron d1929 Irl née Guiller
Elizabeth McSparron d1963 Aus
Elizabeth McSparron m1862 Sct Neil O'Neil
Elizabeth McSparron m1886 Irl Archibald Hunter
Elizabeth McSparron m1925 Irl James Haslett
Elizabeth McSparron m1939 Aus Sydney Freeman Roose
Elizabeth McSporen b1780 USA
Elizabeth McSporran b1765 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1798? d1891 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1804? d1884 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1806? d1878 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1813? d1876 Sct née Arnot
Elizabeth McSporran b1816? d1891 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1823 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1824 Sct d1869 Sct m1851 Sct John McTaggart
Elizabeth McSporran b1828? d1884 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1837? d1920 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1839? d1906 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1846 Sct m1866 Aus Joseph Taylor
Elizabeth McSporran b1847? d1922 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1850 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1851 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1854? d1932 Sct née Campbell
Elizabeth McSporran b1858 Eng
Elizabeth McSporran b1858? d1898 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1859 Eng
Elizabeth McSporran b1859? d1933 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1859? d1945 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1860 Sct d1885 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1861 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1861? d1889 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1862 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1863? d1887 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1873 Sct d1937 Aus
Elizabeth McSporran b1878? d1945 Sct née Mitchell
Elizabeth McSporran b1881 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1886 Sct m1911 Sct Archibald McMillan
Elizabeth McSporran b1887? d1953 Sct née Taylor
Elizabeth McSporran b1888? d1923 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1888? d1925 Sct née Whiteford
Elizabeth McSporran b1890? d1892 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1891 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1891 Sct d1993 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1892 Sct d1895 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1892? d1967 Sct née Alexander
Elizabeth McSporran b1897? d1935 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1899? d1976 Sct née McPhee
Elizabeth McSporran b1910? d1986 Sct née Davie
Elizabeth McSporran b1920? d1920 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1921? d2000 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran b1935? d1935 Sct
Elizabeth McSporran m1810 Sct James Woods
Elizabeth McSporran m1860 Sct W W Hill
Elizabeth McSporran m1880 Sct Gordon James
Elizabeth McSporran m1883 Sct William Campbell
Elizabeth McSporran m1891 Sct James Whyte
Elizabeth McSporran m1903 NZl George Richardson Johnso
Elizabeth McSporran m1918 Sct James Hall
Elizabeth McSporran m1923 Sct James McArthur
Elizabeth McSpurran b1796? d1868 Sct
Elizabeth McSpurran m1904 Sct James Tait McQuaker
Elizabeth McSpurran m1923 Sct John Wilson McLean
Elizabeth McSpurren b1867 Sct
Elizabeth McSpurren b1867? d1925 Sct
Elizabeth N McSporran b1901 Sct d1984 USA
Elizabeth Neil McSporran b1932? d1991 Sct née Holland
Elizabeth P McSporran b1903? d1950 Sct
Elizabeth Pansy McSparron b1909 Ire d1978
Elizabeth Purcell b1857? d1947 Sct née McAulay
Elizabeth Purcell m1853 Sct Duncan Ewing
Elizabeth R McSparrin b1870 d1947 USA née Lewis
Elizabeth R McSporran b1916? d1994 Sct née Sweeney
Elizabeth Ritson McSparron b1885 Eng d1939 m1912 Eng Thomas Hocking
Elizabeth S W MacSporran d1938 Aus
Elizabeth Scott McSporran b1912? d1935 Sct
Elizabeth T McSporran b1896? d1990 Sct née McMillan
Elizabeth W A MacSporran b1904 Sct m1928 Aus John McNicol Robertson
Elizabeth(Eliza) McAspern b1851 Sct
Elizabth McAspurn b1928 d1928 Sct
Ella Hostetter McSparran b1905? d1991 USA
Ella J McSparran b1870 d1950 USA née Waters
Ellen McSparran b1833 Ire d1923 Aus
Ellen McSparran b1849? d1898 Irl
Ellen McSparran b1880 Irl d1930 m1918 Irl Daniel McAlister
Ellen McSparren b1847? d1938 USA
Ellen McSparron b1877 Aus d1948 m1921 Aus John Wilson Mann
Ellen McSparron b1894? d1958 Eng née Tomlinson
Ellen McSparron b1905 Eng d1905 Eng
Ellen McSparron b1925 d1997 USA
Ellen McSparron d1912 USA
Ellen McSporran b1868 Aus m1890 Aus William Ungerer
Ellen McSporran b1868? d1924 Sct
Ellen McSporran b1905 Eng d1905 Eng
Ellen McSporran m1891 Sct Charles Cassidy
Ellen Purcell b1860 d1955 Can née Weaver
Ellen Rutenberg McSparron b1925? d1997 USA
Ellis MacSporran b1937 d1983 USA
Ellis McSparin b1913 d1993 USA
Ellwood Wentz McSparran b1885 USA d1964 USA
Elma E McSparren m1921 USA Josie Holmes
Elmer Cheyney McSparran b1881 USA d1961
Elmer Lloyd McSparran b1914 d2002 USA
Elmer McSparin b1893 USA
Elmer McSparin b1899 USA d1968 USA m1925 USA Grady Jones
Elmer McSparrin b1900 USA
Eloise Edith McSparin b1906 d1997 USA
Elsie Fay McSparrin b1895 USA m1919 USA Isaac E Tolliver
Elsie Maud M McSparron b1918 d2000 Eng née Galbraith
Elsie McSparren b1900 d1971 USA née Erler?
Elva Fay McSparran b1896 USA
Elvessa J McSparin b1880 d1932 USA née Dunlak
Elvira McSparren b1822? d1898 USA
Emaline McSparran b1889 d1979 USA née Shoemaker
Emeline E McSparran b1903? d1998 USA
Emilia Olivia McSporran b1858 Eng
Emily Anne McSparron b1854 Irl d1882 Irl
Emily McSparron b1878 Irl d1958 Irl
Emily Montgomery McSparron b1902 USA d1969
Emily Olive McSparron b1901 Ire m1924 Irl Robert Hemphill
Emma E McSparren b1867 USA
Emma Frances McSparren b1859 USA d1883
Emma Housekeeper McSparran b1847 USA d1906
Emma Jane McSparron d1947 Aus m1925 Aus John Joseph Lewis née Perry
Emma MacSporran m1893 Eng
Emma McSparran b1894 USA
Emma McSparrion b1831 Irl
Emma McSparron d1958 Irl
Emma V McSparran m1915 USA Russell Davis Council
Emmett McSparen b1891 USA
Erasmus C McSparran b1896 USA d1974 USA
Erasmus McSparran b1867 USA
Erasmus McSparrax m1826 USA Louisa J Harris
Ernest Fleet McSparren b1900 USA d1964 USA
Ernest H McSparin b1906 USA d1977
Ernest H McSparrin b1906 USA d1977 USA
Ernest Oliver McSparron b1890 Irl d1974
Esbon Sanford MacSparran b1892 USA d1963 USA m1913 Pan Mary Elizabeth Grinder
Esbon Sanford MacSparran b1915 d1929 USA
Ester McSparron b1832 Irl
Esther E McSparran b1896 USA d1918 USA
Esther J McSparrin m1895 USA J E Thrush
Esther Mary McSparron b1913 d1913 Irl
Esther McSparran b1896 USA
Esther McSparrin b1901 d1996 USA
Ethel Mouwdy McSparrin b1901 USA d1970 USA m1919 USA
Ethne B MacSporran d1973 Aus
Etta Melinda S McSporran b1893 USA d1967
Eugenia McSporran b1900? d1943 Sct née Wotherspoon
Eupham Purcell b1792 Sct
Euphemia Ann McSporran b1892 Sct d1971 Sct
Euphemia Barr McSporran b1923? d1987 Sct née Barr
Euphemia M McSporran b1882? d1949 Sct
Euphemia McSporran b1851? d1934 Sct née Graham
Euphemia McSporran b1873 Aus m1894 Aus Harold J Holmes
Euphemia McSporran b1877? d1954 Sct née McInnes
Euphemia McSporran b1882 Sct m1904 Sct Robert McLean
Euphemia McSporran b1900 Sct d1966 Sct m1925 Sct David Moncur
Euphemia Pursell b1831? d1917 Sct née Gilchrist
Euphemia Pursell b1867 Sct d1947 Sct m1914 Sct Donald McCallum
Eva I Purcell b1896 d1987 Can née Rogers
Eva M McSparren b1874 USA
Eva M McSparren b1879 USA
Eva MacSporran b1888 d1976 USA née Weaver
Eva McSparron b1907 Eng d1927 Eng m1927 Wls William T Billett
Eveline M McSporran m1920 Eng Arthur J F Disley
Evelyn Elizabeth McSparron b1908 Ire d1946 m1941 Irl Francis Browne
Evelyn F McSparron m1944 Aus Alleck William Apps
Evelyn Marie McSparran b1918 d1995 USA née Tracy
Ewan Alexander McSporran b1871 Aus d1939 Aus
Ewing E McSparin b1916 d1993 USA
Ezra Hubert McSparin b1881 USA d1960 USA m1904 USA Rebecca J Russell
Ezra McSparin m1908 USA Alma Beasley

Fannie E McSparin b1888 d1960 USA
Fanny Holmes McSparron b1875 Irl d1875 Irl
Fanny Margaret F McSporran b1860 Eng m1884 Eng
Fanny McSparron b1870? d1926 Irl
Fay McSparren b1897 USA
Fay McSparrin b1898 d1968 USA née Benninge
Faye Arlene McSparin b1922 d1994 USA née Habecker
Fenella P A McSporran b1909 Sct m1940 Eng Kenneth A MacMullan
Fiona Catherine McSporran b1949? d1967 Sct
Fleet McSparren b1900 d1964 USA
Fleming McSparran b1817 USA d1876
Fleming McSparrin b1883 USA
Flora C McSparren b1912 d1978 USA née McCollum
Flora G Purcill b1861 d1865 Can
Flora Marie McSparin b1910 d1998 USA née Stephens
Flora McCallum McSporran b1892 Sct
Flora McCallum McSporran b1893 Sct
Flora McMillan/McSporran m1844 Sct Robert Mitchell
Flora McSpoiran b1806 Sct
Flora McSporon m1838 Sct Robert Burrie
Flora McSporran b1768 Sct
Flora McSporran b1797 Sct
Flora McSporran b1810? d1896 Sct
Flora McSporran b1816 Sct
Flora McSporran b1816 Sct
Flora McSporran b1823? d1894 Sct
Flora McSporran b1827 Sct
Flora McSporran b1827 Sct
Flora McSporran b1828? d1896 Sct
Flora McSporran b1859 Sct d1910 Sct m1878 Sct Dugald McMillan
Flora McSporran b1872 Sct
Flora McSporran b1873? d1902 Sct
Flora McSporran b1881? d1953 Sct née McNeill
Flora McSporran b1886? d1956 Sct
Flora McSporran b1893? d1893 Sct
Flora McSporran b1895 Sct d1980 Sct m1922 Sct Robert Muir Durnan
Flora McSporran b1914? d1997 Sct née Cameron
Flora McSporran m1848 Sct Donald McMillan
Flora McSporran m1893 Sct Charles Lothian
Flora Purcell m1902 Sct Malcolm Gillies
Flora Pursel m1851 Sct Archibald McAlister
Flora Pursell b1867? d1951 Sct
Florance McSporran m1792 Sct John Monroe
Florence C McSporran b1879 Sct
Florence Louise McSparron b1883 USA m1914 USA Earl B Roberton
Florence Manema McSporran d1942 USA née Early
Florence McSparren b1867 Sct d1920 USA
Florence McSporran b1739? d1820 Sct
Florrence McSporran b1798 Sct
Floyd Estel McSparren b1901 USA d1992 USA m1945 USA Gertrude Rae Gibson
Floyd W McSparren b1914 d1975 USA m1937 USA Margaret Simpson
Floyd Ward McSparren b1885 USA d1957 m1909 USA Lora May Croy
Forrest Richard MacSparran b1987 d2003 USA
Frances Augusta MacSporran b1852 Eng d1854 Eng
Frances R McSporran b1892? d1958 Eng née Main
Francis B McSparan b1876 USA d1937 USA
Francis H McSparron b1907 USA d1967 USA
Francis J McSporran m1944 Sct Williamina Dunc Brown
Francis James McSporran b1921? d1995 Sct
Francis McSparrion b1865 Sct d1865 Sct
Francis Patrick McSparron b1890 USA
Frank McSparren b1840 USA d1925 USA m1864 USA Mary Ann Thackwell
Frank McSparren b1916 d1994 USA
Frank W McSparren b1848 USA d1920 USA
Frank William McSparren b1893 d1925 USA
Franklin Ellis McSparren b1892 USA d1964 m1917 USA Katie Baker
Fred McSparren b1881 d1885 USA
Frederick Alfred McSparron b1883 USA d1955 USA
Frederick H Purcell b1894? d1968 Sct
Frederick McSparron b1887 Eng d1887 Eng
Fronie McSparin b1891 d1977 USA née Nichols

Gary F McSparran b1932? d1944 USA
Gean Elaine McSparen m1943 USA Gilbert F Fisher
Geneva McSparran b1894 USA d1894 USA
George Alfred McSparren b1910 d1977 USA
George Charles McSparin b1885 USA d1916 USA m1908 USA Jennie Choat
George Ernest McSparron b1904 Irl d1908 Irl
George F MacSparran b1887 USA d1956 USA
George Grant McSparrin b1868 USA d1945 USA m1894? USA Carrie M ?
George Henry McSparron b1891 Eng d1968 Eng
George Hugh McSparron b1886 USA
George M McSparin b1929 d1980 USA m1971 USA Violet M Large
George MacSparran m1730 USA Abigail Crackbon
George McNeil McSporran b1906 Sct d1960 Sct
George McSparan b1828 Ire d1894 Aus m1851 Aus Sarah Smily
George McSparin b1916 d1995 USA
George McSparin b1916 d1996 USA
George McSparm b1849 Sct d1929 Eng m1872 Eng Roseann McCallen
George McSparran b1805 Sct
George McSparran b1828 Irl
George McSparren b1845 USA d1926 m1866? USA Rachel Sutton
George McSparren b1946? d1926 USA
George McSparren m1877 USA Mary Williams
George McSparren m1930 USA Alberta Flockerzi
George McSparrion b1847 Sct d1912 Sct m1867 Sct Johanna Alexander
George McSparron b1845 Ire d1923 Irl m1887 Irl Jane Miller
George McSparron b1875 Irl d1924 Irl m1901 Irl Minnie Dunlop
George McSparron b1883 Eng d1887 Eng
George McSparron b1893 USA
George McSparron b1906 Eng d1966 Eng
George McSparron d1923 Ire
George McSparron d1923 Irl
George McSporan b1791 Sct
George McSporran b1904 Sct d1981 Sct m1935 Sct Catherine MacNa Wallace
George McSporran m1825 Sct Jean Stark
George Neil MacSporran b1934? d1934 Sct
George Pursell b1858 Sct
George W McSparen b1866 USA d1929 USA m1902 USA Cora M Foreman Gillis
George Washington McSparin b1857 USA d1862 USA
Georgeagnes M McSporran b1903? d1959 Sct née McIsaac
Georgina Gordon MacSporran b1885 NZl d1926 m1918 NZl Samuel Bennett Woolfield
Georgina McSparron m1932 Irl George Hopley
Georgius McSparron d1876 Eng
Gerald L McSparrin b1942 d1998 USA m1976 USA Edna P Frapp
Gerald McSparran b1914 d1982 USA
Gerald S McSparrin b1916 d1995 USA
Gerald Steele McSparrin b1910 d1995 USA
Geraldine F McSparron b1922 d1998 USA
Gertrude E McSparran b1898 USA m1919 USA Roy Forest Peterson
Gertrude McSparin b1890 USA m1908 USA Arch Banfield
Gertrude McSparren b1919 d1986 USA née Gibson
Gertrude McSparron m1937 Irl Andrew Duddy
Gilbert MacSporran b1877 Sct m1903 Sct Mary C McFadyen
Gilbert McSporran d1694 Sct
Girzell MacSporran b1806 Sct
Gladys Eleanor MacSparron b1893 USA d1913 m1912 USA Frederic Choate Stacy
Gladys M McSparin b1902 USA d1915 USA
Gladys McSparren b1900 USA
Glenn Arthur McSparren b1900 USA d1972 USA
Golda May McSparren b1909 USA
Goldie Mae McSparren b1909 USA
Gordon Bennett McSporran b1936? d2003 Aus
Gordon McSporran b1955 d1955 Sct
Grace Bell McSparran b1844 USA d1918 m1878 USA Alvonce Michael
Grace E McSparin b1893 USA
Grace E McSparrin m1913 USA Scott Painter
Grace Ellen McSporran b1884 USA d1958 m1906 USA Leon Gambetta Dilley
Grace Gordon McSporran b1892 NZl d1979 NZl
Grace Gordon McSporran b1906 Sct d1907 Sct
Grace MacSporran m1941 Eng Thomas H French
Grace Mae McSparron b1916 d1995 USA née Davis
Grace McSporran b1913? d1991 Sct m1935 Sct Alexander Harvey
Grace McSporran d1860 Sct
Grace McSporran d1865 Eng
Grace S McSporran b1921? d1959 Sct née Martin
Grace Whitaker McSparin b1868 d1896 USA née Whitacre
Gracia M McSparran b1878 d1965 USA
Grady McSparrin b1908 d1983 USA née Jones
Gresall McSparran b1804 USA d1856
Guy Fleming McSparran b1880 USA d1959 m1905 USA Hannah E Penrose
Guy McSparin b1915 d1974 USA
Gwyn Conroy McSparron b1917? d1963 Aus née Morgan

