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Having an unusual surname has both advantages and disadvantages. On the negative side, there is the constant need to spell out your name when giving it to anyone, yet still receiving mail with hideous misspellings. On the positive side, there is the feeling of kinship that comes from being part of an 'exclusive' club. Probably you have at some time, when away from your home, idly examined the local telephone directory, perchance to find another member of the same club. Maybe like me you have been astonished to find an individual who shares your exact name but who lives many thousands of miles distant. This is just one of the many ways you can catch the family history bug.

For perhaps the most wonderful thing about having an uncommon surname is the ease with which you can follow the trail of your family back through the generations. Since 1982, when I started work on my own genealogy, I have collected a large amount of material about persons with my surname. Indeed my interests soon expanded to cover those with the names McSporran and the many variants of these names. Research has been done in record offices and libraries both in the United Kingdom and throughout the world. I have corresponded with other individuals who are bearers of these names or are descendants thereof, and I have also employed professional researchers to carry out work on my behalf. Invaluable assistance has been given by members of the Clan MacSporran Association and others in many countries.

Although the Association cannot undertake genealogical research on behalf of individuals, the information I have collected is available to anyone with a direct family connection and in many cases a complete family tree can be provided.

You can now consult the MacSporran Ancestor Index online. Note this page is quite large (260k).

Anyone interested in researching their Scottish roots should contact the Glasgow and West of Scotland Family History Society.

Please send genealogical enquiries to me, John W McSparron Author (57k)

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