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How to obtain your personal clanmail address

We are now offering you the opportunity to acquire a distinctive personalised email address. For example, if your name is Paul McSporran, you can choose and all mail sent to that address will automatically be forwarded to your existing email account. Not only will you have a prestigious address, but if you change ISP, you no longer need to inform all your friends, you merely change the forwarding address. And the cost is considerably less than obtaining your own domain name.

Setting up your personal clanmail name is easy:

Step 1. Simply complete and submit the form below; If the clanmail name you request is available, it will be set up to forward mail to the email address that you choose. You may submit up to four clanmail names and they may forward to different real addresses if required.

Step 2. You will be emailed (normally within 48 hours) to confirm your clanmail is working. This message will also explain how to send your payment, and will allocate a password to be used when changing your forwarding address.

Step 3. You then have 28 days to try your new address free of charge. Only the first address is available during this free trial but any others are reserved and cannot be allocated to anyone else.

Step 4. If you send your payment by the due date, your address will continue to function. If you requested more than one clanmail name, the others will be set up at this time. Prices for 2017/18, per two years are as follows:

Currency First name Second name Third name
US Dollars 22.95 15.00 15.00
£ Sterling 16.95 11.00 11.00
Renewal rates for each subsequent two year period are the same. Payments may either be made by post with a UK sterling cheque or online by using paypal.

Finally. You will be sent a reminder by email about 14 days before your clanmail adddress expires, with instructions for your renewal payment.

Name 1: * @ << Choose a domain name here.

Forward messages to email address: *

Name 2: forward to:
Name 3: forward to:
Name 4: forward to:

As a bonus, if you acquire three names, the fourth is provided free of charge.

The small print.

Please send any questions to me, john@mcsparron·net Requests to change forwarding addresses may also be sent via this link, remembering to quote your password.

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