H Gabriele McSporran d1997 Eng
Hadassah McSparran b1833 Irl m1851 USA David H Stiteler
Haley M McSparrin b1894 USA
Hamilton Miller McSporran b1903 Sct d1969 Sct m1930 Sct Mary Elizabeth Neilson
Hannah Barclay McSporran b1850 Sct
Hannah L McSparron b1869 d1945 USA née Walsh
Hannah McSparron b1911 d1997 Eng née Behrens
Hannah McSporran d1997 Eng
Hannah V McSparrin m1833 USA Madison March
Harold L McSparin b1915 d1976 USA
Harold McSparen d1934 USA
Harold McSparin b1935 d1983 USA
Harriett McSparran b1870 Irl
Harrison McSparren b1917 d1922 USA
Harry Grant McSparin d1945 Phl
Harry Lyon McSparron b1906 USA d1952 USA
Harry McSparrin b1919 d1978 USA
Harry T McSparren b1869 USA d1956 USA
Harvey Stanton McSparren b1870 USA d1945 USA m1897 USA Margaret Schall
Hattie A McSparran m1889 USA Saxton Berry Burdick
Hazel C McSparin b1896 USA
Hazel Clare McSparrin m1915 USA Frederick Lowrein Corbet
Hazel McSparran m1913 USA Fred Corbett
Hector McSporan b1908? d1980 Eng
Hector McSporran b1845 Sct
Hector McSporran b1856 Sct d1928 Sct m1913 Sct Elizabeth Mitchell
Hector McSporran b1857 Sct d1916 Sct m1881 Sct Barbara McIntyre
Hector P McSporran b1908 Sct
Hector Robert McSporran b1876 Aus d1932 Aus m1899 Aus Julia Ellen Fitzgerald
Helen C McSporran m1931 Sct
Helen Code McAspurn b1899 Sct d1900 Sct
Helen Gilchrist McSporran b1901 Sct d1993 Sct m1921 Sct Duncan McConachie
Helen Graham C McSporran b1912? d1996 Sct
Helen Grant McSparron b1910? d1983 Sct née Robertson
Helen J McSparren b1908 USA
Helen Josephine McSparrin b1922 d2001 USA
Helen M McSporran b1907 Sct d1907 Sct
Helen M McSporran b1909 Sct d1910 Sct
Helen MacSporran b1863 Sct m1882 Sct Neil McArthur
Helen Margaret McSparran b1894 USA
Helen Mathieson McSporran b1908 Sct m1925 Sct Arthur McGougan
Helen May McSparin b1938 d1938 USA
Helen McLean McSporran b1904? d1984 Sct née Christie
Helen McSparin b1921 d1994 USA
Helen McSparron b1902 d1978 USA née Cook
Helen McSporran b1832 Sct
Helen McSporran b1840 Sct
Helen McSporran b1845? d1907 Sct
Helen McSporran b1864? d1942 Sct
Helen McSporran b1878? d1912 Eng
Helen McSporran b1883 Sct
Helen McSporran b1883? d1916 Sct
Helen McSporran b1890 d1927 Can née McIntyre
Helen McSporran b1907 Sct
Helen McSporran b1919? d1934 Sct
Helen McSporran b1935 d1941 Sct
Helen McSporran m1915 Sct Andrew Whitelaw
Helen Merrilees McSporran b1906 Sct d1980 Sct m1939 Sct Hector Paterson Gilchris
Helen N MacSporran b1910? d1942 Sct
Helen Revie McSporran b1904 Sct d1976 Sct m1929 Sct Malcolm Bannatyne
Helen Warden McSporran b1901 Sct d1993 Sct m1924 Sct Joseph Russell Cullen
Hellen McSporran b1925? d1966 Sct née Brown
Henrietta McSparron b1925? d1926 Eng
Henrietta Steele W McSparran b1859 USA d1942 m1889 USA Michael Elisha Pue
Henry Jesse McSporran b1880 Eng
Henry Lincoln McSparran b1855 USA d1939
Henry McSparran b1855 d1939 USA
Henry McSparran b1869 Irl
Henry McSparran b1870 Irl d1954 Sct m1904 Irl Catherine Mooney
Henry McSparran b1908 Irl d1945 Irl m1935 Irl Margaret McMullan
Henry McSparren b1883 USA
Henry McSparrin b1840 Irl
Henry McSparrin m1859 Irl
Henry McSparron b1838? d1912 Irl
Henry McSporran b1855? d1910 Eng
Henry Vincent McSparran b1940 d1994 Eng
Henry W Sporran b1854 Eng
Hester Matilda McSparren d1940 USA née King
Hilda Mitchell MacSporran b1912 d1985 Eng
Hobart McSparin b1910 d1993 USA
Hobart Wilson McSparin b1910 USA m1947 USA Hilda Ruth Baker
Howard A McSparron b1895 USA
Hugh Andrew McSparran b1892 Irl d1949 Irl
Hugh Edward McSparrin b1935 d1990 USA
Hugh Gordon McSporran b1877 Sct d1961 NZl m1903 NZl Sophia Browne
Hugh J McSparran b1894 USA
Hugh M McSparran b1835 USA d1874 USA
Hugh McSparion b1874 Sct d1946 Sct m1899 Sct Margaret Ward
Hugh McSparran b1899 d1899 Sct
Hugh McSparran b1899 Sct d1899 Sct
Hugh McSparran b1902 Sct d1904 Sct
Hugh McSparran b1904 Sct d1922 Sct
Hugh McSparrion b1858 Sct d1902 USA
Hugh McSparron b1890 Eng d1890 Eng
Hugh McSparron b1910 Irl
Hugh McSporran b1825 Sct
Hugh McSporran b1847 Sct
Hy L McSparron b1815? d1853 USA

Ian Gordon McSporran b1915 d1991 NZl
Ian MacSporran d2001 Eng
Ian McSporran b1905? d1963 Sct
Ian McSporran b1958 d1968 Sct
Ida Elizabeth McSparran b1856 USA d1942 m1892 USA William S Hastings
Ida L B McSparren b1887 USA d1967 USA
Ida Margaret McSparron b1907 USA d1987
Ida McSparin b1891 d1957 USA
Ida Parker McSparran b1856? d1934 USA née Parker
Ida R McSparran b1869 d1954 USA née Reynolds
Ina McSporran b1898 Sct d1898 Sct
Inja C McSparron b1900 d1977 USA née Constance
Irene Belle McSparin m1932 USA Whitnal Anderson Gee
Irene Ellen MacSporran b1905 d1988 Eng
Irene McSparren b1912? d1918 USA
Irene McSparron d1979 Irl
Iris MacSporran d1997 Eng
Isa McSporran b1926? d1995 Sct
Isabel McSparren m1944 USA R G Cottingham
Isabel McSporran m1873 Eng
Isabel More McSporran b1849 Eng
Isabel Pursel b1802 Sct
Isabel Sides McSparran b1854 d1935 USA née Sides
Isabell McSporran b1799 Sct d1869 m1821 Sct Archibald McArthur
Isabell McSporran m1800 Sct Donald McMichall
Isabella Ann McSparron b1877 d1922 USA
Isabella Baird McSporran b1906 Sct m1938 Can Thomas Walter Dodd
Isabella Fleming McSparran b1801 USA d1871
Isabella Hall McSporran b1893 Sct d1978 Sct
Isabella Hunter McSporran b1904? d1982 Sct née Campbell
Isabella J McSporran b1899? d1989 Sct née Falconer
Isabella Janet McSporran m1935 Sct Alexander McGarva
Isabella King McSparran b1863 USA d1955
Isabella M McSparran b1815 d1845 USA
Isabella M McSparran b1867 USA d1961 m1901 USA Charles McSparran
Isabella M McSporran b1903 Sct d1903 Sct
Isabella MacSporran b1836? d1914 Sct née Wynne
Isabella MacSporran b1871? d1956 Sct née Johnstone
Isabella MacSporran b1877? d1962 Sct née Galbraith
Isabella McC J McSporran b1905 Sct m1933 Sct Alfred Harry Bolton
Isabella McSparan m1865 Sct John Mearns
Isabella McSparran b1849? d1908 Sct
Isabella McSparron b1864 Irl
Isabella McSparron b1864 Irl
Isabella McSparron b1864 Irl d1883
Isabella McSparron b1864? d1883 Irl
Isabella McSparron b1879? d1918 Eng
Isabella McSparron b1915? d1953 Eng
Isabella McSparron d1953 Eng
Isabella McSporran b1792? d1866 Sct
Isabella McSporran b1818? d1891 Sct
Isabella McSporran b1829 Sct m1872 Sct John McKeachnie
Isabella McSporran b1829? d1912 Sct
Isabella McSporran b1831 Sct m1857 Sct Angus McNiven
Isabella McSporran b1838 Sct
Isabella McSporran b1838 Sct d1898 Sct
Isabella McSporran b1839 Sct
Isabella McSporran b1843 Sct d1930 m1871 Sct John Jackson
Isabella McSporran b1844? d1930 Sct
Isabella McSporran b1845 Sct m1870 Sct Donald Cameron
Isabella McSporran b1845? d1917 Sct
Isabella McSporran b1874 Sct d1950 Sct
Isabella McSporran b1888 NZl d1964 NZl
Isabella McSporran b1889 Sct d1963 Sct
Isabella McSporran b1910? d1999 Sct née Cook
Isabella McSporran b1927? d1989 Sct née Kemp
Isabella McSporran m1869 Sct Neil Blue
Isabella McSporran m1933 Sct John Hamilton B Falconer
Isabella R McSporran b1918? d1965 Sct
Isabella Vance McSporran b1884 Sct d1943 Sct m1906 Sct Andrew Holmes
Isabella Wynne MacSporran b1899 Sct d1963 Sct
Isabelle K McSparron b1906 d1991 USA
Isabelle Knowles McSparron b1906 Eng d1991
Isabelle McSparran b1821? d1894 Sct
Isabelle McSparren d1997 USA
Isabelle McSporran b1797? d1869 Sct
Isabelle McSporran b1821? d1894 Sct
Isabelle McSporran b1832? d1893 Sct
Isabelle McSporran b1843? d1893 Sct
Isabelle McSporrin b1819? d1893 Sct
Isabelle Mitchell McSparron b1892 USA d1957
Isobel McSporran b1915 d1976 Eng
Isobel McSporran b1956? d1999 Sct née Blain
Isobell MacSporran b1803 Sct
Isobell McSporran b1769 Sct
Isobell Pursell b1822 Sct
Issabell Pursel m1845 Sct John McEwen
Ivan Frederick McSparron b1915 d1999 Aus m1942 Aus Dorothy Clare Smith
Ivy Jane McSporran b1910 d1982 NZl

J C McSparran m1914 USA Lola M Jackson
J Edwin McSparrin m1890 USA Mary Amanda Marshall
J Fleming McSparran m1905 USA Edith M Ladd
J G McSparron m1922 USA Maud Smith
J McSparrin d1866 USA
J Neal McSparren b1906 USA d1970 USA
J Robert McSparran b1866? d1873 USA
J S McSparran m1932 USA Mary Lovaas
Jack MacSporran b1918? d1985 Aus
Jack Shannon McSporran b1900 Sct d1993 USA m1923 Can Evelyn Mason
Jacqueline McSparen b1971 d1986 USA
Jacqueline McSporran b1965 d1965 Sct
James "Eryl" McSparren b1906 USA d1983 USA
James A MacSporran b1914 d1944 Eng
James Andrew McSparron b1912 d1991 USA
James Bammer McSparon b1884 Sct d1915 USA m1907 Eng Elizabeth Lily Newman
James C McSparran b1903 USA d1903 USA
James C McSparron b1960 d1973 USA
James C McSporran b1894 Sct d1970 USA m1924 Sct Jean McCreaddie
James Clark McSparrin b1849 USA d1922 USA
James D McSparron m1914 USA Mabel A Becker
James Dunlop MacSporran b1852? d1918 Sct
James E McSparron m1866 USA Emma S Clayton
James Ed McSparin b1866 USA
James Edgar McSparran b1898 USA d1978 USA
James Edward McSparen b1863 USA d1926 USA m1889 USA Roanne Riffe
James F MacSparran m1942 USA Jean MacFerran Ledy
James Fleming McSparan b1884 USA d1970 USA
James G McSparran b1843 USA d1929 USA m1864 USA Sarah M Collins
James Graham McSparran b1902 d1984 USA
James Gunn N McSparron b1916 d1995 Wls
James H McSparin m1870 USA Susan C Breeze
James H McSparran b1899 USA
James Hallsgrove McSporran d1995 Eng
James Harry McSparin b1888 USA d1956 USA
James Harvey McSparin b1828 USA d1893 USA m1848 USA Elizabeth Ann Blackman
James Herbert McSparrin b1896 USA d1948 USA m1922 USA Nellie W Wolf
James Joseph McSparran b1885 Sct d1894 Irl
James Kelly McSporran b1931 d1984 Eng
James Kestner McSparin b1917 d1995 USA m1938 USA Helen Millhouse
James L McSparran b1940 d1998 USA m1959 USA Rose Marie Miller
James Liburn McSparin b1885 USA d1949 USA m1909 USA Ada Launius
James Louis K MacSporran b1905 Sct d1932 Sct m1927 Sct Margaret Guthrie
James Luther McSparren b1903 USA d1904 USA
James M McSparin b1910 USA d1938 USA
James MacKay McSporran b1907 Sct d1907 Sct
James MacSparran b1693 Irl
James MacSporran b1891? d1970 Sct
James MacSporran b1913 d1980 Eng
James MacSporran b1952 d1981 USA m1975 Sct Anne McKay
James MacSporran m1925 Sct Agnes Smith Forsyth
James MacSporran m1938 Sct Annie E K Toon
James Mahlon McSparran b1848 USA d1933 USA m1880? USA Hannah L ?
James Malcolm McSparin b1882 USA d1928 USA
James McAspurn b1959 d1959 Sct
James McAspurn m1921 Sct Rose Mcconachie
James McBride McSporran b1905 Sct d1979 Sct m1932 Sct Agnes F Pattison
James McMillan McSporran b1959 d1961 Sct m1978 Sct Anne Webster McLean
James McSparen b1873 USA
James McSparion b1867 Eng d1868 Eng
James McSparran b1693 Irl d1757 USA
James McSparran b1764 USA d1827
James McSparran b1801 USA d1863 USA
James McSparran b1808 Irl
James McSparran b1815 Irl d1895 Irl
James McSparran b1833 USA
James McSparran b1833 USA d1877 USA
James McSparran b1852 Irl d1854
James McSparran b1856 Irl
James McSparran b1857 USA d1942 USA m1888 USA Ida M Parker
James McSparran b1858 Irl d1924 Irl m1887 Irl Annie McDonnell
James McSparran b1878 Irl d1901 Aus
James McSparran b1881 Irl d1887?
James McSparran b1883 Sct m1908 Can Clara Bella Patterson
James McSparran b1892 Sct d1970 Sct m1927 Irl Claire Mary McGuckin
James McSparran b1907 d1911 Sct
James McSparran b1907 Sct d1911
James McSparran b1917 d1995 USA
James McSparran b1918? d1918 Sct
James McSparran d1757 USA
James McSparran d1792 USA
James McSparran d1924 Eng
James McSparran d1924 Irl
James McSparran d1924 Irl
James McSparran m1722 USA Hannah Gardiner
James McSparran m1837 Irl Elizabeth Dunlop
James McSparran m1866 Eng
James McSparran m1887 Irl
James McSparren b1831 Irl
James McSparren b1835? d1873 Irl
James McSparren b1843 Irl m1868 Sct Elizabeth Martin
James McSparren b1855 Irl
James McSparren b1857? d1927 USA
James McSparren b1858 Irl
James McSparren b1871 USA d1930 USA
James McSparren m1817 USA Parthena Wilson
James McSparret b1849 Eng
James McSparrin b1846 Irl
James McSparrin b1876 Irl d1953 Irl
James McSparrin m1895 USA Lucy Gasswint
James McSparrion b1867 Sct
James McSparron b1807? d1867 Aus
James McSparron b1808 Ire d1870 Irl
James McSparron b1823? d1902 Irl
James McSparron b1825? Ire d1905 Irl m1872 Irl Martha Morrow
James McSparron b1829 Ire
James McSparron b1830? d1890 Irl
James McSparron b1851 Ire d1928 Irl m1885 Irl Martha Jane Moore
James McSparron b1858 Irl
James McSparron b1861 Irl d1889
James McSparron b1881 Irl d1887 Irl
James McSparron b1888 USA
James McSparron b1892 USA d1967 USA
James McSparron b1897 Irl d1981 Irl m1923 Irl Mary Posten Eakin
James McSparron b1906 Irl d1906 Irl
James McSparron b1908 Sct d1986
James McSparron b1909? d1986 Sct
James McSparron b1915? d1919 Irl
James McSparron d1901 Irl
James McSparron m1910 Irl Catherine M Creswell
James McSparron m1937 Sct Helen Grant Robertson
James McSperren m1884 USA Margaret Corbett
James McSperrin m1902 Sct Mary Boyle
James McSporan b1889? d1964 Sct
James McSporran b1790 Sct
James McSporran b1826 Sct
James McSporran b1839? d1899 Sct
James McSporran b1840 Sct
James McSporran b1844 Sct m1877 Sct Margaret McAlister
James McSporran b1844? d1930 Sct
James McSporran b1846 Sct d1920 Sct m1883 Sct Jane Blue
James McSporran b1848 Irl
James McSporran b1848? d1892 Sct
James McSporran b1851 Sct
James McSporran b1856 Irl
James McSporran b1863 Sct d1866 Sct
James McSporran b1866 Sct
James McSporran b1872 Sct d1876 Sct
James McSporran b1874 Sct m1899 Sct Annie Chapman
James McSporran b1874? d1943 Sct
James McSporran b1883 Sct
James McSporran b1888 Sct
James McSporran b1889 Sct d1972
James McSporran b1890 Sct
James McSporran b1890? d1972 Sct
James McSporran b1899 Sct d1960?
James McSporran b1905 Sct
James McSporran b1906 Can
James McSporran b1933? d1989 Sct
James McSporran m1922 Sct Eugenia Wotherspoon
James McSpurren b1871 Sct
James McSpurren b1871? d1897 Sct
James Miller McSparron b1908 Irl d1969 Irl
James Oscar McSparran b1877 USA d1951
James Patrick McSparran b1898 USA d1981 USA
James Patrick McSparrin b1898 USA
James Pender McSporran b1910 Sct d1979 Sct m1949 Sct Jeanie Simpson Cook
James Purcel b1831 Sct
James Purcel m1823 Sct Effy Campbell
James Purcell b1796 Sct
James Purcell b1802 Sct
James Pursell b1826? d1885 Sct
James Pursell m1850 Sct Euphemia Gilchrist
James R McSporran b1913? d1913 Sct
James R McSporran m1920 Sct Rose Ann Dearie
James Rankin McSporran b1879 Sct d1970 Eng m1905 Sct Agnes Muir
James Rankin McSporran b1909 Sct d1909 Sct
James Rankin McSporran b1920? d1981 Sct
James Rankin McSporran m1939 Sct Sarah Shirley
James Rankine McSporran b1899? d1960 Sct
James Riffe McSparren b1890 USA
James Smith MacSporron b1904 Sct d1978 Sct m1936 Sct Jane Aitken Hunter
James Vincent McAspurn b1897 Sct d1951 Sct
James Vincent McAspurn b1930 d1984 Eng
James Vincent McAspurren b1943 d1943 Sct
James Vincent McSpurren b1910 Sct
James Wesley McSparin b1886 USA d1972 USA
James William McSparran b1817? d1874 USA
James William McSparron b1909 Eng d1958 Eng m1934 Wls Sarah Baptist
James Wilson McSparin b1849 USA d1940 USA m1872 USA Darthula Purnell
Jamesina McSporran b1923? d1995 Sct née Morrison
Jamesina McSporran m1945 Sct Donald Morrison
Jane Aitken McSporran b1898? d1975 Sct née Hunter
Jane Anderson R McSporran b1908 Sct d1988 Sct m1930 Sct David Gladstone
Jane Blue McSporran b1895 Sct d1897 Sct
Jane Cathcart McSparrin b1810? d1904 USA née Cathcart
Jane Emilia MacSporran b1852 Eng
Jane Hill McSparan m1840 USA Andrew W Gibson
Jane McIntyre MacSporran b1910 Sct d1981 Sct
Jane McSparran b1807 Irl
Jane McSparran b1814 Irl
Jane McSparran b1826? d1901 Irl
Jane McSparran b1847 Irl d1854
Jane McSparran b1858? d1920 Eng née Holmes
Jane McSparran b1871 Sct d1951 Sct m1906 Sct Francis McCormick
Jane McSparran b1918? d1918 Sct
Jane McSparran m1884 Sct James O'Hara
Jane McSparran m1935 Eng Joseph Lightley
Jane McSparran m1939 USA Michael Loughran
Jane McSparren b1789? d1864 Irl
Jane McSparren b1796? d1872 Irl
Jane McSparren b1821 USA d1823 USA
Jane McSparren b1826? d1923 USA née Walker
Jane McSparren b1829 Irl
Jane McSparren b1857? d1882 Irl
Jane McSparren m1865 Irl John Stewart
Jane McSparren m1875 USA James M Tanner
Jane McSparrin m1791 USA Ezkel Mathews
Jane McSparron b1809? d1869 Irl
Jane McSparron b1814 Ire
Jane McSparron b1828? d1906 Irl née McIlhone
Jane McSparron b1842 Irl
Jane McSparron b1842? d1922 Irl
Jane McSparron b1844? Ire m1872 Irl
Jane McSparron b1846 Irl
Jane McSparron b1855? d1935 Irl
Jane McSparron b1857? d1941 Irl
Jane McSparron b1861? d1922 Irl
Jane McSparron d1941 Irl
Jane McSparron m1836 Irl
Jane McSparron m1935 Eng Joseph Lightley
Jane McSporran b1815 Sct d1874 Sct m1837 Sct Angus Blue
Jane McSporran b1833? d1890 Sct
Jane McSporran b1837? d1917 Sct née McIntyre
Jane McSporran b1844? d1876 Sct née McMillan
Jane McSporran b1855? d1927 Sct
Jane McSporran b1857? d1896 Sct
Jane McSporran b1859? d1945 Sct née Blue
Jane McSporran b1866 Aus d1868 Aus
Jane McSporran b1867 Sct d1943 Sct m1890 Sct Robert Williamson
Jane McSporran b1880? d1943 Sct
Jane McSporran b1893 Sct d1964 m1913 Sct John McIntyre
Jane McSporran b1894? d1964 Sct
Jane McSporran b1895? d1954 Sct née Munro
Jane McSporran b1905 Sct d1995 Sct m1920 Sct Hugh Pearson
Jane McSporran b1918? d1983 Sct née Cook
Jane McSporran m1839 Sct Robert McGregor
Jane McSporran m1939 Sct Alan Douglas Cook
Jane McSpurran m1877 Sct John Gall
Jane McSpurren b1857 Sct
Jane Muir McSporran b1887 Sct d1966 Sct
Jane Park McSporran b1878? d1968 Sct née Govan
Jane Purcell b1876 d1877 Sct
Jane Pursell b1850? d1899 Sct
Jane Pursell m1879 Sct Malcolm McAulay
Jane Still M McSporran b1900? d1988 Sct née Anderson
Jane Vietch H McSporran b1878 USA d1953 m1899 USA Charles Lee Bradford
Janet B McSparron b1911 d1998 USA
Janet C McSporran m1941 Sct William Mearns
Janet Cuthill W McSporran b1911? d1991 Sct née Gordon
Janet Harvie Y McSporran b1902? d1975 Sct née Young
Janet Heaton McSporran b1912? d1984 Sct née Hodges
Janet Hogg MacSporran b1916? d1993 Sct née Camlin
Janet Lydia McSparran b1928 d1930 USA
Janet MacSporan b1808 Sct d1892 m1831 Sct Turin MacKinlay
Janet MacSporran m1816 Sct James Coyle
Janet MacSporran m1914 Sct Nicol MacCallum
Janet Margaret McSporran b1908 Can
Janet McSparran b1872 Aus m1895 Aus George Veitch
Janet McSparran b1880 Aus d1922 m1904 Aus Herbert S W Boyd
Janet McSparran m1904 Aus Herbert S W Boyd
Janet McSparrin b1902 d1982 USA née Ashe
Janet McSporain b1795 Sct
Janet McSporran b1772? d1861 Sct née McBride
Janet McSporran b1774 Sct
Janet McSporran b1802 Sct m1825 Sct John Morrison
Janet McSporran b1810 Sct
Janet McSporran b1826 Sct d1858 Sct m1858 Sct Donald McCallum
Janet McSporran b1836? d1909 Sct née Japp/Duncanson
Janet McSporran b1836? d1920 Sct née Montgomery
Janet McSporran b1837 Sct
Janet McSporran b1838? d1878 Aus née McKinven
Janet McSporran b1841 Sct
Janet McSporran b1844 Sct
Janet McSporran b1845 Sct
Janet McSporran b1851 Sct
Janet McSporran b1851? d1919 Sct
Janet McSporran b1851? d1935 Sct
Janet McSporran b1855 Sct
Janet McSporran b1859 Sct d1927 Sct m1882 Sct Alexander Graham
Janet McSporran b1868? d1927 Sct
Janet McSporran b1881 Sct d1896 Sct
Janet McSporran b1881 Sct d1896?
Janet McSporran b1881? d1956 Sct née Pender
Janet McSporran b1884? d1971 Sct
Janet McSporran b1885 Sct
Janet McSporran b1885 Sct d1937 Sct
Janet McSporran b1887 Sct
Janet McSporran b1887 Sct
Janet McSporran b1898? d1968 Sct née Stevenson
Janet McSporran b1931? d1936 Sct
Janet McSporran b1936? d1937 Sct
Janet McSporran d1855 Sct
Janet McSporran m1820 Sct Turin McKinlay
Janet McSporran m1833 Sct Niel McDonald
Janet McSporran m1878 Sct Alexander Thom
Janet McSporran m1883 Sct Malcom McArthur
Janet McSporran m1908 Sct Thomas Conner
Janet McSporrin b1805? d1886 Sct
Janet Nicolson McSporran b1930? d1998 Sct née Justice
Janet Purcell b1852 d1929 Can née McCallum
Janet Pursel b1833 Sct
Janet Pursell b1870 Sct d1873 Sct
Janet Stewart McSporran b1901 Sct d1962 Sct
Janet Vallance McSporran b1846 Sct d1891 Sct
Janet W McSporran b1900 d1992 Can
Janette Marie McSparren b1930 d2002 USA
Jason McSparron b1852 USA
Jean A McSparin b1910? d1963 USA née Baker
Jean Elizabeth McSparran b1907 USA d1987
Jean MacSporran b1810 Sct
Jean McShannon McSporran b1909 Sct d1983 Can
Jean McSparran b1907 USA d1970
Jean McSparran b1912 d1994 USA
Jean McSparran m1852 Irl
Jean McSparron b1939? d1964 Eng née Garside
Jean McSporran b1762 Sct
Jean McSporran b1780? d1855 Sct née Thomson
Jean McSporran b1796? d1869 Sct
Jean McSporran b1811 Sct
Jean McSporran b1813? d1891 Sct
Jean McSporran b1818 Sct
Jean McSporran b1836? d1871 Sct
Jean McSporran b1840? d1923 Sct
Jean McSporran b1874 Sct d1906 Sct m1898 Sct Duncan McConnachy
Jean McSporran b1915? d1988 Sct née McMillan
Jean McSporran b1934? d1974 Sct née Dalrymple
Jean McSporran m1774 Sct John McKay
Jean McSporran m1855 Sct William Martin
Jean McSporran m1864 Sct Neil McCallum
Jean McSporran m1937 Sct Charles O McMillan
Jean Morrison McSporran b1885? d1969 Sct née McIntosh
Jean Pursel b1806 Sct
Jean Pursell b1839? d1895 Sct née McEachran
Jean Pursell b1865 Sct
Jean Thompson McSporran b1853 Sct d1874 Sct
Jeanie Hodge B McSporran b1932? d1932 Sct
Jeanie M McSporran b1912? d1918 Sct
Jeanie McNiven McSporran b1906 Sct d1974 Sct m1924 Sct Thomas Liddell
Jeanie McNiven McSporroan b1889 Sct d1931 Sct m1911 Can James Gordon
Jeanie McSporran b1855? d1941 Sct
Jeanie McSporran m1920 Sct James Brydson
Jeanie McSprran b1863? d1940 Sct
Jeanie McSpurran m1907 Sct Hugh Gerrand Young
Jeanie Norton McSporran b1868 Sct d1868 Sct
Jeanie Pursell b1850? d1899 Sct
Jeanie Simpson McSporran b1912? d2000 Sct née Cook
Jeanie Watson McSporran b1906 Sct d1992 Sct m1932 Sct Malcolm MacLeod
Jenette McSpoorman b1887 Sct m1910 Can James Willford Pysher
Jennie May Purcell b1910 d1912 Can
Jennie McSparen m1905 USA Fred W Hicks
Jennie Olive McSparron b1900 USA m1923 USA Andrew Stewart Taylor
Jenny S McSporran b1921? d1921 Sct
Jesse Mary McSparron b1904 USA m1928 Can Glen Lawrence Wood
Jessie A Purcell b1892 d1976 Can née Downie
Jessie Mabel McSporran b1877 Sct
Jessie McSparron b1875 d1946 USA née MacFarlane
Jessie McSporran b1839? d1927 Sct née Norris
Jessie McSporran b1858 Sct d1866 Sct
Jessie McSporran b1862? d1885 Sct née Norrie
Jessie McSporran b1865? d1950 Sct
Jessie McSporran b1870 Sct
Jessie McSporran b1870? d1924 Sct
Jessie McSporran b1879 Sct d1880 Sct
Jessie McSporran b1888? d1958 Sct
Jessie McSporran m1887 Sct John McKay
Jessie Mitchell McSporran b1912 d1995 Sct m1940 Sct John Thomson
Jessie Morris McSporran b1888 Sct
Jessie Nicol McSporran b1867 Sct d1870 Sct
Jessie Norrie McSporran b1885 Sct d1955 Sct m1909 Sct James Scally
Jessie Norris McSporran b1897 Sct d1898 Sct
Jilly McSporran b1817 Sct
Joan McSparan b1850? d1879 Sct née Alexander
Joan McSparran b1913? d1999 Sct née Rhinds
Joan McSparran m1943 Sct William Rhinds
Joan McSparrion b1864 Sct
Joan McSporran b1932? d2000 Sct née Black
Joe McSparen b1930 d1986 USA
Joe McSparron m1879 Irl Margaret Kane
John A McSparran b1865 d1913 USA
John A McSparran b1882? d1931 USA
John A McSparron m1932 USA
John A Purcell b1839 d1934 Can
John Aldus McSparran b1873 USA d1944 USA m1902 USA Bettie H Goodwyn
John Alexander MacSporran b1877 Can m1912 Can Elizabeth McFarland
John Andrew McSporran b1913 d1975 Can m1936 USA Ranka Thorliefson
John Anthony McSparron b1920 d1978 USA
John Archibald McSporran b1903 Sct
John Boyd McSparron b1900 USA d2000 USA m1949 USA Guylene Coe
John C McSparran m1881 USA Elizabeth Dawdy
John C McSparron b1907 Irl
John C McSporran b1915? d1915 Sct
John Clair McSparren b1928 d1959 USA
John Clay McSparron b1860 USA d1946 USA
John Craig McSporran b1900 Sct d1963 NZl
John D McSparren b1851 USA d1935 USA
John Duncan McSporran b1918? d1992 Sct
John Edward McSparren b1854 USA d1901 USA m1877 USA Louisa Smith
John Edward McSparrin b1892 USA d1969 USA
John F McSparron d1942 USA
John Fairlie S McSporran b1903 Sct d1967 Sct m1931 Sct Mary Stewart McKay
John Francis McSparran b1902 USA
John Francis McSparran m1928 USA Margaret Cauley
John Gilchrist Pursell b1856 Sct d1858 Sct
John Graham McSporran b1917? d1960 Sct
John Grant McSparin b1865 USA d1946 USA m1888 USA Grace Whitaker
John Grant McSparin b1905 USA d1989 USA
John H McSparin b1891 USA d1973 USA
John H McSparren m1826 USA Eliza Evans
John Hamilton B McSporran b1896? d1981 Sct
John Harold McSparren b1927 d2000 USA
John Holland McAspurren b1901 Sct
John J McSparran b1896 USA d1968 USA
John J McSparron b1930 d2000 USA
John Joseph McSparron b1880 Sct d1931 Eng m1916 Eng Adelaide F M Howells
John K McAspurn m1935 Sct Annie M T Nixon
John King McSparran b1848 USA d1869 USA
John Kinsella McAspurn b1912? d1982 Eng
John Leslie M MacSporran b1931 d1986 Sct
John Logan McSparin b1865 USA d1942 USA m1886 USA Julia A Stucker
John M McSparran b1808 USA d1885 USA
John M McSporran b1911? d1923 Sct
John MacSporran b1762 Sct
John MacSporran b1780 Sct d1851 Sct m1811 Sct Jean Thomson
John MacSporran b1807 Sct
John MacSporran b1809 Sct
John MacSporran b1814 Sct d1899 Sct m1852 Sct Margaret Kilpatrick
John MacSporran b1852 Sct
John MacSporran b1853? d1891 Eng
John MacSporran b1856 Sct d1878 Sct
John MacSporran b1859 Sct d1929 Can
John MacSporran b1901 Sct d1931
John MacSporran b1902? d1931 Sct
John MacSporran b1905 Sct
John MacSporran b1905? d1943 Sct
John MacSporran b1928? d1996 Sct
John MacSporran b1929? d1974 Sct
John MacSporran m1820 Sct Janet MacQuilkan
John MacSporran m1888 Eng Emma Meller
John MacSporran m1920 Sct Catherine Smith
John Malcolm McSporran b1900 Sct d1917 Sct
John McAspanen b1870 Irl
John McAsparren b1795? d1885 Irl
John McAsparron b1871? d1872 Irl
John McAspurn b1866 Sct
John McAspurren b1929 d1929 Can
John McAspurren m1899 Sct Margaret Holland
John McDougal M McSporran m1940 Sct Annie Helen W Bovill
John McNiven McSporran b1880 Sct d1951 Sct m1904 Sct Janet Pender
John McSparen m1794 USA Elizabeth Patrick
John McSparling b1860 Eng
John McSparran b1795 Irl
John McSparran b1806? d1866 Eng
John McSparran b1808 Irl d1890 Irl m1843 Irl Rose Black
John McSparran b1812 Irl
John McSparran b1822 Irl d1858 USA
John McSparran b1843 Irl
John McSparran b1843 Irl d1856 Sct
John McSparran b1846 Irl d1932 Irl
John McSparran b1847 Irl
John McSparran b1847? d1932 Irl
John McSparran b1852? d1932 Irl
John McSparran b1853? d1881 NZl
John McSparran b1860 USA d1872 USA
John McSparran b1875? d1943 Sct
John McSparran b1877? d1941 Irl
John McSparran b1884 Sct d1944 Sct
John McSparran b1889 Irl d1973 Irl
John McSparran b1893 Irl d1917 Eng
John McSparran b1896 d1968 USA
John McSparran b1909 Irl d1981 USA
John McSparran d1943 Irl
John McSparran m1764? USA Ruth Betts
John McSparran m1823 Irl Elisabeth Louth
John McSparran m1878 Irl Bridget McNamara
John McSparran m1919 Sct Bridget O'Donnell
John McSparren b1783 USA d1786 USA
John McSparren b1805 USA d1832 USA
John McSparren b1825 Irl
John McSparren b1826 USA d1826 USA
John McSparren b1833 USA d1878 USA m1852 USA Sarah Jane Lane
John McSparren b1853? d1888 Eng
John McSparren b1875 Irl
John McSparren b1952 d1982 USA
John McSparren m1799 USA Elisabeth Kimbell
John McSparren m1863 USA Catherine O Summers
John McSparren m1875? USA Elizabeth ?
John McSparrin b1815 Irl
John McSparrin b1874 Irl d1890 Irl
John McSparrion b1841 Irl
John McSparron b1780 Ire d1856
John McSparron b1801 Irl d1866?
John McSparron b1808? d1866 Irl
John McSparron b1812 Ire
John McSparron b1836? d1879 Irl
John McSparron b1837 Ire
John McSparron b1841 Irl d1896 Irl m1871 Irl Elizabeth Guiler
John McSparron b1845? d1935 Irl
John McSparron b1855 USA
John McSparron b1862? d1950 Sct
John McSparron b1863? d1889 Eng
John McSparron b1874 Irl
John McSparron b1877 Ire d1941 m1908 Irl Margaret Ann Craig
John McSparron b1884 USA d1955 USA
John McSparron b1892 Irl d1892 Irl
John McSparron b1894 USA
John McSparron b1895 Eng d1895 Eng
John McSparron b1912? d1951 Irl
John McSparron b1920 d1967 USA
John McSparron b1953 d2000 USA
John McSparron d1879 Irl
John McSparron d1913 Can
John McSparron d1917 Irl
John McSparron d1935 Irl
John McSparron d1936 USA
John McSparron d1989 Irl
John McSparron m1874 Irl Mary Jane Holmes
John McSparron m1879 Irl Jane Holmes
John McSporan m1760 Sct Catrine Drummond
John McSporran b1765 Sct
John McSporran b1771 Sct
John McSporran b1784 Sct d1847 Sct
John McSporran b1795 Sct
John McSporran b1798 Sct
John McSporran b1800 Sct d1893 Sct m1823 Sct Katharine Kelly
John McSporran b1803 Sct
John McSporran b1806 Sct
John McSporran b1806 Sct
John McSporran b1809 Sct
John McSporran b1809? d1895 Sct
John McSporran b1812 Sct d1890 Sct
John McSporran b1825 Sct
John McSporran b1827 Sct m1856 Sct
John McSporran b1828 Sct
John McSporran b1830 Sct
John McSporran b1831? d1876 Sct
John McSporran b1831? d1893 Sct
John McSporran b1832 Sct d1876?
John McSporran b1832? d1855 Sct
John McSporran b1836 Sct d1881 Sct m1868 Sct Jane McShanoig
John McSporran b1836 Sct d1884 Sct m1858 Sct Janet Norris
John McSporran b1841 Sct d1896 Eng m1890 Sct Mary McMillan
John McSporran b1842 Sct d1861 Sct
John McSporran b1844 Sct
John McSporran b1847 Eng
John McSporran b1848? d1879 Eng
John McSporran b1849 Sct d1884 m1876 Sct Isabella Wynne
John McSporran b1850 Sct
John McSporran b1850? d1884 Sct
John McSporran b1852 d1927 Sct
John McSporran b1852 Sct d1897 Sct m1879 Sct Maggie McMillan
John McSporran b1852 Sct d1927 Sct m1886 Sct Maggie McBride
John McSporran b1856 Sct
John McSporran b1857? d1857 Sct
John McSporran b1859 Sct
John McSporran b1859 Sct d1902 Sct m1883 Sct Jessie Norrie
John McSporran b1862 Sct m1883 Sct Mary Wylie
John McSporran b1862 Sct m1886 Sct Maggie McCaig
John McSporran b1862? d1944 Sct
John McSporran b1863? d1930 Sct
John McSporran b1868 Sct d1868 Sct
John McSporran b1869 Aus d1879 Aus
John McSporran b1870 Sct d1944 Aus
John McSporran b1872 Sct m1896 Sct Isabella Johnstone
John McSporran b1872? d1919 Sct
John McSporran b1878 Sct
John McSporran b1878? d1939 Sct
John McSporran b1883 Sct
John McSporran b1885 Sct m1909 Sct Agnes Colville
John McSporran b1885? d1962 Sct
John McSporran b1886 Sct
John McSporran b1886 Sct
John McSporran b1886 Sct d1889 Sct
John McSporran b1887 Sct
John McSporran b1888 Sct d1892
John McSporran b1888 Sct d1892 Sct
John McSporran b1888? d1967 Sct
John McSporran b1890 Sct
John McSporran b1890 Sct
John McSporran b1890 Sct
John McSporran b1890 Sct
John McSporran b1890? d1926 Sct
John McSporran b1891 Sct d1954 Sct
John McSporran b1893 d1981 Sct
John McSporran b1893 Sct d1981
John McSporran b1894 Sct d1956 Eng
John McSporran b1898 Sct d1900 Sct
John McSporran b1899 Sct
John McSporran b1899? d1899 Sct
John McSporran b1900 Sct
John McSporran b1901 Sct
John McSporran b1901 Sct d1980?
John McSporran b1901? d1964 NZl
John McSporran b1902 Sct d1949 USA
John McSporran b1902 Sct d1980 Sct
John McSporran b1902? d1904 Sct
John McSporran b1902? d1980 Sct
John McSporran b1905 Sct d1963 Sct m1929 Sct Sarah Kelly
John McSporran b1907 Sct d1907
John McSporran b1907? d1907 Sct
John McSporran b1908 Sct d1949?
John McSporran b1909? d1949 Sct
John McSporran b1914 d1914 Sct
John McSporran b1922? d1986 Sct
John McSporran b1923? d1961 Sct
John McSporran b1925? d1925 Sct
John McSporran d1888 Aus m1838 Sct Ann McNiel
John McSporran d1926 Aus
John McSporran d1969 Can
John McSporran m1777 Sct Katherin McInoss
John McSporran m1789 Sct Cathrine Milloy
John McSporran m1792 Sct Margaret Beaton
John McSporran m1797 Sct Katherin McKay
John McSporran m1797 Sct More McSporran
John McSporran m1802 Sct Sarah Blue
John McSporran m1820 Sct Janet McCuilkan
John McSporran m1828 Sct Mary McMurchy
John McSporran m1834 Sct Elizabeth Fairlie
John McSporran m1844 Sct Mary McSporran
John McSporran m1850 Sct Janet McEwan
John McSporran m1858 Sct Margaret Russell
John McSporran m1871 Sct Jane McMillan
John McSporran m1874 Zaf Edith Maria Dove
John McSporran m1878 Sct Mary Omond
John McSporran m1882 Sct Janet McLarty
John McSporran m1905 Sct Katie McKendrick
John McSporran m1911 Sct Helen Campbell
John McSporran m1912 Sct Elizabeth Alexander
John McSporran m1919 Eng May A Oxford
John McSporran m1919 Sct Christina H Hogg
John McSporran m1925 Sct Danielina Dryden
John McSporran m1928 Sct Isabella Robert Neil
John McSporran m1935 Sct Catherine M Cameron
John McSporran m1939 Sct Sarah McDonald
John McSporran m1940 Sct Elizabeth Sweeney
John McSporran m1945 Sct Dorothy Evelyn Gibbs
John McSpurran b1840? d1905 Sct
John McSpurran b1899 Sct d1988 Sct
John McSpurran m1867 Sct Janet Duncanson
John McSpurran m1898 Sct Margaret Holland
John McSpurran m1927 Sct Isabela T Evans
John McSpurren b1860 Sct
John McSpurren b1867? d1923 Sct
John McSpurren b1933? d1987 Sct
John McSpurren m1856 Sct Agnes McNeil
John McSpurren m1856 Sct Janet Duncanson
John Mitchell McSporran b1910 Sct d1923
John Monroe McSparin b1887 USA d1939 USA
John Monroe McSparin b1919 d1997 USA
John Norman McSparron b1912 d1999 Eng
John Oswald McSparron b1892 Eng d1970 Eng
John P McSparren b1871 USA d1943 USA m1914 USA Elizabeth A Rates
John P McSparron b1954? d2000 USA
John Patrick McSparran b1909 Eng
John Paul McSporran b1887 USA d1941 USA m1909 USA Florence Thomas
John Peter McSporran b1934 d1996 Sct
John Purcel m1825 Sct Florey Carsewell
John Purcell b1787 Sct
John Purcell b1798 Sct
John Purcell b1813 Sct
John Purcell b1874 Sct d1922 Sct
John Pursel m1813 Sct Flory Leitch
John Pursel m1816 Sct Mary MacDougald
John Pursell b1857? d1858 Sct
John Pursell m1808 Sct Isobel Black
John R McSporran m1945 Eng Winifred Leach
John Randall McSparin b1939 d1991 USA
John Richard McSparron b1917 d1941 Eng
John Robertson McSporran d1999 Eng
John S MacSporran m1943 Sct Susanna Mary Crowden
John Samuel MacSporran b1918 d1960 USA
John Smith McSporran b1887 Sct d1957 Sct
John Stevenson McSporran b1926? d1989 Sct
John Thomas McSparron b1947 d1947 Irl
John Thompson McSparron b1880 Irl d1963 Irl m1919 Irl Mary Jane Cupples
John W MacSporran b1924? d1988 Sct
John Walter McSparran b1882 USA d1950 USA
John Waugh McSporran b1923? d1989 Sct
John William McSporran b1904? d1983 Sct
Jonothon Richard McSporran d1992 Aus
Jordan Lee McSparren b1988 d1989 USA
Jos McSparron d1779 Eng
Jose MacSperen m1749 Eng Mary Bradley
Joseph Black McSporran b1903 Sct d1980?
Joseph E McSparren b1871 USA m1894? USA Hester M ?
Joseph Edwin McSparin b1866 d1938 USA m1890 USA Mary Amanda Marshall
Joseph Everett McSparran b1908 USA d1987 USA
Joseph Francis McSparran b1931 d1986 USA
Joseph Glen McSparran b1893 USA d1945 USA
Joseph Hooker McSparran b1863 USA d1952 USA m1893? USA Ida E ?
Joseph Hooker McSparren b1867 USA d1932 USA m1903 USA Libbie R Lewis
Joseph Hugh McSparron b1892 USA
Joseph J McSparrin b1936? d2003 USA
Joseph Leroy McSparran b1884 USA d1978 USA
Joseph Luther McSparren b1930 d1930 USA
Joseph M McSporran b1904? d1980 Sct
Joseph McSparan m1771 Eng Martha Penick
Joseph McSparin b1828 Irl d1871 USA
Joseph McSparin b1848 Sct
Joseph McSparran b1817 Irl
Joseph McSparran b1823 USA d1834 USA
Joseph McSparran b1831 Ire d1859 Aus
Joseph McSparran b1838 USA d1928
Joseph McSparran b1883 USA
Joseph McSparran b1891 Irl d1961 Irl
Joseph McSparren b1821 USA d1823 USA
Joseph McSparren b1863 USA d1911 USA m1896? USA Rebecca F ?
Joseph McSparren m1842 Sct Rachel Halbert
Joseph McSparrin b1815 d1899 USA
Joseph McSparrin b1913 d1991 USA
Joseph McSparrion b1862 Sct
Joseph McSparron b1817 Ire d1904 Irl
Joseph McSparron b1849 Sct
Joseph McSparron b1856 Irl
Joseph McSparron b1856? d1911 Irl
Joseph McSparron b1864 Irl
Joseph McSparron b1864? d1934 Sct
Joseph McSparron b1878 Irl d1944 Irl
Joseph McSparron b1886 USA d1886 USA
Joseph McSparron b1897 Eng d1941 Eng m1926 Eng Margaret H Matthewson
Joseph McSparron b1900 USA d1980 USA
Joseph McSparron b1915 d1976 Eng m1957 Eng Elsie M M Galbraith
Joseph McSparron d1932 USA
Joseph McSparron d1961 Irl
Joseph McSparron d1998 Irl
Joseph McSparron m1838 Irl
Joseph McSparron m1885 Sct Catherine McIlroy
Joseph McSporran b1766 Sct
Joseph McSporran m1840 Sct Rachel Halbert
Joseph McSporran m1930 Sct Susan Pirrie McIntyre
Joseph P McSparren b1839 USA d1907 m1862 USA Mary Ann Summers
Joseph P McSparren m1869 USA Melvina M Wallace
Joseph P McSparron b1904 USA d1987 USA
Joseph Revie McSporran b1895 Sct d1922 Sct
Joseph Rice McSparren b1863? d1863 Sct
Josephine Annie McSparron b1884 USA d1885 USA
Josephine H McSparren b1909? d1918 USA
Josephine McSparrin b1832 d1912 USA née Tomlinson
Josiah McSparron b1840 Ire d1916 NZl
Josie McSparrin b1890 d1966 USA
Judson McSparran b1852 d1932 USA m1879 USA Mattie J Rea
Julia Ann McSparrin b1866? d1936 USA née Stucker
Julia Ellen MacSporran d1947 Aus
Julia H McSparron m1923 USA Evi V Harger
Julia J McSparren b1851 d1924 USA née Tucker
Julia MacSporran b1818 Sct
Julia McSporran b1780? d1873 Sct
Julia McSporran b1820? d1872 Sct
June Ina McSparen m1942 USA Russell Watters
June McSparen m1844 USA James B McCarlin
June McSparin b1924 d1987 USA

Kate M McSparren b1861 d1943 USA née Schutz
Kate McSparren b1896 USA
Kate McSparron b1844 Ire
Kate McSporran b1803 Sct
Kate McSporran b1803 Sct m1829 Sct Duncan McMillan
Kate McSporran b1806 Sct
Kate McSporran b1808 Sct
Kate McSporran b1834 Sct
Katharine McSporran b1820 Sct
Katharine McSporran b1828 Sct
Katherin McSparren b1887 USA
Katherin McSporran b1766 Sct
Katherin McSporran b1773 Sct
Katherin McSporran b1775 Sct
Katherin McSporran b1779 Sct
Katherine Mary McSparron b1974 d1974 USA
Katherine Matilda McSparran d1964 Irl
Katherine McSparron b1880? d1964 Irl née Cresswell
Katherine McSporran b1740? d1747 Sct
Katherine McSporran b1896 USA d1977 USA
Kathleen Mary McSpurren b1922 d1997 Can née Dawes
Kathryn L McSparron m1945 USA Paul A Matt
Kathryn McSparin b1917 d1966 USA née Lewis
Katie McSparren b1900 d1987 USA née Baker
Katie McSparren b1900 USA
Keith Barry MacSporran d1945 Aus
Kelly McSparin b1908 USA d1974 USA
Kenneth Lester McSparin b1983 d2002 USA
Kenneth McSparrin b1913 d1987 USA
Kenneth Robert McSporran b1932? d1941 Sct

L Elizabeth McSparron b1880 Irl
Lachlan McSporran m1788 Sct Margaret Clark
Lachlan McSporran m1803 Sct Kate McKieth
Lachland McSperran b1771 Sct
Lachland McSporran m1774 Sct Katherin Stalker
Laetitia McSparin m1832 USA Josiah Blackman
Lancelot MacSparron b1899 Eng d1899 Eng
Lauchlin MacSporran m1803 Sct Catharine MacKeich
Laura A McSparran b1904 USA d1904 USA
Laura Bell McSparren b1888 USA d1929
Laura Etta McSparran b1887 d1975 USA née Fitzgerald
Laura H McSparran b1853? d1923 USA née Wentz
Laura M McSparren b1879 USA
Laura McSparran b1897 d1964 USA née Anderson
Laura McSparran b1913 d1995 USA
Laurence McSparron b1916 d1997 Eng
Lavinia E MacSporran m1942 Sct John Johnson MacFarlane
Lavinia Jane McSporran b1823 Eng
Lawrence E McSparran b1889 Aus d1890 Aus
Lawrence McSparran b1872 Sct d1912 Can m1904 Sct Jane Scobbie
Lawrence McSporran b1913? d1958 Sct m1934 Sct Mary Irvine McMillan
Lawrence McSporran b1930? d2000 Sct m1952 Sct Mary Cochrane
Leah Zee McSparin b1940? d2003 USA
Lee Goade McSparran m1945 USA Maurine Frazier
Lee Goode McSparran b1922 d1950 USA
Lena McSporran b1912 d1912 Can
Lenora McSparen b1898 d1976 USA née Weirich
Leon Hugh McSparron b1894 USA d1959 USA m1916 USA Stella E Laughlin
Leonard McSparin b1930 d1985 USA
Leslie K McSparren b1967 d1991 USA née Ferguson?
Lester Ewing McSparin b1921 d1982 USA m1943 USA Faye A Habecker
Letetia E MacSparron m1902 USA Richard S Harding
Lewellen McSparren b1865 d1938 USA née Sanders
Lewis McSparren b1866 USA d1933 USA m1883 USA Lou Ellen Sanders
Liburn McSparin m1908 USA Ada E Beasley
Lilburn Wilson McSparin d1863 USA
Lilian McSparron b1910 Eng m1931 Eng James D Scott
Lilian McSporran b1914 d2002 NZl
Lillian A McSparren b1889 USA d1918 m1903 USA William T Green
Lillian McSparran m1925 USA Andrew Warrum
Lillie Myrtle McSparin b1883 USA d1961 m1903 USA J W Rushing
Lily McSparron b1911 d1913 Eng
Lily McSparron m1916 USA James Edwards
Linda Dawn McSparin b1943 d1998 USA née Rader
Linda Stevens McSparin b1944 d2003 USA
Lizzie McSparron b1855? d1947 Irl
Lizzie McSparron b1861? d1882 Irl
Lizzie McSparron d1947 Irl
Lizzie McSparron m1906 USA Dennis H McGinness
Lloyd A McSparran b1912 d1994 USA
Lois Orlena McSparin b1896 USA d1978
Lora May McSparren b1887 d1974 USA née CROY
Lorne H MacSporran b1923 d1945
Lorraine H McSparran b1912 d1998 USA
Lota Boyd McSparron b1892 d1985 USA née Boyd
Lota Irene McSparron b1916 d1981 USA m1933 USA Keith S Flinn
Lottie McSparren b1861? d1922 USA née Chapman
Louisa McSparren b1848 USA d1876 USA
Louisa Purcell b1893? d1960 Sct née Burton
Louise A McSparren b1875 USA d1938 USA
Louise McSparren b1932 d2002 USA née Hulett
Lucille McSparin b1914 d1991 USA née Hensley
Lucinda Purcell b1864 d1955 Can née Weaver
Lucy Isabel McSparran b1908 USA d1985 USA m1938 USA George Washington Buller
Lucy M McSparrin b1943 d1999 USA
Lucy McSparin b1887 USA d1908 USA
Lucy McSparran b1912 d1996 USA
Lucy McSparrin m1902 USA Edmundson E A
Lucy McSperen m1909? USA Harry Litts
Lura Bell McSparin b1874 USA
Lura Marie McSparin b1892 d1962 USA née Jacobs
Luvica McSparrin m1879 USA A M Gane
Luvicia McSparran m1883 USA Charles H Richardson
Lyda E McSparren m1903 USA Charles Lewis Brakeman
Lydia A McSparran b1829 d1888 USA née Pusey
Lydia Ellen McSparran b1850 USA d1918 m1892 USA Edwin Morrison Zell

M Helen MacSparren b1913? d1986 USA
Mabel A McSparron m1937 USA John S Faragher
Mabel Doreen McSparron m1944 Aus Raymond Joseph Lewis
Mabel F McSparren b1899 USA
Mabel Florence McSporran b1883 Eng d1883 Eng
Mabel Grace McSparron b1891? d1960 Eng née Smith
Mabel M MacSparron b1890 USA m1911 USA Arthur A Small
Mabel McSparron b1892 d1984 USA
Mabel Ruth McSparrin b1913 d1988 USA
Mabelle M McSparron m1911 USA Arthur A Small
Madge McSparin b1917 d1989 USA née Moulton
Madge McSparron m1916 USA Elmer Blair Weir
Madge McSparron m1945 Eng John Ronald Allsop
Maggie M McSparron b1888 d1964 USA
Maggie MacSporran b1911? d1911 Sct
Maggie McSparran b1874 d1965 USA née Craig
Maggie McSporran b1866? d1905 Sct née McLellan
Maggie McSporran b1893 Sct d1977 Sct m1913 Sct Thomas McQuade
Malcolm M McSporran b1907 Sct m1936 Sct Mary Coupland
Malcolm MacSporran b1814 Sct d1892 Sct m1838 Sct Elizabeth Arnot
Malcolm MacSporran b1835? d1896 Sct
Malcolm MacSporran d1893 Sct
Malcolm MacSporran d1947 Aus
Malcolm MacSporran d1979 Eng
Malcolm MacSporran m1933 Aus Evelyn P Hungerford
Malcolm McIntyre McSporran b1907 Sct d1986 Sct
Malcolm McSporan b1883 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1795 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1818 Sct d1893 Sct m1855 Sct Janet Montgomery
Malcolm McSporran b1825 Sct m1863 Sct Elizabeth McCallum
Malcolm McSporran b1841 Sct d1903 Sct m1875 Sct Margaret Sutherland
Malcolm McSporran b1844 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1848? d1923 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1853 Sct d1936 Sct m1881 Sct Mary Revie
Malcolm McSporran b1860? d1935 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1871? d1949 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1872 Sct d1872 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1873 Sct d1888 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1880 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1880 Sct d1903 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1883 Sct d1948 Sct m1918 Sct Elizabeth Taylor
Malcolm McSporran b1883 Sct d1960 m1919 Sct Mary Andrew Reid
Malcolm McSporran b1884 Sct d1961 Can
Malcolm McSporran b1884? d1930 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1884? d1960 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1893 Sct d1942 Sct m1936 Sct Sarah Henderson Graham
Malcolm McSporran b1894 Sct d1916 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1895 Sct m1923 Can Laura Ethel Partington
Malcolm McSporran b1896 Can
Malcolm McSporran b1898 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1899? d1939 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1901 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1902 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1902? d1973 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1908 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1914? d1934 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1916? d1980 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1926 d1999 NZl
Malcolm McSporran b1933? d1937 Sct
Malcolm McSporran b1940? d1976 Sct
Malcolm McSporran m1876 Sct Elizabeth McFarlane
Malcolm McSporran m1880 Sct Mary Hastie
Malcolm McSporran m1913 Sct Mary Thomson English
Malcolm McSporran m1923 Sct Janet Stevenson
Malcolm McSporran m1932 Sct Susan McKelvie Shaw
Malcolm Purcel b1829 Sct d1857 Sct
Malcolm Purcell b1801? d1887 Can
Malcom McSporran b1795 Sct
Malcom McSporran b1800 Sct
Malcom McSporran b1801 Sct
Malcom McSporran b1835 Sct
Malcom McSporran b1871 Sct
Malcom McSporran m1779 Sct Gilles McMillan
Malcom McSporran m1799 Sct Catherine ?
Malcom McSporran m1820 Sct Sarah MacTaggart
Malcom McSporron m1871 Sct Annie Niven
Malinda B McSparren m1870 USA Hamilton J Cline
Mamie McSparran m1900 USA Julius Kaumeier
Marcella McSparron b1919 d1991 USA
Margarate McSpporran b1822 Sct
Margaret A McSparran b1919 d1980 Eng
Margaret Agnes McSparron b1881 Eng m1908 Eng George Garvey
Margaret Allison McSporran b1880 Aus
Margaret Ann McSparran b1825? d1886 Sct née McCormick
Margaret Ann McSparran b1866 USA d1877 USA
Margaret Ann McSparron b1844 Ire d1912 m1872 Irl Thomas Hunter
Margaret Anne McSparran b1891 Irl d1891 Irl
Margaret Brown McSporran b1888 Sct d1961 Sct m1910 Sct John Reid
Margaret C McSparen b1893 USA d1975
Margaret C McSporran b1904 Sct
Margaret Calder McSporran b1889 Sct d1978 Sct
Margaret Calder McSporran b1907 Sct d1933 Sct
Margaret Cecilia McSporran b1899 Sct
Margaret Curdie McSporran b1900 Sct d1967 Sct m1927 Sct Robert Bremner Haston
Margaret E McSparren b1842 USA
Margaret E McSporran b1924? d1931 Sct
Margaret Frances C McSporran b1882 USA d1964 m1910 USA Edward Mayne
Margaret H McSparron b1889 USA d1961 m1911 USA William C Shafer
Margaret Hope McSparron b1902 d1994 Eng née Matthewson
Margaret Inglis McSporran b1932? d1984 Sct née Bridge
Margaret Isabel McSporran b1899 Sct d1978 Can m1922 Can Bertie B Young
Margaret J McSparren m1927 USA H P Bakeman
Margaret J McSporran b1923? d1987 Sct
Margaret Jane MacSparron b1854 d1915 USA née Kane
Margaret Jane McSperren b1819 USA d1866 m1839 USA Samuel Davis
Margaret Jane McSporran b1893? d1978 Sct née Currie
Margaret M MacSporran b1895? d1936 Sct
Margaret M MacSporran b1926? d1927 Sct
Margaret M McSporran b1879? d1912 Sct née Robertson
Margaret M McSporran b1894 Sct d1894 Sct
Margaret M McSporran b1897 Sct
Margaret M McSporran b1903 Sct m1940 Sct Daniel M Campbell
Margaret M McSporran b1903? d1969 Sct née Campbell
Margaret M McSporran b1905 Sct
Margaret M McSporran b1905 Sct d1995 USA
Margaret M McSporran b1930? d1987 Sct née Moncur
Margaret M McSporran m1920 Sct John Virtue
Margaret MacSparran b1886 d1989 USA
Margaret MacSporran b1803 Sct
Margaret MacSporran b1804 Sct
Margaret MacSporran b1805 Sct
Margaret MacSporran b1806 Sct d1862 Sct
Margaret MacSporran b1812 Sct
Margaret MacSporran b1818 Sct d1901 m1854 Sct Donald McDonald
Margaret MacSporran b1851? d1929 Sct née Muir
Margaret MacSporran b1876? d1931 Sct
Margaret MacSporran b1886 Aus
Margaret MacSporran b1890? d1949 Sct
Margaret MacSporran b1899? d1951 Sct
Margaret MacSporran m1812 Sct Alexander MacAusland
Margaret MacSporran m1826 Sct Duncan Macorkindale
Margaret Mary McAspurn b1924 d1925 Sct
Margaret McAspurn b1927? d1966 Sct
Margaret McKay McSparren b1780? d1834 USA née McKay
Margaret McSparran b1790? d1874 USA
Margaret McSparran b1798 Irl
Margaret McSparran b1813 Sct
Margaret McSparran b1813 USA d1866
Margaret McSparran b1816? d1878 Sct
Margaret McSparran b1829? d1894 Sct
Margaret McSparran b1847? d1909 Sct
Margaret McSparran b1860 Irl
Margaret McSparran b1860 Irl d1933 m1894 Irl James McCart
Margaret McSparran b1879? d1964 Sct née Ward
Margaret McSparran b1900 Sct d1949?
Margaret McSparran b1902? d1949 Sct
Margaret McSparran b1907 d1992 USA
Margaret McSparran m1894 Irl
Margaret McSparran m1924 NZl
Margaret McSparren b1806 USA
Margaret McSparren b1814 USA d1865 m1841 USA Clark Cathcart
Margaret McSparren b1818 USA
Margaret McSparren b1837 USA d1925
Margaret McSparren b1840? d1900 Sct
Margaret McSparren d1909 USA
Margaret McSparren m1823 USA Avery S Rea
Margaret McSparren m1856 USA John I Campbell
Margaret McSparrin b1848 Irl
Margaret McSparrin b1856 Irl d1942 USA
Margaret McSparrin b1857 Irl
Margaret McSparrin b1870 Irl
Margaret McSparrin b1881 d1960 USA née Beberger
Margaret McSparron b1844 Ire m1862 Irl Robert Wilson
Margaret McSparron b1844 Irl
Margaret McSparron b1857? d1944 Irl
Margaret McSparron b1859? d1935 Irl
Margaret McSparron b1860? d1933 USA
Margaret McSparron b1864 Sct d1945
Margaret McSparron b1881 Eng d1881 Eng
Margaret McSparron b1887 d1971 Aus née Thompson
Margaret McSparron b1889 Sct
Margaret McSparron b1901 Sct
Margaret McSparron d1971 Aus
Margaret McSperran m1879 Irl
Margaret McSporain m1802 Sct Neil McMillan
Margaret McSporan b1844 Sct m1867 Aus William Matters
Margaret McSporan m1824 Sct Robert Phillips
Margaret McSporrain b1759 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1773 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1775 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1778 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1782 Sct d1865 Sct m1834 Sct Matthew Sproul
Margaret McSporran b1798 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1813 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1818? d1878 Sct née Cushnahin
Margaret McSporran b1819? d1877 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1819? d1912 Sct née Tennant
Margaret McSporran b1820 Sct m1859 Sct Tho Ralston
Margaret McSporran b1826? d1881 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1827 d1857 Sct née Kilpatrick
Margaret McSporran b1829 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1829? d1901 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1833 Sct m1865 Sct Samuel Campbell
Margaret McSporran b1833? d1914 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1834 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1835? d1890 Aus née McKay
Margaret McSporran b1836 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1836? d1909 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1837? d1904 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1838 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1839 Sct d1914 NZl m1868 NZl Robert Meikle McCallum
Margaret McSporran b1839? d1917 Sct née Stewart
Margaret McSporran b1844 Sct d1922 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1845? d1928 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1846 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1846 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1847 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1848? d1900 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1848? d1915 Sct née McAlister
Margaret McSporran b1849 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1850? d1937 Can
Margaret McSporran b1855 Sct d1855 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1857 Sct d1857 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1859? d1913 Sct née McBride
Margaret McSporran b1860 Eng
Margaret McSporran b1861 Eng
Margaret McSporran b1861? d1936 Sct née Campbell
Margaret McSporran b1861? d1947 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1863 Sct d1943 m1883 Sct Donald Ferguson
Margaret McSporran b1863? d1928 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1863? d1943 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1864 Aus m1881 Aus William Ross
Margaret McSporran b1864? d1911 Sct née Wylie
Margaret McSporran b1865 Sct d1946 Sct m1895 Sct John McNair
Margaret McSporran b1866 NZl d1948
Margaret McSporran b1877 Sct d1886 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1878 Sct m1908 Sct William Renfrew
Margaret McSporran b1878? d1967 Sct née Robertson
Margaret McSporran b1879 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1889 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1890? d1929 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1890? d1963 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1892? d1966 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1894 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1895 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1896 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1896? Sct d1966 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1897? d1897 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1901? d1951 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1915? d1986 Sct
Margaret McSporran b1921? d1992 Sct née McDougall
Margaret McSporran d1815 Sct
Margaret McSporran d1852 Sct née Andrew
Margaret McSporran d1856 Sct
Margaret McSporran m1836 Sct Pinkerton Martin
Margaret McSporran m1837 Sct Donald McMillan
Margaret McSporran m1851 Sct Dugald MacDougall
Margaret McSporran m1857 Sct Alexander Cameron
Margaret McSporran m1916 Sct Archibald Leitch
Margaret McSporran m1917 Sct John Logan
Margaret McSporran m1918 Sct William Mearns
Margaret McSporran m1941 Eng John Kerr
Margaret McSpurn b1858? d1942 Sct
Margaret McSpurn m1879 Sct John Wilson
Margaret McSpurren b1876? d1938 Sct née Holland
Margaret Pender MacSporran b1883 Sct d1950 Sct m1907 Sct James Farquhars Gibb
Margaret Purcel b1844 Sct
Margaret Purcell b1892 d1983 Can née Munro
Margaret Purcell m1873 Sct Robert Patrick
Margaret Pursell b1734? d1782 Sct
Margaret Pursell b1855? d1855 Sct
Margaret Pursell b1867? d1942 Sct
Margaret R McSparin b1890 d1983 USA née Beach
Margaret R McSparron b1916 d2003 USA
Margaret R McSporran b1901 Sct
Margaret R McSporran b1904 Sct
Margaret R McSporran b1904? d1961 Sct
Margaret Ramsay Pursell b1867 Sct
Margaret S McSporran b1905 Sct d1905 Sct
Margaret Sheare McAspurren b1903 Sct
Margaret Sillar McSporran b1875? d1947 Sct
Margaret Smith McSporran m1943 Sct Ian Fraser MacDonald
Margaret Steele McSparran b1866 USA d1866
Margaret Stewart McSporran b1882 Sct d1958 Sct m1912 Sct Duncan Ramsay
Margaret W McSporran m1938 Sct James Bruce B Brown
Margarett McSparren b1793 Irl
Margarett McSparron b1894 USA d1988 USA
Margaretta MacSporran b1909? d1974 Sct née McKinlay
Margaretta McSparron b1908 Irl
Margrate McSporran m1802 Sct John Bieth
Margret MacSporran b1857? d1931 Sct
Margret McSporran b1879 Sct d1969 NZl
Margueri W McSparren b1886? d1962 USA
Marguerite C McSporran m1917 Aus Charles S Davies
Marguerite E McSparrin b1909 d1992 USA
Marguerite McSparron b1903 d1995 USA née Moore
Maria A McSparren b1910 USA
Maria Elizabeth McSporran b1845 Eng
Maria L McSparron m1860 USA Jas O Harris
Maria McAspurn b1964 d1964 Eng
Maria McSparran b1883 Irl
Maria McSparran b1887? d1911 Eng
Maria McSparren b1787 USA
Maria McSparren b1842 d1905 USA née Allshouse
Maria McSperen b1801 USA
Maria Stewart McSporran b1897 Sct d1983 Sct m1932 Sct Gavin Campbell MacColl
Marian McSparran b1859 USA d1944
Marian McSporran b1778? d1868 Sct née McTaggart
Marian McSporran b1847 Sct
Marian McSporran d1859 Sct
Marie McSparren b1906 d2002 USA née Bailey
Marie N McSparron b1885 USA
Marie S McSparin b1909 d1998 USA
Marilla McSparren b1872 USA d1941
Marion C McSparrin b1894 USA
Marion M McSporran b1929? d1962 Sct née Todd
Marion MacSporran b1885 Sct m1908 Sct James Porter
Marion MacSporran m1933 Sct John Shaw
Marion McDonald MacSporan b1855 Sct
Marion McSparron b1881 d1942 USA née Oliver
Marion McSparron m1898 USA Robert Dolan
Marion McSporran b1803? d1881 Sct
Marion McSporran b1828? d1910 Sct
Marion McSporran b1834 Sct
Marion McSporran b1840? d1880 Sct
Marion McSporran b1842 Sct
Marion McSporran b1842 Sct m1867 Sct Neil Brown
Marion McSporran b1842? d1911 Sct
Marion McSporran b1846? d1866 Sct née McMillan
Marion McSporran b1853? d1914 Sct
Marion McSporran b1865 Sct
Marion McSporran b1869 Sct d1869
Marion McSporran b1886? d1929 Sct
Marion McSporran b1891 Sct
Marion McSporran b1892 Sct m1919 Sct Robert Holley
Marion McSporran b1892? d1964 Sct
Marion McSporran b1893? d1944 Sct
Marion McSporran b1898 Sct d1906 Sct
Marion McSporran b1904 Sct
Marion McSporran b1905? d1988 Sct née Shaw
Marion McSporran b1910 Sct
Marion McSporran d1856 Sct
Marion McSporran m1833 Sct Owen McFie
Marion McSporran m1835 Sct James Ross
Marion McSporran m1850 Sct James Stewart
Marion McSpurn d1923 Sct
Marion Steel McSporran b1903 Sct
Marjory McSparron b1855? d1930 Eng née Lumsdon
Mark McSporran b1982? d1982 Sct
Marlene McSporran b1951 d1951 Sct
Marran McSporean m1869 Sct Gorge Phillips
Marsha Faye McSparrin b1944 d1999 USA née Smith
Marta Sue McSparren b1952 d1952 USA
Martha Ann McSparran b1823 d1912 USA née Wheeler
Martha Ann McSparren b1860? d1890 Irl
Martha Ann McSparron b1889 Ire d1952 Irl
Martha Brown McSporran b1885 Sct d1912 Sct
Martha Craig McSporran b1882 Sct d1965 Sct m1907 Sct Duncan McPhee
Martha Hogarth McSporran b1900 Sct m1925 Sct John Russell
Martha Jane McSparren d1763 USA
Martha Jane McSparron b1861? d1920 Irl
Martha M McSparran b1857? d1931 USA
Martha McSparran b1805 Irl
Martha McSparren b1834 Irl
Martha McSparren b1834? d1913 Sct
Martha McSparren m1862 Irl Thomas Mills
Martha McSparrin b1901 d1989 USA
Martha McSparron b1790? d1875 Irl
Martha McSparron b1805 Ire
Martha McSparron b1836? d1901 Irl
Martha McSparron b1862 Irl
Martha McSparron b1885 d1972 USA
Martha McSparron b1889 Irl d1951 Irl
Martha McSparron b1914? d1986 Sct née Davidson
Martha McSparron d1890 Ire m1846 Irl William Ritchie
Martha McSparron m1860 Irl Robert George
Martha McSparron m1937 Sct James Davidson
Martha McSporran b1826? d1892 Sct
Martha McSporran b1882 Sct d1931 Sct m1906 Sct George R Wilson
Martha McSporran b1911? d1967 Sct née Steell
Martha McSporran b1937? d1990 Sct née Black
Martha McSporran m1846 Sct John Colquhoun
Martha Parthena McSparin b1854 USA d1854
Martha Renie McSporran b1910 Sct m1937 Sct James Steel
Mary A McSparren b1837 d1917 USA née Williamson
Mary A McSparren b1842 d1915 USA née Thackwell
Mary A McSporran b1882 Sct m1911 Sct Peter Blair
Mary Agnes McSparran b1890 Sct d1969 m1914 Irl Arthur McAlister
Mary Agnes McSporran b1908 Sct m1943 Sct George Stork
Mary Agness McSparren b1878 USA m1901 USA William P Harris
Mary Alice McSparran b1854 USA d1855
Mary Andrew McSporran b1895? d1991 Sct née Reid
Mary Ann MacSparran b1807 Sct
Mary Ann McAspurn m1943 Sct Anthony Scullion
Mary Ann McSparin b1851 USA d1873 m1871 USA Thomas C Wise
Mary Ann McSparin b1857 d1878 USA née Rose
Mary Ann McSparran b1863? d1883 Sct née McGill
Mary Ann McSparran b1891 Irl
Mary Ann McSparran d1905 USA née O'Kane
Mary Ann McSparren b1813 d1903 USA née Jones
Mary Ann McSparren b1831 USA d1895 m1851 USA John McClarren
Mary Ann McSparren m1887 USA Thomas Stevenson
Mary Ann McSparrin m1838 USA George W Oglesby
Mary Ann McSparron b1874 Eng d1876 Eng
Mary Ann McSparron b1876 Eng d1893?
Mary Ann McSparron b1896 Irl d1965 Irl
Mary Ann McSporran b1838? d1908 Sct née McCormick
Mary Ann McSporran b1867? d1869 Sct
Mary Ann McSporran b1883? d1917 Sct
Mary Anna McSparren b1870 USA d1887
Mary Anne McSparron d1897 USA
Mary Anne McSporran b1912? d1912 Sct
Mary Bell Purcell b1877 d1962 USA
Mary Bell Purcell b1885 d1976 Can
Mary Bridget R McSporran m1939 Sct Charles Kelly
Mary Campbell McSporran b1898 Sct
Mary Campbell McSporran b1914? d1937 Sct
Mary Caroline McSparren b1833 USA
Mary Catherine McSparran b1906 Irl d1988 USA
Mary Catherine McSporran b1877? d1931 Can née McFadyen
Mary Caven McSporran b1896 Sct d1898 Sct
Mary Crawford McSporran b1900? d1972 Sct née Kerr
Mary Day McSparran b1907 d1963 USA née Brown
Mary Dempster F McSporran b1923? d1990 Sct née Sneddon
Mary Dewar McSparrion b1868 Sct d1938 m1886 Sct Patrick O'Neill
Mary E MacSparran b1888 d1974 USA née Grinder
Mary E McSparren b1852? d1931 USA
Mary E McSparren b1855 USA d1890
Mary E McSparren m1933 USA Leonard Bedford Hessee
Mary E McSparron b1898 USA
Mary E McSparron m1943 USA Richard John Shelhorn
Mary Elizabeth McSparran b1839 USA d1902 USA
Mary Elizabeth McSparran b1857 USA d1859 USA
Mary Elizabeth McSporran b1906? d1963 Sct née Neilson
Mary Ellen McSparran b1877 Sct d1880 Sct
Mary Emma McSparren b1856 USA m1881 USA Philip A Locke
Mary Emma McSparren b1873 USA d1895 m1895 USA Homer Yates
Mary G McSparran b1889 USA
Mary Gardiner McAspurren b1908 Sct
Mary Henrietta McSporran b1883 Can d1912 Can
Mary Howie McSporran b1865? d1922 Sct
Mary Howie McSporran b1894 Sct d1952 Sct m1913 Sct John Dunn
Mary Irvine McSporran b1910? d1943 Sct
Mary J McSparron b1840? d1934 Eng
Mary Jane McSparan m1885 Eng William Ernest Austin
Mary Jane McSparran b1825 Irl
Mary Jane McSparren b1871 Irl d1884 Irl
Mary Jane McSparren b1874 USA d1918 m1892? USA Henry C Dourell
Mary Jane McSparren b1875 d1951 USA née Wescott
Mary Jane McSparren b1917 d1984 USA
Mary Jane McSparron b1841 Ire m1871 Aus John Moore
Mary Jane McSporran b1868 Sct m1900 Aus Frank Wakefield
Mary Jane McSporran m1885 Eng
Mary Jane McSporron b1917? d1917 Sct
Mary Jane Purcell b1881? d1891 Can
Mary Katherine McSparran b1888 USA m1915 USA Richard J Shoughnessy
Mary L MacSporran b1890? d1955 Sct
Mary L McSporran b1889 Sct d1981
Mary Louisa McSparron b1887 Ire m1923 Irl John Waring Danne
Mary Louise McSparin b1911 d1946 USA
Mary M McSparren b1883 USA
Mary MacKenzie McSporran b1903 Sct m1924 Can Gordon Stanley Freeman
Mary MacSparran b1923 d1982 USA
Mary MacSporran b1772 Sct
Mary MacSporran b1818 Sct
Mary MacSporran b1829 Sct
Mary MacSporran b1842? d1910 Sct
Mary MacSporran b1883? d1935 Sct
Mary MacSporran b1889? d1960 Sct née Johnstone
Mary MacSporran b1909 Sct
Mary MacSporran b1910? d1981 Sct née Harvey
Mary MacSporran m1938 Sct Andrew McSkimming
Mary MacSpurren m1843 Sct Archibald MacKellar
Mary Mackintosh McSporran b1913? d1987 Sct née Binney
Mary Margaret MacSporran b1915? d1979 Sct
Mary Margaret McSparron b1918 d1999 Eng née Gurne
Mary McAlister McSporran b1891 Sct
Mary McAlister McSporran b1917? d1985 Sct
Mary McAspurn b1902? d1963 Sct
Mary McDonald McSporran b1909 Sct d1937 Sct m1932 Sct Hugh Devlin
Mary McDougall McSporran b1897? d1969 Sct née Whiteford
Mary McI MacSporran m1936 Sct Thomas Lindsay Binney
Mary McIntyre McSporran b1895? d1964 Sct née Smart
Mary McLean C McSporran b1913? d1989 Sct m1933 Sct John McShannon
Mary McLean McSporran b1943 d1943 Sct
Mary McNutrie McSporran b1872 Sct d1873 Sct
Mary McSparin b1911 d1983 USA
Mary McSparin b1912 d1973 USA née Thorngate
Mary McSparon m1859 Sct William Logan
Mary McSparran b1819? d1899 Irl
Mary McSparran b1821 Irl
Mary McSparran b1830 Irl
Mary McSparran b1832 Irl
Mary McSparran b1845? d1924 Sct née McGarry
Mary McSparran b1855 Irl
Mary McSparran b1858 Irl d1941 m1880 Sct John Hamilton
Mary McSparran b1861 Irl
Mary McSparran b1861? d1935 Sct
Mary McSparran b1862? d1934 Irl
Mary McSparran b1866? d1943 Eng née Huntingdon
Mary McSparran b1872? Irl d1903 Irl
Mary McSparran b1878? d1878 USA
Mary McSparran b1894 USA d1898
Mary McSparran b1895? d1896 Sct
Mary McSparran b1903 d1973 USA née Butler
Mary McSparran d1801 Irl
Mary McSparran d1885 Irl
Mary McSparran d1918 Can
Mary McSparran m1878 NZl William John Wray
Mary McSparran m1890 Irl
Mary McSparran m1890 Irl Margnes Ross Boyle
Mary McSparran m1914 Irl
Mary McSparren b1808 USA m1832 John R Dumars
Mary McSparren b1822? d1875 Irl
Mary McSparren b1838 Irl
Mary McSparren b1862 Sct
Mary McSparren b1880 USA
Mary McSparren b1902? d1964 USA née Barnett
Mary McSparren b1916 d1992 USA
Mary McSparren b1931 d1997 USA née Cochran
Mary McSparren d1763 USA
Mary McSparren m1775 USA John McDowell
Mary McSparren m1811 USA Thomas Pickering
Mary McSparren m1817 USA Richard Shackleford
Mary McSparren m1868 USA Joseph M Wallace
Mary McSparren m1900 USA George Pasquella
Mary McSparren m1908 USA William Burgess
Mary McSparrin b1810 USA d1843 m1830? USA Robert Black
Mary McSparrin b1895 Irl
Mary McSparrin d1909 USA née Birch
Mary McSparron b1747? d1833 Irl
Mary McSparron b1770 Eng
Mary McSparron b1784? d1868 Irl
Mary McSparron b1807? d1888 Irl
Mary McSparron b1829? d1901 Irl
Mary McSparron b1843? d1930 Irl
Mary McSparron b1845? d1916 Irl
Mary McSparron b1847? d1920 Irl
Mary McSparron b1858 Irl
Mary McSparron b1858 Irl
Mary McSparron b1859 USA d1925 m1893 USA George Henry Waitt
Mary McSparron b1871 Irl
Mary McSparron b1876 Eng
Mary McSparron b1879 Irl d1879 Irl
Mary McSparron b1879? d1940 Irl
Mary McSparron b1881? d1952 Eng née Batley
Mary McSparron b1886 d1973 Eng née Jewers
Mary McSparron b1887 USA
Mary McSparron b1895 d1974 USA née Feeney
Mary McSparron b1911? d1911 Irl
Mary McSparron b1912 d1995 Eng née Birch
Mary McSparron d1878 Ire
Mary McSparron d1893 Eng
Mary McSparron d1940 Irl
Mary McSparron d1970 Irl
Mary McSparron m1913 Eng James Downing
Mary McSparron m1935 Irl William Kelly
Mary McSparron m1937 Eng Alfred Oldham
Mary McSparron m1940 Eng Robert C Howe
Mary McSperren m1881 USA Herbert Edwards
Mary McSporan b1760 Sct
Mary McSporan m1855 Sct Thomas Lynch
Mary McSporran b1763 Sct
Mary McSporran b1769 Sct
Mary McSporran b1774 Sct
Mary McSporran b1777 Sct
Mary McSporran b1795 Sct
Mary McSporran b1798 Sct
Mary McSporran b1805 Sct
Mary McSporran b1805 Sct d1885 Sct
Mary McSporran b1806 Sct
Mary McSporran b1807 Sct
Mary McSporran b1807 Sct
Mary McSporran b1807? d1878 Sct née McVicar
Mary McSporran b1808 d1904 Sct
Mary McSporran b1808 Sct d1898 Sct
Mary McSporran b1808? d1870 Sct
Mary McSporran b1809? d1882 Sct
Mary McSporran b1815 Sct
Mary McSporran b1819 Sct
Mary McSporran b1819 Sct m1837 Sct Andrew Sproull
Mary McSporran b1819? d1891 Sct
Mary McSporran b1822 Sct
Mary McSporran b1823 Sct
Mary McSporran b1824 Sct d1912 Sct
Mary McSporran b1824? d1880 Sct
Mary McSporran b1832 Sct
Mary McSporran b1835 Sct
Mary McSporran b1836 Sct d1923 m1853 Sct Angus McLeod
Mary McSporran b1838 Sct
Mary McSporran b1842 Sct
Mary McSporran b1843 Sct
Mary McSporran b1843 Sct m1882 Sct Archibald Black
Mary McSporran b1843? d1917 Sct
Mary McSporran b1846 Sct m1866 Sct John McCallum
Mary McSporran b1847? d1884 Sct
Mary McSporran b1848 Sct d1932 m1871 Sct John Smith
Mary McSporran b1848? d1932 Sct
Mary McSporran b1851? d1883 Sct
Mary McSporran b1855? d1943 Sct
Mary McSporran b1857 Sct m1877 Aus William Fitzgerald
Mary McSporran b1859? d1934 Sct
Mary McSporran b1860? d1943 Sct
Mary McSporran b1861? d1939 Eng
Mary McSporran b1863 Sct d1935 m1894 Sct Duncan McNeill
Mary McSporran b1863? d1935 Sct
Mary McSporran b1865 Sct d1866 Sct
Mary McSporran b1865? d1953 Sct née McCaig
Mary McSporran b1868 Aus
Mary McSporran b1869 NZl d1869 Sct
Mary McSporran b1872 Sct d1877 Sct
Mary McSporran b1872 Sct d1970 NZl
Mary McSporran b1873 Sct d1895 Sct
Mary McSporran b1875? d1939 Sct née Graham
Mary McSporran b1876? d1937 Sct née MacKenzie
Mary McSporran b1878 Sct
Mary McSporran b1878 Sct
Mary McSporran b1878? d1931 Sct
Mary McSporran b1878? d1951 Sct
Mary McSporran b1879 Sct
Mary McSporran b1879 Sct
Mary McSporran b1882? d1970 Sct née McMillan
Mary McSporran b1883 Sct d1961 Sct m1915 Sct Angus Mathieson
Mary McSporran b1883? d1934 Sct
Mary McSporran b1884 Sct d1888 Sct
Mary McSporran b1886 Sct
Mary McSporran b1887? d1922 Sct
Mary McSporran b1889 Sct d1965 Sct
Mary McSporran b1890 Sct
Mary McSporran b1891 Sct
Mary McSporran b1891? d1955 Eng
Mary McSporran b1891? d1970 Sct
Mary McSporran b1891? d1981 Sct
Mary McSporran b1895? d1896 Sct
Mary McSporran b1899 Sct d1970 Sct
Mary McSporran b1899? d1978 Sct née Coupland
Mary McSporran b1902 Sct
Mary McSporran b1903? d1991 Sct née Wallace
Mary McSporran b1907 Sct
Mary McSporran b1917? d1997 Sct née Hill
Mary McSporran b1921? d1992 Sct m1943 Sct Andrew Hennessey
Mary McSporran b1924? d1989 Sct née Holden
Mary McSporran b1931? d1987 Sct née Cochrane
Mary McSporran b1943 d1943 Sct
Mary McSporran d1888 Sct
Mary McSporran d1918 Can née Thompson
Mary McSporran d1998 Eng
Mary McSporran m1752 Sct John McCoig
Mary McSporran m1791 Sct James McNiven
Mary McSporran m1796 Sct James Darroch
Mary McSporran m1818 Sct Niel McDonald
Mary McSporran m1821 Sct Neil Galbreath
Mary McSporran m1824 Sct Charles Williamson
Mary McSporran m1831 Sct Malcom Smith
Mary McSporran m1839 Sct John McMillan
Mary McSporran m1844 Sct John McSporran
Mary McSporran m1852 Sct John Currie
Mary McSporran m1862 Aus Horatio Robert Kefford
Mary McSporran m1866 Sct Thomas Scott
Mary McSporran m1866 Sct Thomas Scott
Mary McSporran m1893 NZl Robert Leslie Johnston
Mary McSporran m1898 Sct Dugald McPherson
Mary McSporran m1909 Sct Alexander Grant Dallow
Mary McSporran m1912 Sct David Ross
Mary McSporran m1918 Sct John Haig McDougall
Mary McSporran m1931 Eng John Sharp
Mary McSporran m1931 Sct Robert McMillan
Mary McSporran m1934 Sct John Harvey
Mary McSporran m1944 Sct William McLuski Hill
Mary McSporron m1831 Sct David Porter
Mary McSpuren b1807? d1879 Sct
Mary McSpurn b1862? d1930 Sct
Mary McSpurn m1879 Sct Isaac Piper
Mary Meldrum McSporran b1924? d1961 Sct née Sturgeon
Mary Muir MacSporran b1895 Sct d1974 Sct m1918 Sct Robert Rae
Mary Omand McSporran b1882 Sct d1964 Sct
Mary Paterson McSporran b1880 Sct d1952 Sct m1899 Sct William Gilchrist
Mary Poyner McSparron b1889? d1975 Aus née Leslie
Mary Purcel b1791 Sct
Mary Purcell b1806? d1884 Sct née Gillies
Mary Purcell b1820? d1900 Can née Bannatyne
Mary Purcell b1838 Sct m1862 Sct James Giffen
Mary Purcell b1842? d1927 Sct née Keith
Mary Purcell b1871 Sct d1871 Sct
Mary Purcell b1886 d1889 Sct
Mary Purcell m1798 Sct John Lamont
Mary Pursel b1811 Sct
Mary Pursel m1801 Sct Duncan Leitch
Mary Pursell b1782? d1855 Sct née Herbert
Mary Pursell b1816? d1854 Sct née Ramsey
Mary Pursell b1858? d1955 Sct née Russell
Mary Pursell b1864 Sct d1885 Sct
Mary Pursell b1866? d1935 Sct
Mary Pursell m1888 Sct Robert Colville
Mary R Morrison McSporran b1920? d1998 Sct
Mary Revie McSporran b1893 Sct d1956 Sct m1916 Sct Alexander O'May
Mary Revie McSporran b1910 Sct
Mary Revie McSporran m1939 Sct Ian Morrison
Mary Roe Ann McSparren b1895 USA
Mary Ross MacSporran b1906 Sct m1941 Sct James MacLeod
Mary Stewart McSporran b1910? d1980 Sct née McKay
Mary Thomson McSporran b1882? d1956 Sct née English
Mary Wylie McSporran b1914 d1917 Sct
Mathe McSparron b1778? d1862 Irl
Mathew McMurchie McSporran b1883 Sct d1955 m1902 Sct Christina Smith
Mathew McSporran b1860 Sct d1918 Sct m1902 Sct Catherine McBain
Matilda McSparron m1941 Irl Samuel Lyons
Matildah McSpaine m1844 USA James Gibbs
Matt McSparron d2003 Irl
Matthew John McSparron b1892 Irl d1980 m1942 Irl
Matthew M MacSporron b1906 Sct
Matthew M McSporron b1906? d1906 Sct
Matthew McSparron b1912 d1982 Eng m1933 Eng Mary Birch
Matthew McSporran b1884? d1955 Sct
Matthew McSporran m1883 Sct Sarah Jane Young
Matthew McSporran m1911 Sct Elizabeth Ferguson
Matthew McSporran m1940 Sct Helen McLean Christie
Maude C McSparren b1883 USA
Maude E McSparran b1903 d1959 USA née Smith
Maureen McSporran b1954 d1955 Sct
Maurice Emery McSparren b1902 USA
Maurice MacSporran b1871? d1941 Sct
Maurice MacSporran b1916? d1986 Sct
Maurice MacSporran b1932? d1934 Sct
Maurice McSporran b1852 Sct d1895 Aus m1883 Aus Elizabeth Daw
Maurice McSporran b1870 Sct m1900 Sct Isabella Galbraith
Maurice McSporran b1927? d1992 Sct
Maurice McSporran m1891 Sct Isabella Galbreath
Maurice McSporran m1925 Sct Catherine Scott Currie
May McSparran d1905 USA
May McSparren b1862 USA d1862
Maysie MacSporran b1904? d2000 Can
Melissa B McSparen d1853 USA
Melissa Floretta McSparren b1847 USA d1928 m1864 USA Zachariah Tate
Melissa Jennie McSparin b1888 d1963 USA née Choate
Mellie McSporran b1814 Sct
Mellville McSparren b1892 USA
Melvin W McSperrin b1904 USA
Melvina McSparren b1846? d1924 USA née Wallace
Michael Dean McSparrin d1950 USA
Michael Joseph McSparin b1957 d1979 USA
Michael McSparen d1981 USA
Michael McSparron b1882 Sct d1940 Sct
Mildred J McSparran b1903 USA d1997 USA
Mildred Jean Purcell b1920 d1921 Can
Mildred Mable McSparren b1886 d1956 USA née Wilson
Mildred McSparen b1952 d1988 USA
Mildred McSparran b1908 USA
Millicent N McSparron b1929 d1929 Wls
Minie McSparin b1887 USA
Minnie Gertrude McSparren b1904 USA d1911 USA
Minnie H McSparren b1912 d1987 USA
Minnie J McSparren b1867 USA
Minnie M McSparren b1875 d1942 USA m1896 USA Allen C Calhoon
Minnie McSparin b1894 d1974 USA
Minnie McSparren m1893 USA John Lincoln Oesan
Miriam Martha McSparran b1910 d1994 USA née Neumann
Mirran McSporran b1774? d1857 Sct
Miza Purcell b1840 d1911 Can née McDougall
Molly A McSparren m1862 USA James W Huff
Mona P D McSparron m1945 Eng Benjamin F Huckaby
More MacSporran b1812 Sct
Morris MacSporran m1943 Sct Jean Anderson Thomson
Morris McSporran b1801 Sct d1866 Sct
Morris McSporran b1836 Sct
Morris McSporran b1836 Sct d1862
Morris McSporran b1836 Sct d1919 Sct m1857 Sct Jean McIntyre
Morris McSporran b1876 Sct d1935 Can m1910 Sct Helen McIntyre
Morris McSporran b1895 Sct d1896 Sct
Morris McSporran b1901 Sct d1971
Morris McSporran b1901 Sct d1975
Morris McSporran b1901? d1971 Sct
Morris McSporran b1901? d1975 Sct
Morris McSporran m1923 Sct Elizabeth McPhee
Muriel McSparin b1918 d1997 USA
Myron Myrel McSparran b1907 USA d1974 USA m1946 USA Lucy A Powers
Myrtle J McSparin b1909 d1997 USA née Oshel
Myrtle M McSparren b1896 USA

N K McSparran m1909 USA Laura Fitzgerald
Nancy A McSparren b1853 USA
Nancy A McSperen m1851 USA Peter B Purman
Nancy Agnes McSparin m1820 USA William O Stewart
Nancy E McSparin b1845 d1928 USA née McDaniel
Nancy E McSparran b1841 USA d1852 USA
Nancy Irene McSparron m1938 Aus Robert Ernest Gibson
Nancy J McSparren m1858 USA James D Abbey
Nancy J McSparren m1877 USA William J Wallace
Nancy McKibbon McSparren b1799 USA d1863
Nancy McSparen b1856 USA d1938 m1876 USA George W Baldwin
Nancy McSparren d1888 USA
Nancy McSparren m1838 USA Charles Mellen
Nancy McSparron m1888 Irl John McReynold
Nannie McSparren m1900 USA William S Cage
Nanny Boyd McSporran b1906 Sct d1970 Sct
Neil Graham McSporran b1923 d1944
Neil MacSporran m1803 Sct Julia MacMillan
Neil McSparran b1875 Sct d1890 Irl
Neil McSporran b1783 Sct
Neil McSporran b1806 Sct
Neil McSporran b1817? d1857 Sct
Neil McSporran b1828 Sct
Neil McSporran b1833 Sct
Neil McSporran b1838 Sct
Neil McSporran b1856 Sct d1904 Sct m1887 Sct Jane Andrew
Neil McSporran b1879 Sct d1915 Sct m1905 Sct Mary McMillan
Neil McSporran b1883 Sct d1963 Sct
Neil McSporran b1887 Sct m1915 Eng Sarah Huntingdon
Neil McSporran b1898 Sct d1966 Sct
Neil McSporran b1921? d1980 Sct
Neil McSporran d1902 Aus
Neil McSporran m1797 Sct Mary Martine
Neil McSporran m1914 Sct Theodocia M Smith
Neil Purcel b1824 Sct
Neil Purcel b1860 Sct
Neil Purcel m1790 Sct Janet McNaughton
Neil Pursel b1815 Sct
Neil Pursel b1843 Sct
Neill MacSporran m1805 Sct Julia McMillan
Neill McSporran b1780 Sct
Neill McSporran b1821 Sct
Nelle McSparen b1896 USA m1917 USA Carl Wiley
Nellie McSparron b1919 d1974 Eng née Frost
Nellie W McSparrin b1887 d1986 USA née Wolf
Newton McSparrin b1875 USA
Niell McSporran m1846 Sct Elizabeth McLean
Nina D McSparin b1917 d2001 USA née Headrick
Nina McSparin m1943 USA Michael Crowne
Nolan K McSparran b1886 USA
Nora E McSpain m1901 USA William F Griffith
Nora E McSparin m1893 USA John Griffith
Norman McSporran b1952 d1972 Sct m1970 Sct Ruth Scott McKenzie
Norval Archibald McSporran b1880 USA d1897 USA

Olive McSparron b1911? d1961 Eng née Metcalf
Olive McSporran b1926? d1993 Sct née Frisby
Oliver McSparron b1839 Irl d1900
Ollie Catherine McSparrin b1885 d1955 USA née Starkey
Ollie McSparin b1904 USA d1974 USA m1930 USA Marguerite Duncan
Opal L McSparen b1894 USA
Oral McSparin b1924 d1994 USA
Orion McSparran b1894 USA d1920
Orlen McSparin b1885 USA d1942 USA m1909 USA Maude Cowgur
Orma M McSparran d1955 USA née Goucher
Orville S McSparran b1908 d1967 USA
Otis Ross McSparren b1899 USA d1974 USA

P Jean McSparin d1932 USA
Pansy McSparrin m1921 USA Morrison C Henry
Parnas McSparran b1897 USA d1975
Partick R C McSporran b1908 Sct
Patricia M McSparron m1944 Aus Norman Joseph Mannion
Patricia Mary McSporran b1923? d1989 Sct née Ridley
Patricia McSporran b1922 d1923 Sct
Patrick Henry McSparron b1919 d2001 Eng m1949 Eng Barbara H Watts
Patrick J McSparron m1936 Eng Edith M Wilcock
Patrick John McSparran b1915? d1976 Sct
Patrick Kinsell McAspurn b1903 Sct d1919 Sct
Patrick M McSparran b1882 Sct d1929 Irl m1910 Irl Brigid Hogan
Patrick McAsperen b1874 Irl
Patrick McEwing McSporran b1928 d1981 Sct
Patrick McSparan b1861 Irl d1929 USA m1887 USA Catherine Hamilton
Patrick McSparran b1811 Irl d1900
Patrick McSparran b1859 Irl d1859
Patrick McSparran b1865 Irl
Patrick McSparran b1872 Sct d1876 Sct
Patrick McSparran b1878? d1922 Irl
Patrick McSparran b1907 Irl
Patrick McSparran d1922 Irl
Patrick McSparran m1908 USA Annie Black
Patrick McSparren b1865? d1918 Eng
Patrick McSparrion b1856 Sct d1922 USA
Patrick McSparron d1997 Irl
Patrick McSparron m1908 Eng Isabella Steel
Patrick McSporran b1743? d1748 Sct
Patrick McSporran b1787 Sct
Patrick McSporran b1915? d1982 Sct
Patrick Rankin MacSporran b1908 d1988 Sct m1932 Sct Janet Thompson Fraser
Patsy McSparren b1947 d1973 USA
Paul Alexander McSparran b1982 d2002 Eng
Paul Archibald McSporran b1917 d1922 USA
Paul I McSparin b1908 USA d1977 USA
Paul Kenneth McSparin b1922 d2002 USA
Paul McSparrin b1911 d1986 USA
Paul McSporran b1887 d1941 USA
Paul Sides McSparran b1887 USA d1918
Pauline McSparin b1920 d2000 USA
Pearl McSparren b1881 USA
Pearl McSparren b1881 USA
Peggy G McSparrin b1936 d1999 USA
Peggy McSporran b1808 Sct
Peggy McSporran b1810 Sct
Peggy McSporran b1811 Sct
Peggy McSporran b1824 Sct
Peggy McSporran m1802 Sct Niel McMillan
Peggy McSporran m1829 Sct Archibald McKiech
Penelope D McSporran b1902 Sct d1976 Sct m1929 Sct James Martin M Smith
Penelope McSporran b1876? d1943 Sct née Mitchell
Perl McSparin b1880 USA
Perry J McSparren b1839 USA
Peter Archibald McSporran b1898 Sct d1984 Sct m1926 Sct Edna Thirkell
Peter Dan Purcell b1887 d1891 Can
Peter MacSporran b1803 Sct d1869 Sct m1826 Sct Barbra McMillan
Peter MacSporran b1897 Sct d1981 Sct m1926 Sct Elizabeth T McMillan
Peter MacSporran b1918? d1981 Sct
Peter MacSporran b1920 d1981 Eng
Peter MacSporran b1921? d1983 Sct
Peter McAspane b1843 Sct
Peter McEachen McSporran b1886 Sct
Peter McSparren b1785 USA d1786 USA
Peter McSparron b1879 Eng d1895 Eng
Peter McSporran b1790 Sct
Peter McSporran b1790 Sct
Peter McSporran b1810 Sct
Peter McSporran b1811 Sct
Peter McSporran b1812 Sct
Peter McSporran b1833 Sct d1922 Sct m1866 Sct Catherine Johnstone
Peter McSporran b1859 Sct d1929 Sct
Peter McSporran b1863 Sct d1948 Sct m1893 Sct Catherine Fullarton
Peter McSporran b1866 Sct d1952 Sct m1884 Sct Margaret McArthur
Peter McSporran b1877 Sct d1917 Sct m1910 Sct Euphemia McInnes
Peter McSporran b1881 Sct d1958 Sct
Peter McSporran b1890 Sct d1937 Sct m1917 Sct Christina McEwing
Peter McSporran b1893 Sct d1937 Sct m1922 Sct Annie Agnew Wilson
Peter McSporran b1914? d2000 Sct
Peter McSporran b1921? d1997 Sct
Peter McSporran b1923? d1924 Sct
Peter McSporran b1926? d1995 Sct
Peter McSporran b1928? d1998 Sct
Peter McSporran b1939? d1994 Sct
Peter McSporran d1952 Can
Peter McSporran m1805 Sct Barbra Brolachan
Peter McSporran m1835 Sct Mary Ramsey
Peter McSporran m1837 Sct Flora McMillan
Peter McSporran m1906 Sct Katie Colville McAlister
Peter McSporran m1945 Sct Margaret S Simpson
Peter Purcell b1798 Sct
Peter Pursell b1868 Sct
Peter Pursell d1862 Sct
Peter Ronald McSporran b1911? d1995 Sct
Peter Spence MacSporran b1919 d1964 Sct m1949 Sct Edith Tindal Smith
Peter Stewart McSporran b1927? d1983 Sct
Philip McSparen b1825 USA d1905 USA m1855 USA Mary A Williamson
Phillip A McSparen b1889 USA d1973 USA
Phillip A McSparren m1922 USA Alma Lohman
Phyllis Alfreda McSparron m1943 Aus Ronald Burgess
Phyllis G McSparron b1900 USA
Priscilla McSparran b1819 Irl
Priscilla McSparran b1872 USA d1877 USA

Rachael McSparron b1846 Irl m1871 Irl William John Rosborough
Rachael McSparron m1856 Irl John Hunter
Rachael McSporran b1873? d1950 Sct
Rachel Bridget McSparran b1889 Irl d1917 Irl m1916 Irl James McAuley
Rachel Carline McSparin b1873 USA d1875
Rachel Locke McSparran b1903 USA d1988 USA
Rachel Marcilean McSparran b1859 USA d1918
Rachel McClure McSparran b1827 USA d1906 USA
Rachel McSparran b1824 Irl
Rachel McSparren b1846 d1929 USA née Sutton
Rachel McSparren b1857 Sct
Rachel McSparron b1824 Ire
Rachel McSparron b1933? d1933 Irl
Rachel McSparron m1868 Irl Andrew Christy
Rachel McSporran b1864 Sct
Rachel McSporran b1902 Sct
Rachel McSporran b1917? d1975 Sct née Graham
Rachel McSporran d1856 Sct
Rachel McSporran m1891 Sct Angus McLean
Rachel McSporran m1891 Sct Dugald McDonald
Rachel McSporran m1914 Sct Thomas Brown
Rachel McSporran m1936 Sct Lockhart Stewart
Rachel McSporran m1942 Sct Godfrey Beckwit Tait
Rachel Neel McSparran b1812 USA d1819
Rachel W McSporran b1881 Sct
Rachel W McSporran b1887 Sct
Randall Velt McSparin b1911 d1994 USA m1942 USA Muriel Vernice Wilson
Ranka McSporran b1913? d1988 Can
Rasannah McSparin b1822 USA m1844 USA Patan Greer
Raymond M McSporran b1950? d1968 Eng
Raymond Morris McSporran b1950 d1969 Eng
Rebecca J McSparren d1912 USA
Rebecca McSparren b1841 Irl
Rhesa Alice McSparin b1895 d1971 USA née Barger
Rhoda McSparren b1908 d1980 USA née Myers
Richael McSparron b1872 Sct
Richard A McSparron b1909 USA d1961 USA
Richard Fleming McSporran b1949 d1949 Sct
Richard George McSporran b1989? d1989 Sct
Richard Henry McSparin b1875? d1881 USA
Richard McSparran b1807 Sct
Richard McSparran b1956 d1974 USA
Richard McSparron b1822? d1879 Irl
Richard McSporan b1785 Sct
Richard McSporan b1868? d1868 Sct
Richard McSporran b1964 d1964 Sct
Richard T MacSparran b1935 d1971 USA
Rita Helen McSporran d1981 Aus
Roanne McSparen b1894 USA
Robert A MacSporran b1863 Eng
Robert Bayne McSporran b1935? d1991 Sct
Robert Donald McSporran b1931? d1991 Sct
Robert G McSparin b1928 d1999 USA
Robert G McSporran b1909? d1912 Eng
Robert J McSparren b1834 d1898 USA m1857 USA Catherine Roberts
Robert J McSparren d1894 USA
Robert J McSparren m1834 USA Nancy ?
Robert James M McSporran b1897? d1981 Sct m1923 Sct George Agnes M McIsaac
Robert James McSparron b1876 Irl m1910 USA Mary Magill
Robert Joseph McAspurn b1948? d1993 Eng
Robert Leah McSparren b1907 USA
Robert Lewis McSparron b1915 d1965 USA m1940 USA Grace Davis
Robert M McSparren b1910 USA d1992 USA
Robert MacSporran b1812 Sct
Robert MacSporran b1817 Sct
Robert MacSporran b1907 Sct d1934?
Robert MacSporran b1908? d1934 Sct
Robert Matthew Sporron m1846 Eng Edith Pope
Robert McAspurn b1897 Sct d1964 Sct m1923 Sct Mary McGowan
Robert McNeil McSporran b1916? d1940 Sct
Robert McSparen b1888 USA d1952 USA m1920 USA
Robert McSparren b1835 USA d1898
Robert McSparren b1865 USA m1891? USA Carrie Hayes
Robert McSparren b1877 USA
Robert McSparron b1889 Aus d1969 Aus
Robert McSparron b1914 d1983 USA
Robert McSparron b1917 d2001 USA m1946 USA Ruth Harstad
Robert McSparron b1955? d1955 Irl
Robert McSparron d1903 Aus
Robert McSporran b1787 Sct
Robert McSporran b1793 Sct
Robert McSporran b1811 Sct
Robert McSporran b1841 Sct d1884 Sct m1877 Eng Elizabeth Whiting
Robert McSporran b1843 Sct d1920 m1871 Sct Mary Gordon
Robert McSporran b1851 Sct d1939 Sct m1875 Sct Elizabeth Campbell
Robert McSporran b1865 Sct d1866 Sct
Robert McSporran b1875 Sct d1903 Aus
Robert McSporran b1881 Sct d1922 NZl
Robert McSporran b1898 Sct d1973 NZl
Robert McSporran b1922? d1977 Sct m1956 Sct Anne McKechnie Duff
Robert McSporran b1949 d1992 Sct
Robert McSporran b1954 d1986 Sct
Robert McSporran m1845 Sct Mary Banatyne
Robert McSporran m1905 Sct Jessie Grace Gordon
Robert P McSparren m1896 USA Mary M Cook
Robert Purcell b1799 d1856 Sct
Robert Purcell b1811? d1890 Can
Robert Pursel b1792 Sct
Robert Pursell b1869 Sct d1870 Sct
Robert Robertso McSporran m1933 Sct Elizabeth Scott Duffy
Robert Robertson McSporran b1904 Sct d1976 Sct
Robert Thomas McSparran b1914 d1915 USA
Robert U McSparran b1901 USA d1961 USA
Robert W K MacSporran b1908? d1916 Sct
Robert W MacSporran m1931 Sct Janet Wilson Kenny
Robert W McSparren b1816 USA d1843 USA m1838 USA Amelia Graham
Robert Williamson McSporran b1891 Sct d1968 Sct m1915 Sct Anna Bella Spence
Robert Williamson McSporran b1909 Sct d1968 Sct m1958 Sct Mary Meldrum Sturgeon
Robert Wynne K MacSporran b1907 Sct d1916
Robina Allison McSporran b1918? d1971 Sct
Robina McEwing McSporran b1913? d1986 Sct née Stalker
Robina McSporran b1881? d1930 Sct née Allison
Roderick McLean McSporran b1919 d1987 Eng m1949 Eng Sarah Stead
Roderick McLean McSporran m1940 Sct Sara Anna M Gonnella
Rodney Leverre McSparran b1891 USA
Roe Ann McSparren b1869 d1937 USA née Riffe
Ronald Johnston McSporran b1884 Sct d1903 Sct
Ronald McSparren b1949 d1996 USA
Rosa A McSparin b1894 USA m1909 USA Quarton W Harrison
Rose Ann McSparrin b1905 USA
Rose Ann McSporran b1898? d1927 Sct née Dearie
Rose Forbes McAspurn b1949 d1949 Sct
Rose Isabella McSparin b1893 d1971 USA née Burns
Rose McAspurn d1979 Eng
Rose McSparren m1943 USA David William Edwards
Rose McSparrin b1871 USA
Rose McSparron b1853? d1930 Eng née McCallan
Rose McSparron b1862? d1935 Irl
Rose McSparron m1893 USA Thomas M Mansfield
Rosezela McSporen m1880 USA D C Yocum
Ross Edward McSparron b1950? d1969 Aus
Roy McSparren m1925 USA Elsie Erler
Roy Walter McSparren b1897 USA d1950 USA
Ruby L McSparren b1854? d1903 USA née Haskins
Ruby McSparren b1882 USA
Russell Lowell McSparin b1921 d1957 USA
Ruth Alice McSparran b1915 d1996 USA née Stair
Ruth M McSparran b1895 USA d1969 USA
Ruth Marie McSparen b1898 d1959 USA
Ruth McSparran b1899 USA d1965
Ruth McSparran m1850 Irl Edward Senior
Ruth McSparren b1895 USA
Ruth McSparren m1938 USA Laurence Case
Ruth McSpurnaer b1790 d1791 USA

Sadie Alison McSporran b1906 NZl d1998 NZl m1933 NZl Harold Clement Stansfiel
Sadie McSparren d1895 USA
Sally B Sides McSparran b1889 USA d1969 m1917 USA Herbert V Durkee
Sally McSparran b1813 Irl
Samantha McSparrin b1929 d2002 USA
Samuel Archie McSparran m1904 USA Mabel Stella Mulheron
Samuel Cheyney McSparran b1852 USA d1926 m1881? USA Floretta ?
Samuel Heaslop McSporran b1891 Aus d1961 Aus m1925 Aus Agnes Naismith McCabe
Samuel Malcolm McSparran m1945 Irl Mary Margaret McCartney
Samuel McAsphern b1853 Sct d1936 Eng m1875 Eng Margaret Lumsden
Samuel McSparan m1775 USA Catherine McDowel
Samuel McSparran b1815 USA d1837 USA
Samuel McSparran b1854 USA d1882 USA m1880 USA Luella Ary Pelley
Samuel McSparron b1882 Irl d1944 Aus
Samuel McSparron b1892 Eng d1968 Eng m1911 Eng Ellen Tomlinson
Samuel McSparron d1982 Aus m1932 Aus Isabell Kirkland
Samuel McSporran b1797 Sct
Sanders McSparran b1846 USA d1897 USA m1886 USA Isabel F Sides
Sandra McSparrin b1946 d1997 USA
Sara McSparrin b1846 Irl
Sara Pursel b1808 Sct
Sarah Ann Wilso McAspurn b1909 Sct d1911 Sct
Sarah E McSparin b1856 d1930 USA née Rose
Sarah Elizabeth McSparran b1895 USA d1897 USA
Sarah F McSparron b1907 d1998 USA née Riley
Sarah Harriet MacSporran b1912 d1990 USA
Sarah Henderson McSporran b1899? d1982 Sct née Graham
Sarah J McSparin b1876 USA d1929 USA
Sarah J McSparran b1864 Irl d1925 USA m1888 USA William Robinson
Sarah J McSparren b1829 USA d1847 USA
Sarah Jane A McSporran m1941 Sct William John Ross
Sarah Jane McSparren b1840 d1913 USA née Lane
Sarah Jane McSparron b1846 Ire d1932 USA m1872 Irl Wilson Cochrane
Sarah Jane McSparron b1858 Irl d1877 Irl
Sarah Jane McSparron b1877 Irl m1910 Irl Andrew Smyth
Sarah Jane McSporran b1860? d1902 Sct
Sarah M McSparran b1843 d1926 USA née Collins
Sarah MacSporran b1872? d1937 Eng
Sarah Margaret McSparran b1905 USA m1924 USA Samuel Brosius Long
Sarah McAsparin m1879 Irl Samuel ?
Sarah McAspurn d1911 Sct
Sarah McAspurn m1898 Sct James Dewar
Sarah McDiarmid MacSporran b1904? d1975 Sct née Ferguson
Sarah McMillan McSporran b1911? d1995 Sct née McDickens
Sarah McSparin m1897 USA C E Knickerbocker
Sarah McSparram b1843 Eng d1844?
Sarah McSparran b1843? d1844 Eng
Sarah McSparran b1846 Eng
Sarah McSparran b1856 Irl d1935 m1884 Sct Arthur Hamilton
Sarah McSparran b1866? d1948 Irl
Sarah McSparran b1877 Irl d1880 Irl
Sarah McSparran b1880 Sct d1883 Sct
Sarah McSparran b1883 Irl d1910 Irl
Sarah McSparran d1948 Irl
Sarah McSparren b1873 USA
Sarah McSparrin m1827 Irl
Sarah McSparrin m1895? USA Evan Skinner
Sarah McSparron b1837 Ire d1876 m1861 Irl James Witherow
Sarah McSparron b1837 Irl
Sarah McSparron b1864 Irl
Sarah McSparron b1880 USA
Sarah McSparron b1905 Irl
Sarah McSparron b1913 d1985 Eng née Baptist
Sarah McSparron m1905 USA James J Devitt
Sarah McSporran b1803 Sct
Sarah McSporran b1839 Sct
Sarah McSporran b1876 Sct d1876 Sct
Sarah McSporran b1884 Sct
Sarah McSporran b1884? d1955 Sct née Stewart
Sarah McSporran b1886? d1962 Eng née Huntingdon
Sarah McSporran b1888? d1959 Sct née Kelly
Sarah McSporran b1905? d1968 Sct née McDonald
Sarah McSporran b1909? d1965 Sct née Kelly
Sarah McSporran b1914 d1978 Eng
Sarah McSporran m1919 Sct Charles A Bellamy
Sarah McSporran m1935 Sct Thomas Rule
Sarah McSporron b1843 Eng
Sarah McSprran b1883? d1940 Sct
Sarah Murrell McSparran m1873 Eng
Sarah Purcel b1795 Sct
Sarah Purcel b1833 Sct
Sarah Purcell b1800 Sct
Sarah Purcell b1838? d1907 Sct m1854 Sct Robert Bruce
Sarah Wilson McSpurran b1875 Sct
Sarrah L McSparren m1904 USA David L Heinlen
Shane Thomas McSparron b1960? d1989 Aus
Sharon McSparren b1953 d1965 USA
Sheila C McSporran b1917? d1918 Sct
Sherman McSparren b1860 USA
Shirley Ann McSparin b1945 d1960 USA
Shusana McSporran b1842 Sct m1861 Aus John Allen
Sibby McSporran b1808 Sct
Sibby McSporran m1848 Sct Petter McLeod
Sidney McSparen b1820 Irl
Sonny McSparren b1941 d1994 USA
Sophia Campbell McSporran b1897 Sct m1916 Sct Samuel Anderson Wilson
Sophia Jane McSparron b1854 Aus d1934 Aus
Sophia Joyce McSporran b1881? d1971 NZl
Sophia McSparron b1891 Eng d1892 Eng
Sophia McSporran b1808? d1879 Sct
Sophia McSporran b1871? d1946 Sct née Failie
Sophia Watts McSparen m1902 USA Guy Lyons
Sophronia McSperrin b1872 USA m1890 USA Ernest M Penhollow
Stanley Gordon J McSporran b1905 Sct d1979 Aus
Stella Gordon McSporran b1910 NZl d1984 NZl m1934 NZl
Stelle E McSparron b1884 d1969 USA
Stephen Ray McSparen b1974 d1981 USA
Sue McSparron b1935 d1984 USA née Randall
Susan Christina McSporran b1902 Sct d1980 Sct m1932 Sct James Ritchie
Susan Henderson McSparron b1862 d1934 USA née Henderson
Susan M McSparrin b1866 d1946 USA
Susan MacSporran b1816 Sct
Susan McKelvie McSporran b1901? d1986 Sct née Shaw
Susan McSparin b1850? d1916 USA
Susan McSparin b1882 USA
Susan McSparin m1853 USA Jacob Henderson
Susan McSparion b1868 Eng d1955 USA m1889 USA George Horace Myers
Susan McSparion b1872 Sct d1874 Eng
Susan McSparran b1816? d1865 Eng
Susan McSparran b1880 Irl
Susan McSparran b1881? d1960 Eng
Susan McSparron b1818? d1866 Irl née Sweeney
Susan McSparron b1862 Sct d1863 Sct
Susan McSparron b1906 Eng m1929 Aus David H Stoward
Susan McSpirren b1808? d1875 Sct
Susan McSporran b1833 Sct
Susan McSporran b1848 Sct d1898 m1870 Sct John McNeil
Susan McSporran b1887? d1904 Sct
Susan McSporran b1892 Sct d1962 Sct m1921 Sct James Brady
Susan McSporran b1898 Sct d1988 Sct m1925 Sct Neil Orr
Susan Mitchell McSporran b1903 Sct d1989 Sct m1928 Sct Alexander Tweedie
Susan Tibitha McSparin b1875 USA d1965 m1895 USA John H Stucker
Susanna Anna McSparron b1878 Eng d1901 Eng
Susanna McSparren b1836 Irl
Susanna McSparren b1837 Irl
Susanna McSparron b1851 Sct
Susanna McSparron b1886 Eng d1906 Eng
Susannah McSparron b1894 Eng d1894 Eng
Susannah McSparron m1921 Aus William G Melvin
Susannah McSporran b1886 Sct
Susannah McSporran b1886 Sct
Susie McSparin b1908 d1983 USA née Knight
Susie McSparin m1900 USA L L Partin
Susie McSporran b1848 Sct d1898
Sybil McSporran b1899? d1931 Sct née McLean
Sydney Hamilton McSparron b1902 Ire d1973 m1934 Irl Jane Knobbs

Tansy B McSparin b1898 USA
Tessie Opal McSparen m1939 USA Howard Caswell Kopsieker
Thelma C McSporran b1910 Aus
Thelma L McSparren m1922 USA Lester Smithhart
Thelma Louise McSparen b1903 USA
Theodocia M McSporran b1886? d1957 Sct née Smith
Theodocia McSporran b1880 Sct d1968 Sct m1902 Sct Alexander McMillan
Theodocia Smith McSporran b1914? d1990 Sct née McVicar
Theresa McSparron b1841 Irl
Thomas A McSparron m1903 USA Stella Murray
Thomas Arthur McSporran b1914? d1958 Aus
Thomas Clark McSparran b1869 USA d1875 USA
Thomas Dunn McSporran b1864 Eng
Thomas Fleming McSparran b1837 USA d1906 USA m1898 USA Ada Berta McClure
Thomas Henry T McSparren b1868 USA d1956 USA m1897 USA Elizabeth Hunter
Thomas John McSparran b1950 d1982 USA
Thomas Kinsella McAspurn b1908 Sct d1908 Sct
Thomas McSparran b1815 Irl
Thomas McSparran b1856? d1941 USA
Thomas McSparran m1794 Irl
Thomas McSparran m1944 Sct Margaret Allan Muir
Thomas McSparren b1922 d1997 USA
Thomas McSparron b1814? d1884 Irl
Thomas McSparron b1857 Irl
Thomas McSparron b1874 USA
Thomas McSparron b1886 Eng d1916 Fra m1906 Eng Susannah Eke
Thomas McSparron b1919 d1973 Eng m1941 Eng Dorothy Taylor
Thomas McSparron b1928 d1986 USA
Thomas McSparron d1913 USA
Thomas McSparron m1904 USA Nellie Crewley
Thomas McSparron m1945 Irl Mary Elizabeth O'Neill
Thomas McSporran b1824? d1888 Sct
Thomas McSporran b1866? d1874 Eng
Thomas McSporran b1869 Sct d1888 Sct
Thomas McSporran b1893 Sct d1925 Sct
Thomas McSporran b1921 d1922 Sct
Thomas McSporran b1956 d1965 Sct
Thomas McSporran b1968 d1969 Sct
Thomas McSporran m1918 Sct Isabella Harvie
Thomas Neel McSparran b1803 USA d1820
Thomas Neel McSparran b1820 USA d1902 USA
Thomas Steele W McSparran b1859 USA
Thomas Stuart MacSporran b1967? d1978 Sct
Thomas Wylie McSporran b1887 Sct d1951 Sct m1912 Sct Catherine O'May
Thomas Young McSporran b1895 Sct d1968 Sct m1924 Sct Janet Howis Young
Tillie MacSporran b1908 d1971 Can née Alexander
Timothy C McSparin b1960 d1974 USA
Tracey Conroy McSparron d1963 Aus
Tracy McSporran b1964? d1964 Eng
Twila McSparrin b1912 d1988 USA

Velma Ellan McSparren m1940 Henry Woolridge
Velma McSparin b1909 USA
Velma McSparrin d1959 USA
Vera Caroline McSparen m1941 USA Ross Carl
Vern Dayton McSparrin b1919 d1997 USA
Vida Sheldon McSparron m1943 Aus John Edward Bennett
Vinnie I McSporran b1906 USA
Vinnie Janice McSparin b1942 d1945 USA
Vinnie McSparin b1897 d1970 USA
Viola G McSparrin b1917 d2002 USA née Mason
Violet McSparron b1909 d1991 Eng née Haldane
Violet McSparron b1910 Irl d1918 Irl
Violet McSporran b1892 Sct d1936 Sct m1919 Sct Andrew MacSkimming
Violette McSporran d1969 Can
Virginia Jane McSparren b1946 d1946 USA
Virginia Leona McSparren b1865 d1940 USA
Virginia McSparran d2003 USA née Vinger
Vivian Fern McSparrin m1944 USA Ernist Percy Buckles
Vivian M McSparren b1924 d1997 USA née Cameron
Vivian McSparin b1926 d1988 USA

W B McSparran m1857 USA Martha A Keller
W F McSparren m1890 USA Ruby Haskins
W G McSparin b1858 USA
W McSparren b1927 d1988 USA
W McSparrin b1924 d1987 USA
Wallis Frank McSparren b1865 USA d1948 USA m1889 USA Ruby Evits
Wallis Hunter McSparren b1898 USA d1962 USA
Wallis McSparren m1906 USA Anna E Davis
Walter McSparren b1895 USA
Walter McSporran b1869 Sct d1905 Sct m1898 Sct Jane Munro
Wanda M McSparrin b1917 d1999 USA
Warren McSparin b1923 d1988 USA
Watson MacSporran b1909 Sct d1987 Eng m1940 Sct Hilda Mitchell MacDonald
Wellington McSparren b1839 d1908 USA m1873 USA Julia J Lucker
Wenlock McSparren b1817 USA d1847 USA m1840 USA Elizabeth W Preswick
Wilburn McSparin b1875 USA
Wilhelmin MacSparren b1884 USA d1975 USA
Will McSparin b1880 USA
Will McSparin m1910 USA Dolly Sherwood
William "Roy" McSparren b1905 USA d1980 USA
William Andrew Pursell b1871 Sct
William Arnold McSparron b1881 USA d1956 USA m1911 USA Lota Francis Boyd
William Austin McSparren b1900 USA d1928 USA
William B McSparran m1843 USA Martha Ann Wheeler
William B McSparren b1928 d2003 USA
William Clark McSparren b1851 USA d1916 USA m1880 USA Margaret B Hindman
William Clark McSparrin b1888 USA d1966 USA m1913 USA Goldie Turner
William Claude McSparin b1920 d1949 USA m1941 USA Marjorie L Allen
William Cochran McSparron b1908 USA d1997 USA
William D McSparran b1849 d1882 USA
William Duncan McSparren b1861 USA d1927 USA m1892? USA Virginia L Gilrich
William Duncan McSporran b1923 d1994 NZl
William E McSparran b1858 USA d1940 USA m1881 USA Alice Elizabeth Pybus
William Ernest McSparron b1919 d1942 Irl
William Eugene McSparran b1888 USA d1947 USA m1917 USA Ruby Lee Goode
William Ewing McSparin b1880 USA m1907 USA Minnie M Chancy
William Ezra McSparin b1878 USA d1950 USA
William Fleming McSparran b1857 USA d1934 USA m1893 USA Susan H ?
William Fleming McSparran b1902 USA d1968 USA m1943 USA Helen Blanche Margerum
William G McSparin m1880 USA Emma Blackman
William G McSparrin b1840 USA m1865 USA Isabella Patterson
William G McSparrin b1881 USA
William George McSparron b1888 Irl d1964 Irl
William George McSparron b1891 Irl d1915 Tur
William H McSparin b1889 USA d1944 USA
William H McSparran m1915 USA Dellon Lloyd
William H McSparren b1888 USA d1969 USA m1916 USA Margareth Beberger
William Harvey McSparin b1916 d1980 USA
William Henry McSparren b1885 USA d1950 USA m1906 USA Mildred Mabel Wilson
William Henry McSparron b1923? d1961 Wls m1945 Wls Constance E Harries
William Ivan McSparren b1930 d2001 USA
William J McSparran b1860 Irl
William J McSparran m1886 USA Ida J Bellamy
William J McSparron b1890 USA
William J McSparron b1909 Sct d1988 USA
William J McSparron b1922 d1999 USA
William J McSparron m1916 USA Mary J O'Brien
William James McSparren b1862 USA d1920 USA m1888 USA Elizabeth Waters
William James McSparron b1868 USA d1948 m1891 USA Agnes Mitchell
William James McSparron b1872 Irl d1956 Irl m1890 Irl Fanny Moore
William John McSparrin b1924 d1987 USA
William Joseph McSparrin b1896 USA d1967 USA
William L McSparran b1904 USA d1968 USA
William MacSparron b1827 Irl d1907 USA m1846 Sct Susanna Conner
William MacSparron m1889 USA Mary Liney
William MacSporran b1812 Sct d1839 BrG
William MacSporran b1883 Aus
William McAsparran m1849 Sct Mary Newton
William McPhee McSporran b1928? d1995 Sct m1948 Sct Dorothy Jean McGeachy
William McSparran b1817 USA d1874 USA m1851 USA Elizabeth Laughlin
William McSparran b1819? d1895 NZl
William McSparran b1850? d1937 Eng
William McSparran b1861 Irl
William McSparran b1889 d1889 Irl
William McSparran b1889 Irl d1889
William McSparran b1948 d1994 USA
William McSparran d1857 USA
William McSparran m1780 USA Christine Walter
William McSparran m1783 USA Pamela Plummer
William McSparran m1852 Irl
William McSparran m1914 Eng Mary Huntingdon
William McSparran m1936 USA
William McSparren b1866 Sct d1866 Sct
William McSparren b1876 USA
William McSparren b1887 USA
William McSparren d1928 USA
William McSparrin b1819? d1881 Irl
William McSparrin b1869 Irl
William McSparrin b1872 Irl
William McSparrin d1952 USA
William McSparrin m1895 USA Lizzie Carraher
William McSparrin m1910 Irl Eliz O'Donnell
William McSparrin m1910 USA Elizabeth O'Donnell
William McSparrion b1869 Sct d1941 Sct m1897 Sct Catherine Ward
William McSparron b1803? d1903 Irl
William McSparron b1826 Ire d1902
William McSparron b1826 Irl
William McSparron b1839 Irl d1920 Irl
William McSparron b1845 Ire
William McSparron b1848 Irl
William McSparron b1858? d1932 Sct
William McSparron b1861 Irl
William McSparron b1864 Irl
William McSparron b1868 Irl
William McSparron b1873 Eng d1955 Eng m1903 Eng Ann Reay
William McSparron b1881 Eng d1956 Eng m1905 Eng Mary Batley
William McSparron b1883 Eng d1949 Eng m1907 Eng Mary Jewers
William McSparron b1891 Irl
William McSparron b1897? d1918 Sct
William McSparron b1900 Sct d1900 Sct
William McSparron b1902 Irl d1902 Irl
William McSparron b1906 Eng d1982 Eng m1941 Eng Gladys G Gray
William McSparron b1906 Sct d1915 Sct
William McSparron b1914 d1999 Eng m1938 Eng Violet A Grieve
William McSparron d1961 USA
William McSparron m1846 Sct Susannah Connor
William McSparron m1848 USA Mary Ann O'Kane
William McSparron m1869 Irl Roseanne Gray
William McSparron m1906 USA Rosina Beddow
William McSparsen m1901 USA Florence Carlson
William McSporran b1811 Sct
William McSporran b1857 Sct d1932 Sct m1883 Sct Catherine Graham
William McSporran b1867 Sct d1900 Sct m1889 Sct Maggie McLellan
William McSporran b1885 Sct d1885 Sct
William McSporran b1896 Sct d1896 Sct
William McSporran b1896 Sct d1918 Sct
William McSporran b1899 Sct d1900 Sct
William McSporran b1900 Sct d1962 Sct
William McSporran b1913? d1913 Sct
William McSporran b1920? d1968 Sct
William McSporran b1928? d1994 Sct
William McSporran m1932 Sct Charlotte Greer Shannon
William McSporrin m1827 Sct Margaret McGilvray
William McSpurren b1863 Sct
William McSpurren d1863 Sct
William Moore McSparron b1887 Irl d1887 Irl
William Neel McSparran b1820 USA d1901
William Neil McSparron b1928 d2003 Wls
William Norman McSporran b1881 Can d1882 Can
William O'May McSporran b1920? d1998 Sct m1946 Sct Janet Murray MacFarlane
William Perry McSparren b1902 USA d1976 USA m1929 USA Hazel Whitney
William R Pursell m1934 Sct Agnes Harvey McCormick
William Roberts McSporran b1921? d1992 Sct
William S McSparren b1874 d1911 USA
William Scott McSparran b1907 d1988 USA
William Stephen McSparin b1855 USA d1875 USA m1887 USA Nancy Hampton
William T MacSparran d1918 Fra
William T McSparren b1876 USA d1892
William Thomas McSparren b1887 USA
William W McSparran m1843 USA Nancy Ann Woods
William Welch McSparren b1904 USA d1954 USA m1923 USA Marie Bailey
Williamina MacSporran b1924? d1964 Sct née McKend
Wilma McSporran b1953 d1953 Sct
Winifred McSporran b1910 d1988 Eng
Winthrop Gilman McSparran m1944 USA Lora Wright Spaulding

Z MacSparran b1760? d1832 Eng
Zacharia Jack McSparren b1913 d1984 USA
Zella Alma McSparren b1905 USA d1933 m1921 USA August Jacobsen

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